How do you think the factions would play in an RTS?

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How do you think the factions would play in an RTS?

Postby Happy Demon » 16 Jul 2012, 00:34

This may be somewhat belonging in the Gaming Spot, but I'll discuss things related to the Comic, so I'll put it here.

In The Pocalypse you got 3 main factions, with subfactions within (Vampires, Zombies, Mutants, etc.), but I'll focus on the main 3, The Humans, The Robots, and The Plants.
You would probably think of the Tower Defence Game when I said RTS, but I'm pointing towards StarCraft.

Which StarCraft Faction Play Style (build on creep, build within pylon reach, etc.) do you think the Pocalypse Factions would be most like?
In case of confusion, let me give you what I think, as an example.

I immagine the Plants being very much like the Protoss, with buildings being called in (made at the main tree), and then after a certain amount of time, sprout from the ground.
They would have some Plants which extends the influence range of the main Tree, if these get destroyed, certain plants would become dormant.
The Plant units would have regenerative carpace, and the main body, the last one is very hard to fix once damaged.

I immagine the Robots being like the Zerg, with buildings first making some sort of creep, buildings can only be made on this creep, and it consumes the builder and makes it the command hub of the building.
There would be no way to shut down the building except destroying it, as once it's built, it can hold for quite a time, even repair itself.
All Machine Units would be able to repair themselves, but it would be somewhat slow.

I immagine the Humans being very much like the Terrans, for obvious reasons.

Feel free to give your oppinion on what StarCraft Faction Play Style matches what you think The Pocalypse Faction Play Style would be if it there was made an RTS based on it.
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Re: How do you think the factions would play in an RTS?

Postby Eldaran » 16 Jul 2012, 12:13

Well, for me the robots are more like the protos, i can understand your reasoning, but i think that the protos are already bit robot style. extra armor or force shield. can build anywhere (robots can just move around and need electricity to function [pylons]) and i think that the firepower also seems to be similar.
The plants are more like the zerg, need the "creeper" to build, units can be quickly hatched and are rather weak (but en mass) with a few strong units (scruffelback)
Yeah, Humans are Terrans...
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Re: How do you think the factions would play in an RTS?

Postby Silverware » 16 Jul 2012, 20:17

Plants: Grow forth from plant "nodes", central "structures" that spread their seeds which form other structures, or grow nodules that form plant monsters inside of them.
Yes they would work much like the Zerg, spreading their form of creep, and using organic structures and units. However I think they are more likely to be a slower side, unlike the Zerg who rush things.
The plants seem to be incredibly powerful, even in a universe with extreme power levels, Nappa would have a field day out here, and yet we have not seen a major plant attack so far. I think they are slow steamrollers, using creep to spread highly resilient structures, and spawn their slow, but powerful units closer to the enemy they are going to attack.

Machines: These work from cities and various outposts by the looks. They seem to be very much like Military Humans, just without the dissent and fear involved in being a mortal. They appear to be a rather aggressive species, attacking and forcing back all living units. But all share the same weakness, EMP's, this makes for a powerful species with a huge Achilles' Heel. They are likely to play like a tank spamming GDI commander from C&C.
Pushing out so many units of the same type, and attacking in such large waves that traditional defensive measures are rendered obsolete.

Humans: Having such a low reproductive ability compared to the other two sides described so far, and being incredibly squishy as a species. Humans are likely to be the underdog for the entire game. They likely focus on small groups of highly specialized units designed to counter each enemy type. This leads to a very strategic and tactical game without the spamming of units other sides might adhere to. They do have a huge advantage in technology over most other species. Even their powersuits, while rare, can take down machines it seems.
A player playing as the Humans would have to take care to keep an eye on their enemies actions and unit production, and move to counter these when applicable. Imagine an Eldar task-force from the Warhammer 40k Universe.

Vampires: Vampires are minute in numbers, and must play the stealth game. Keeping to the shadows, and striking only in battles where the Vampires are sure to win with no, or nearly no, casualties. They do have a massive advantage with their mental domination of Human targets, and I would assume that some machines, and plants could fall prey to these abilities as well. They likely use these dominated units to stage feints at the enemies rear, and use their own units to pick off convoys and small scouting bands.
Vampires are likely to be very difficult to play, second only to the Humans. You would require alot of patience to play as the Vampires.

Zombies: Zombies are massive in numbers, likely having some form of zombie-zombie reproduction as well as the zombie-human infection spreading. They would act as swarms, trying to engulf enemies in such a way that their superior equipment, skills, and abilities would count for little against the massive numbers. Forcing humans and Machines to expend countless rounds of ammunition before finally taking the enemy down after running them out of clips.
With Vampires and Plants the Zombie player is likely to have to adopt other strategies, either forcing the enemy into a corner, allowing for no escape and then slowly grinding them down, or attacking while their attention is elsewhere. Zombies would be played much like the Zerg rushes of old. Zombies however are likely to be NPC only, simply because they have no large units, only the standard zombie as seen so far.

Mutants: Mutants would work in small hard hitting, diverse groups. Each unit more of a generalist than anything. Or at least the component parts of a group cover each area of combat. They would play like the Space Marines in Warhammer 40K or the US Marines, few in number, but each is an army unto themselves. Their incredible power comes at a high cost per unit, and a low reproduction rate however.
Playing the mutants would likely be the least difficult, as it would not be too hard to form groups that can take on any foe. And from there it is only a matter of hitting the right spot at the right time.

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