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Steampunk RP setup and discussion

Postby The Ghost » 23 Jul 2011, 07:03

Name: Lady-Captain Malcindia Hyacinth Amber Charity Hopewell the Stormrider, 2nd Marchioness of the Crown Territory of Buxner, (Captain Cinth for short.)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Tall naturally, and taller still in her two inch heal boots in which she stands a full 6' 3". She has auburn hair and green eyes. Her proportions are athletic, which is unsurprising considering her line of work. Her skin is fair. She dresses in a pseudo military uniform in her family colors of green, vair, black, and gold.

History: Captain Hyacinth is the child of power and privilege, but also of poverty. Her family were lords of the crown territory of Buxner, one of the largest crown colonies in the new world, but were nearly penniless because of the idleness and stupidity of earlier generations. She was the token noble at her school and learned much from the banker and butcher's daughters with whom she was forced to associate. Upon meeting the queen and taking her title at the tender age of 16 she took on the task of rebuilding her family fortune, not giving a damn that she was in 'trade', or that her adventurous ways were 'unseemly'. She acquired an airship and put together a crew, which she soon whipped into a proper naval trim.
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