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Threoys, Specultion, and Ideas

Posted: 13 Feb 2013, 22:24
by Squizzel
So, after coming back and catching up on the new chapter, I'd like to share what I thinks going on, what's going to happen, and maybe an idea or two to help impove the comic without much more effort for Joe.

Specultion on Victor
So, first one is that Victor may or may not be able to be beated my a "team" of minds. Sam, Joe (if he actully recovers his memory, which I think he might, if Victor is free), and Rosa are all very capable, and might be able to do something. Grob could help, although probally not, and no other minds are cabale to do anything else (nearby, anyway).
Andy might help, he seems to like Joe, if purely because of how unquie he is... although I'm sure he's not actully awear of the fight Joe has within his own mind.

Specultion on Dominik
The vampire Elder isn't dead, and would proablly start hunting soon. He'd need to gain a few lackys first, what with being on his own and badly wounded. It could allow for another side story going, athought I dunno how intresting that would be.

Ideas for Veriety
This is proablly the single hardest skill an artist will need to learn (if they make custom ideas). No one can really "teach" it, and get it wrong and it looks stupid or you start making a pattern. I can show you a video of someone talking about it alittle (is a minecraft video, and he talks about other things, but yer), as well as a few examples I can do well (rustic paths in minecraft). Give the guards and survivors few different weapons. I'm thinking of the Machine gun and shotgun sprites from the game could be used in some places. Change up what zombies wear, just simple stuff like that. If done right, it'd make the comic look a million times better alot better .-.

Specultion Fish
They're proablly dead (these fish in the base, that is).

I'll proablly come up with more, as I think of them. Feel free to post any others :D
NinjaEdit: Tiny little thing I noticed on the "Rotter" sprites. There's two pixes of colour that shouldn't be there. Know this is the wrong place, But this is the best place for it (cause I hope Joe will read this .-. )

Re: Threoys, Specultion, and Ideas

Posted: 14 Feb 2013, 02:03
by Happy Demon
Oh "variety", kinda took me a while to understand that. Your typos can get confusing at times.

Re: Threoys, Specultion, and Ideas

Posted: 14 Feb 2013, 02:26
by Squizzel
Sorry .-. There's nothing I can do about it, will change it now x.x