Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Discuss The Pocalypse here! Let Joe know if you have any suggestions and what you like and don't like!
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Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Postby Moth » 27 Apr 2012, 11:09

I was a tad shocked to discover that this thread hasn't popped up yet. Or at least, I hope it hasn't. I did a few searches to be sure, but I apologize in advance if I just didn't see it or something.

So. Pretty self-explanatory. Who are your favorite and least favorite characters in The Pocalypse?

As for myself... Well, I'm not sure what the general consensus is on which characters are liked and disliked, but I feel like I should brace for impact. My favorite is Andrius, and my least favorite would either by Inner-Joe, Gregory, or Bernie.

I'll explain the simpler ones first. Gregory, if his son is to be believed, only did what he had to do. But I can't help but be disgusted by his actions, and wonder if he could have done anything alternative. I'm not a very squeamish person, but I felt mildly ill at the end of Chapter 4, Scene 17. Those pulsating, dripping noises... ugh.

Inner-Joe is an ass. Not much else to say.

Bernie... This is harder to explain. He's a pretty cool character most of the time, but he also bothers me. The way he constantly expects everyone to "just trust him" grates on my nerves. He always tries to act like this stereotypical "good guy" figure, always the hero, always willing to risk his neck for everyone elses' sake, whether they like it or not.

Now, as for Andrius. I'm not even sure if I can give a proper explanation for this. I usually find myself drawn to less sympathetic characters, for some reason. The more reason you give me to hate them, the more likely I am to try to like them. For example, I could never bring myself to hate Light from Death Note, even though most of the fanbase (not counting the L/Light shippers) wants his head on a platter. The bad guys often have a lot of potential for development, and I always seek that potential out and milk it for more that it's worth.

Now, your turn. Who do you like most and least, and why?
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Postby bkbirge » 27 Apr 2012, 12:20

I like Andrius too, he's a great villainous character and even sympathetic in that so far it seems that he and Joe are on somewhat friendly terms. I also love Doc, Rusty, and Greybane. I also like how nuanced Joe's character is, seemingly one dimensional at first. There's some great slow burn characterizations going on in this series. Least favorite so far is the little girl that knows the secret exit, I wanted to spank her for putting herself and others in so much danger. Probably the parent in me coming out though. And of course Scrufflebeck, is there a hint of human level intelligence going on there? Such a cool webcomic.
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Postby ZidaneRobbie » 14 May 2012, 23:21

The thief's go...

Outer Joe: I really laugh at his bitchin' behaviour and his silly remarks.
Jess: She is pretty but also she is pretty dangerous.
Greybane: He is so wise and so cool.

Here's my hated ones. If I was present in hammerston I would pounce on them and steal their wallets ;)
Inner Joe: He's a total showoff
Cross: I really hated the way he stole Bernie's old stinger suit and made off with Andrius.
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Postby Frembra » 15 May 2012, 17:15

I freaking love Jess! She's that mix of hero to the people and "Don't mess with me, or I will chop your nuts off". Friendly and firey, if only she was a redhead. We need some redheaded characters in this. My other favourite is Andrius. He is the perfect example of a bad guy, the ultimate bad guy. In my opinion, the ultimate bad guy befriends the hero of the story, stays shrouded in mystery and rarely reveals his face. Kind of like Slade in Teen Titans.

I don't like Cross though. He might be hanging with the coolest kid in school, but he's such a douche. He needs to be thrown into the sunlight by Bernie. I'm also starting to hate Rusty. I thought he might lighten up and become a decent member of the colony, but he just gets worse. But I suppose you need someone to hate or it gets a bit boring.
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Postby Cazaki » 20 May 2012, 10:51

4 day old topic but who cares, I'm gonna put in my 2 cents.

My absolute favorite character is Jake, not because I'm being a hipster and picking an option that no one does because that's cool but he has depth. He's written well, and his personality is well defined. He's one of those characters without any powers or perks that manages to be an important and irreplaceable character in a series. He's a leader, keeps New Hammerston together, does the little things to keep everything from becoming chaos and manages to still not be a liability. He's actually a character that I don't want Joe to give superpowers or perks to, because it would just ruin his role in the story.

The worst so far for me is probably Cross, and not because he's a bad guy but he's a silly, retarded bad guy. Though something tells me he'll evolve into a more competent and intelligent guy.
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Postby aattss » 21 May 2012, 04:39

OJ's underated. Not necessarily the best character, but I wonder when he'll get his own powers outside of the dream world.

As for my least favorite... pretty much every character has been shown to have a good side except for IJ and Andrius (although some other characters, like Dominik, aren't really good).
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Postby Nevenge » 26 May 2012, 18:13

I favour Outer Joe and Bernie. Joe because I his reactions to everything in the first couple of scenes are just priceless (i.e. when he finds out the pocalypse has happened). The way he interacts with other characters is also consistently entertaining.

Bernie I like because he is always trying to do his best for people, is incredibly honest and likeable, and I just really like his characterisation and displays of emotion (in the scene with the blood farm for instance). His skill with a firearm is also very awesome. I guess I just like his optimism that sometimes seems to border on him being naive, but he almost always has everyones best interests at heart (didn't like him offering Joe up to the machines though).

My least favourite characters are currently Rusty and Annika. Rusty because he's a jerk, a massive and ridiculous jerk and he shot Annika and threatened a childs mother in front of the child, something I personally find unforgiveable. He could turn it around though somewhat if he saves a boat load of people or just generally contributes in a big way to the colony... I'd still remember his 'jerkiness' though.

Annika... Well I dislike Annika because Rusty shot her! Hold on let me explain that one; he shot her and she seems to have largely just gotten over it (or am I missing something). She seems to be toughening up and becoming less silent as the episodes move on though, I just couldn't get over her letting Rusty get away with it, the man deserves a boot to the head. A really big boot, with a steel tip.

Bernie & Joe Good!
Annika alright in small doses.
Rusty... 'giant-jerk-bag-of-reprehensible-toolery.'
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Postby Akamaaku » 26 Jun 2012, 09:02

Hmm so far my most favorite characters are:

Scrufflebeck: Come on... do I need to explain why?
Harry: Because I love robots
Joe: Not only because he's a lovable idiot but there's also more to him that meets the eye.
Mayor: He just got shot, almost died, but yet he's joking about it. Got to love a guy who knows how to liven up the atmosphere.

Characters I don't like:
Dominik: Because he's a self important prick
Nick: I know he wants to feel important and go out the front lines and he was successful the first time he did. His skills and expertise isn't for the front lines but support. His selfish actions is going to cause others to lose their life. Luckily for us no one important has died under his watch yet. When I see him I see death flag, unfortunately.

Those are my choices so far, I can't wait when more new characters come into play.
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Postby roach26 » 19 Feb 2013, 07:56

i dislike Jake. A lot. he's becoming a selfish prick, and his vision is clouded. he won't even listen to reason OR his superiors. what a dickbag.

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