Bringing back the Pocalypse!

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Bringing back the Pocalypse!

Postby Squizzel » 11 Feb 2015, 03:45

So, after looking threw the comic, I think a few things could be done to help bring things back. Nothing hard, proablly easier to do than what's currently being done, even.

--+Page Lenght+--

So, first thing that strikes me is the sheer lenght of pages now compaired to the old posts. This one I feel should be addressed more than any others. If page lenghts were shortened down greatly, pages would be out more often. More pages would lead to more regullar views, which would lead into incresed traffic, etc. With so many characters and plotlines, this dose work abit better, as jumping between characters in a page is alright, but at the same time abit.. odd.
Also, the tone of the comic is abit different if the pages last a minute as apose to 5. Being able to quickly sneak in an episode just before school started used to Really appeal to me, as it was a good thing to talk about. If I'm busy, I can no longer try and read a new page because they just take too long, and it might even turn people off. Not saying long pages are bad if used right (Such as a battle), but they should be a treat, not the normal (in my oppion).

--+Huge Story+--

The other thing looming over the Pocalypse... this huge, intwined story that is all over the place, both litrally and phycsially (in comic, that is). There's at least 4 major "groups" at the moment, with at least 3 (or 6?) minor "groups" scattered all over the place. A new chapter might be a good time to simply fouces on one or two, or try and tie things up abit before it becomes to big (and comes alive, only to terriosing small cities). Again, not saying that it's bad, but cropping the story down might help get the story going again. Nothing is stopping a plot getting picked up again later, when updates can be more reliable.

I only say this as Joe wanted to update more in the new year, and we're already in the second month, with 0 updates. I enjoyed the comic too much for it to simply "die", and if that means stepping into a dead forum and posting something, then so be it!
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Re: Bringing back the Pocalypse!

Postby Joe » 28 Jun 2015, 16:33

Shorter scenes are definitely something I want to try out :D

You're right, current scenes bounce from plotline to plotline in one scene. Making a scene contain only one plotline would absolutely make scenes come out much quicker - but shorter, of course :D

Most webcomic updates just contain a few frames of dialog so maybe just advancing one plotline per scene would be enough! I'll give it shot for Chapter 9!

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