Necropolis Info page

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Necropolis Info page

Postby Squizzel » 29 Jul 2013, 23:11

So I can easily refrence Gear, Spells and Party (or anything else) without having to go threw several pages worth of RP

General infomation
Name: Jonathan (you chose)
Age: 32 years old (guess)

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(2)Note (Coffin, skeleton in hall)
Dark green leather book
Box of matches
Rusted sword
Rusted chainmail (equipt)

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Raise basic skeleton
Reknit Bones

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Basic skeleton - pouch, Rusted axe
Basic skeleton - Rusted sword, bag
Basic Skeleton - Rusted shoulder guard, battle axe
Basic Skeleton - Bow, quiver of arrows

Sair is now locked :3 I like her how she is ^^

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