Creature Contol (List o stuff)

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Creature Contol (List o stuff)

Postby Squizzel » 25 May 2011, 06:17

Please, don't post here. I need to keep this somewhere, and if I make a new thread, I can organise it better (and everyone can see what is potentially avalible)

Full list of mutations (so far):
Silent hunter(6 MP): -2 Alertness when others are trying to first spot you.
Adrenalin rush(10MP): +1 speed, +1 attack.
Pack Adrenalin Rush (28MP): +1 Speed, +1 attack, effects everyone.
Enhanced vision(4MP): +1 Alertness.
Pack enhanced Vison(20MP): +1 Alertness, effects everyone.
Second stomach (10 MP): Incrasses chances of gaining MP from eating.
Winged (100 MP): +20 speed, can be chosen not to be used, and your now Fly!
Tail (6 MP): +1 charm, + 2 Alertness when blanencing.
Looter (4 MP): +1 Alertness.
Lock picking (4 MP) (Int 3 required): Allows you to get past locks without making a huge racket.
Thick skin (Forgotten the rest of it.. Will update it when I remember >.< )

Full list of Gear Upgrades (so far):
Enhanced sheild (10 scrap)(int 2 req): +1 Gear defence, +1 gear attack.
Renforced clothes (5 scrap): +1 Gear defence.
Hunting rifle(30 scrap)(Int 10 req): 10 ranged attack
Hollow pointed bullets (20 scrap)(Int 3 req): +3 damage to ranged attack, dose not require Int to use*
Sharped blade (8 scrap): +2 Gear attack

*Basicly, can be used with any gun as a stat bonus, but dosn't require extra Int to use (So, used with a Ranged attack 3, you'd have ranged attack 6, but only need Int 3)

Public ones (names only):
Hunting rifle:(Int 10 needed): 30 scrap (10 ranged attack)
Hollow pointed bullets(Int 5): 20 scrap (+3 damage to ranged attack, dose not require Int to use)*
Second stomach: 10 MP (Incrasses chances of gaining MP from eating)
Winged: 100 MP (+20 speed, can be chosen not to be used, and your now Fly!)

If there's any I've forgotten, PM me.
Sair is now locked :3 I like her how she is ^^

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