"BlockHopper" Bug Reports

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Re: "BlockHopper" Bug Reports

Postby Mikado » 04 Sep 2011, 08:35

When I am playing the levels themselves the menu button doesn't work
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Re: "BlockHopper" Bug Reports

Postby Sweet_Ride » 04 Sep 2011, 17:10

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but level 9(the level that first introduces lasers) is broken. When you get over to the left side where the left green switch is, and you flip the blue then go back up, I try to place a laser-blocking block, but the lasers going past the block before I place it don't go away, and I am stuck there. Also, a thing that's a bit annoying, they(the laser blocking blocks) go away after a bit. Could you possibly make the destroy time longer?
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Re: "BlockHopper" Bug Reports

Postby WindWhitestorm » 05 Sep 2011, 17:47

@hush: Many Thanks :D
Hello :D
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Re: "BlockHopper" Bug Reports

Postby hush » 06 Sep 2011, 01:39

@Mikado: You're right! No menu functionality at this point. If you want to quit the level, you can press spacebar to self-destruct and then select "Levels". In the future, it will be implemented!

@Sweet_Ride: We have increased Bit's speed, hopefully this will make the laser bits a bit easier.
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Re: "BlockHopper" Bug Reports

Postby kim jo-el » 16 Oct 2011, 01:23

Great game! Only complaint is that I can't get the mute button to work. Not to say the music isn't good, but just something to look into, perhaps.
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Re: "BlockHopper" Bug Reports

Postby Zylar » 24 Nov 2011, 02:38

- If i place a vertical moving platform on top of another both platforms won't move, and similarly for horizontal platforms.
- Level 4 seems to have some missing collisions. I can't stand on leaves, or collide with the blocks making the right side wall.
- Level 8 is broken for me. I don't see any moving platforms nor do I see any in the inventory. I'm stuck unable to do anything. D:

Suggestions :
- Mute button.
- Make a block that has no collisions, like the checkpoint is, but it looks like dirt or something, it could be in either the foreground or background. Or better yet, make collision an option in the level editor for certain blocks.
- A possible solution to the above moving platform problem, is to make it an option to choose which direction the platform will initially move. For example, if I have a vertical moving platform on top of another, I should be able to tell the top one to move upwards at start, and the bottom one to move downwards.

That's all for now, gotta go!

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