The Pocalypse (RP setup)

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Re: The Pocalypse (RP setup)

Postby doomtm2 » 12 Aug 2012, 00:18

I do but I never got him approved.
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Re: The Pocalypse (RP setup)

Postby Happy Demon » 12 Aug 2012, 01:23

Hm... I don't think Mortenkam or Eldaran had made any Characters, but I could be wrong.
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I participated in the Pocalypse RP in the active time, when all Moderators and Admins were active.

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Re: The Pocalypse (RP setup)

Postby Mortenkam » 12 Aug 2012, 01:25

Well, I have not.
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Re: The Pocalypse (RP setup)

Postby Eldaran » 12 Aug 2012, 10:00

Sorry, i m just trying to get my stuff in order... i m writing on a new RP and focus more on it.
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