Zombie killing Game & Top scorers!

Discuss The Pocalypse here! Let Joe know if you have any suggestions and what you like and don't like!
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Re: Zombie killing Game & Top scorers!

Postby NeoPhantom » 29 Oct 2010, 11:26

I welcome all ideas about the events of the comic "The Pocalypse" to be posted in "The PocalypsePlot/TheorizingThread. This place will provide the perfect place to discuss your ideas as well as to read others.
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Re: Zombie killing Game & Top scorers!

Postby JoshJoyce » 06 Nov 2010, 10:15

It really is a question of what you want the site to be most famous for. Personally I think the comic stands for itself and a game might only draw attention and effort away from it, but alternatively the game may bring in more site traffic and donations making the whole production easier from there! Its a Difficult one alright, knowing if and when to launch this thing!

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