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"BlockHopper" Level IDs

Posted: 02 Sep 2011, 12:33
by Joe
Please post your BlockHopper Level IDs (from your user-created level) here!

If your level is awesome enough, we may choose to use it for the iOS version, so be creative! :D

Remember, we have the right to delete/alter any user-created levels. So, please, nothing offensive.

Re: "BlockHopper" Level IDs

Posted: 05 Sep 2011, 22:13
by Happy Demon
Meh, I tried, but the tools are quite limited (there is no North-West pipe block thingy (at least not that I saw)).
The display said the Map ID was: 130 (but it's in an early state, so I don't trust it).

Re: "BlockHopper" Level IDs

Posted: 29 Oct 2011, 22:35
by SevyTehSavvy
I had a hard time getting things to work, mostly I wasn't falling through blocks when I should have been...
But in the end, I made this ugly looking thing, which seems to be playable.
I just tried to work around that glitch.
Mostly just tried to experiment with a bunch of different things.
I played through, it should be possible (assuming new bugs don't get in the way)
It's kinda ugly as it, but maybe you'll get some ideas? Or maybe just punch your computer. I dunno.

Re: "BlockHopper" Level IDs

Posted: 24 Nov 2011, 20:46
by Zylar
So far I have four levels submitted : 148, 149, 150, and 151.
As I have a touchpad, it's hard for me to place down blocks. So I tended to avoid that when making my levels, haha.
Still, I like the whole "run as fast as you can to get gold" thing.

148 : Purely a jumping map.
149 : My attempt to add some blocks in.
150 : I tried something more puzzle solve-ish~
151 : I only focused on puzzle and neglected blocks.

All the gold medal signs are possible, as I've personally done them. Yep.
So yeah, those levels are free for grabs if you so deem them awesome enough!

SevyTehSavvy wrote:But in the end, I made this ugly looking thing, which seems to be playable.

I really enjoyed your level. Felt like it needed a checkpoint though.