Am I missing something?

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Am I missing something?

Postby Goof » 30 Jun 2012, 02:42

Sam claims Joe is the of the 8 who are modified to be stronger than humans, and he is strongest of those 8. So what are His powers? Ones that he doesn't have to barrow from "victor" (other than some minor mind crafting)?

I'm also not quite understanding/connecting with Joe's idiotic selfish/assholeness. As a dad, hes acting a lot like miss behaved/spoiled 2-6 year old, (who are learning independence, mine, yours, sharing, work, rewards, consequences, etc). Which I was assuming he was only mentally a few years old until the mention of his family and sister. Maybe back story of his character?

btw, love the comics, I like the story thus far, the graphics has a nice early 90's video game style which is consistent, fresh, and clean. And I like how it's executed (even though I hate flash). The music, when used has done wonders to set the mood and make the scene more than a flat screen. I think every scene should have some soundtrack helping to set the mood. Ever play UFO enemy unknown? it has a feel close to that.
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Re: Am I missing something?

Postby Happy Demon » 30 Jun 2012, 03:09

I think they told us that Victor had stolen Joe's powers after he took over his body, I think that was the reason Joe was vunerable when Bernie blew out Joe's torso.
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Re: Am I missing something?

Postby aattss » 07 Jul 2012, 06:22

I think that OJ can go into the Dreamworld, and with some practice, do a ton of stuff. He created a massive world, probably 8 times larger than ours. However, other than having a strong mind, I also suspect he secretly can MindCraft in real life, but hasn't yet discovered how to.

Also, you're over-examining Joe's character. He was intended to be one-dimensional, not mean or arrogant.

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