A Strategy Game?

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A Strategy Game?

Postby Silverware » 22 May 2011, 14:00

Im just looking into this, because I have been playing risk like games lately and this has got me intrigued.
I also want to make this a long term game. Where you take a civilization from First Flight, to Independent Space Empires.

Resources will include.
* Food
* Ore
* Lumber
* Metals
* Goods
* Population
* Cash
* Isotopes

Food is produced at a farm
Ore is produced at a Mine
Lumber is produced at a lumber camp
Metals are produced at a Refinery from ore
Goods are produced at a Factory from Lumber or Metals.
Population grows slowly over time
Cash is gained from trading Goods, and by taxes.
Cash is lost to workers.
Cash is lost to non-workers, albeit at a lower rate.
Isotopes are produced at mines.

Building facilities requires Metals and/or Lumber.

Buildings can be built onto worlds

these include
* Farms
* Mines
* Lumber Camps
* Factories
* Refineries
* Cities
* Barracks
* Vehicle Plants
* Airfields
* Naval Shipyards

Cities provide places for population to live.
Barracks can train Soldiers and HWTs
Vehicle Plants produce Vehicles, Tanks and APCs
Airfields provide places for, and produce aircraft.
Naval Shipyards produce and repair Naval Ships

Military forces can be trained from population, or built from Metals and/or lumber.

These include
* Soldier
* Heavy Weapons Team (HWT)
* Armoured Personal Carrier (APC)
* Tank
* Fighter Aircraft
* Bomber Aircraft
* Gunship
* Air Transport
* Naval Landing Ship
* Naval Frigate
* Naval Battleship
* Naval Carrier

These are all terrestrial units, and require transportation to get to other planets.
Naval Vessels can navigate over water.
Aircraft can fly over water, but have limited range.
Soldiers and HWTs can move over land at a reduced rate, unless in an APC
Tanks can move over land.
An Air Transport can only move Soldiers and HWTs
A Landing Ship can move either One tank, or 6 Soldiers/HWTs
Naval Frigates are fast mostly AA ships.
Naval Battleships are heavy ships capable of long range indirect fire.
Naval Carriers can bring Aircraft closer to the battlefield.

Spaceships will include
* Probe
* Fighter
* Bomber
* Dropship
* Cruiser
* Dreadnought
* Carrier

Probes can be sent to a planet to gather recon on local ships, probes are cheap, but easy to kill. Faster than Light
Fighters are designed to take out bombers. They can also be deployed to atmosphere. Slower than Light
Bombers can take out bigger ships easy, but get destroyed by fighters easily. Slower than Light
Dropships can carry troops, or vehicles.
Frigates are the scouts of a combat fleet. Faster than Light
Cruisers are the main body of a combat fleet. Faster than Light
Dreadnoughts are the heavy hitters of a combat fleet. Faster than Light
Carriers can bring fighters and Bombers into combat. Faster than Light

Ships require metals, goods, population and isotopes to build.

In space you will be able to build bases to some degree as well.

These include
* Missile Platform
* Shipyard
* Trade Station

A missile platform provides cheap cruiser level defences.
A shipyard is the only thing that can build ships larger than a frigate. Builds ships slightly cheaper/faster.
A Trade Station allows interplanetary trade.

Trade is a simplified way of sharing resources between planets.
You can also sell Goods to other planets. Allowing you to earn more than just tax income.
The income per unit of goods varies depending upon the amount of goods on that planet, the amount you are selling, and the amount others are selling.
You can also trade resources to other players. For cash or any other resource.
You can create trade deals to allow for x amount of resource incoming being automatically sent to another player.

Players will be able to take the part of nations, corporations, religious movements, terrorist organisations, rebel forces and anything else you can think up that provides a reason to want to conquer, or acquire land.

The game will be available to non-players in the form of a news channel.
End of turn reports will go to each player at the end of the week. A week so that everyone has a chance to get their orders in.
All orders will come to me through PM's and then I will redraw each of your maps, and you will be able to set up for your next set of orders.
All diplomacy MUST be sent through the diplomacy channel, with IN-GAME characters. These will be diplomacy ministers and the like talking IC.
However Secret deals may be made, but these will NOT be official diplomatic relations. These can be sent through PMs.
An OOC channel will be provided for players to talk about things out of character.
Each player must try to stay in character, sending orders that their leader would send. Not acting in a meta-gaming fashion.

Trade needs the most work really.
Combat needs to be written up with combat rules, but this wont be seen by players, to disallow "Statistically Perfect" fleets and armies.

System Map is HERE this will be available to all to view, however only YOUR stuff will be shown on here, UNLESS you have scouts out nearby.
This Particular one is the general knowledge every citizen has.

Any interest and ideas feel free to post up.
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Re: A Strategy Game?

Postby Kevak » 22 May 2011, 19:23

Might be interesting, though I'm not sure if you will stay with the game for more then a few months.
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Re: A Strategy Game?

Postby Squizzel » 22 May 2011, 19:37

Sounds good, but you need to explain it more... I'm actully scratching my head IRL cause it's abit over the top.
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Re: A Strategy Game?

Postby Kevak » 22 May 2011, 19:41

Squizzel, think of it like a text based strategy game (such as Ogame or Tribal Wars) combined with the board game Risk, and a few extra elements thrown in.
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Re: A Strategy Game?

Postby Squizzel » 22 May 2011, 20:52

I get That, I just feel it's alittle over-wheling to understand.. I'll proaplly get it once I start playing it (if it's ever made)
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Re: A Strategy Game?

Postby HD Cerberus » 22 May 2011, 23:33

No offence Silverware, but that sounds like its way more work on your part then I think anyone could realistically keep up with...
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Re: A Strategy Game?

Postby Silverware » 23 May 2011, 08:19

Im a computer geek ;)
I program.
Most of the work will be just building the system and the numbers.
But yes it is likely to be more than I can be bothered doing.
But as it would only update once a week it would be easier for me to take care of, if enough people get interested we can give it a shot anyways.
At the worst it may allow someone else to take it, refine it, and run it better than I could.


Okay after some time in class listening to the teacher waffle around SQL, already knowing more than he is able to demonstrate, I decided to take another look at the game. And it does seem a bit complex in parts, so Im going to simplify it right down.

* People
People are your workforce, your tax revenue, your potential soldiers. They require housing, and jobs.
If they do not have a job they actually lose you tax income. They also require food.
One unit of food per person per turn.

* Money
Money is your primary resource, you need it for EVERYTHING, from recruiting armies, to building and upgrading cities, to feeding the unemployed.

* Food
Food keeps people alive, you produce it from farms, and that is about all there is to it.
If you don't have enough food in each city, people start to starve.
Starving people are considered non-loyal, and will die if they do not receive food the next turn.

* Ore
Ore is produced in mines, and is used to make all military vessels, buildings, facilities, cities, etc.
Different areas produce ore at different rates so it is best to scout out a good place to plop your mines.

Buildings are placed in and around cities, on the world map other buildings are shown only as improvements for cities.

* City
A city provides placement for citizens and workers. They can be upgraded in size for a cost in ore and money, each level costs more than the previous level of expansion.
Cities can be taken from other players through military force, economic buyout, Religious Conversion, or gifted to another.
Cities that are taken by force or any other means will have a very low, or non-existent loyalty.
Loyalty represents how many people are on strike, and unwilling to work.
A city can be partially loyal to two or more factions, allowing either to take it easier.
Loyalty is regained slowly, or via propaganda, which costs money.

* Highways
A Highway provides a landline between cities facilitating the supply of resources to and from each city involved in the link.
Highways are considered instant, they can also represent anything from a dusty old trail, to a railroad, to a 6 lane freeway.

* Dock
A dock can only be built at a city beside the sea, it allows for supplying other friendly cities with a dock.
Only one can be built per city.

* Farm
A farm represents anything from a literal farm, to a hydroponics centre, or even a synthetic food facility.
What's important is that it produces food for the people.
It requires people to work here.

* Mine
Like a farm a mine can be anything that gathers raw materials, we call it ore for simplicity.
The ore gathering rates differ between research levels, and local ore density.
It requires people to make it work.

* Army Base
An Army base allows you to train ground forces, and stage them at a reduced upkeep.

* Naval Base
A Naval base allows you to train naval units and store them at reduced upkeep costs.

* Airbase
A airbase allows you to train and store air units. It also allows you to launch air missions from it.

* Spaceport
A spaceport allows you to send and receive supplies from orbit.

* Shipyards
A shipyard allows you to build spaceships in atmosphere and send them up into space.

Space Buildings
Around each planet is 6 sectors of space, each sector can be controlled by one person. Much like a city.
They can build space Buildings much like a city can build buildings.
Each sector of space around a planet is considered linked to all others directly, and linked to all cities with space ports.
Thus you only need one trade station around a planet, not 6.

* Starbase
A starbase can build and store Starfleets. They may be constructed around planets you control.

* Trade Station
A trade station is a place that allows trade of supplies between all other planets with a trade station, from your faction.
This means if you can build and maintain a trade station, you can ship food from worlds with no ore, to worlds with no food but lots of ore.

Military Forces
* Armies
Armies are your ground forces, they can occupy enemy buildings and cities, allowing you to capture enemy ground.
Without an army you will never grow your borders with main force.

* Navies
Navies can transport ground forces across the oceans and seas. They can also provide staging grounds for airforces.
Navies can also engage and destroy other navies.

* Airforces
Airforces can provide tactical and strategic strikes. Allowing you to cheaply soften up enemy forces before engaging on the ground.
They can also strike enemy navies, and enemy Airforces.

* Star Fleets
Star Fleets provide transport for ground forces between planets, and provide you the option of orbital strikes upon enemy cities or buildings.
They can engage other Star Fleets and protect trade lanes.

Population is easy to increase, either capture enemy cities, or allow time and natural "Human Urges" to provide you with more citizens.
The increase populations however must be provided for in food, work, and housing needs.
Each person takes 1 food per turn.

Money is acquired through taxation of working citizens,
1 money per worker per turn. It is assumed that beyond building the facility it is then run by corporate entities.
Unemployed people have only the penalty on food, hopefully encouraging keeping low levels of unemployment for when disasters, or enemies hit. So that all your buildings keep running at max efficiency.

Food is acquired via farming. Some areas of some planets will be unsuitable for farming and in this case it is likely that the farm represents a hydroponics plant, where you can acquire just enough food to keep your population running and slightly effective.
While some areas will be so fertile that you can have one worker provide enough food for 10 or 20 more.

Ore is mined in mines, this could be wood, metal ores, rocks, bio-plasm, genetic material, pears. Whatever it takes to build structures, ships, vehicles, weapons.
As with food some areas are better than others for ore, and some areas will have the bare minimum ore production.

After building armies, navies, airforces and fleets, you need to use them to go off something.
Likely this will be weaker nations that cant handle your larger forces.
Each force will cost a cash amount to keep in field. Each force will be able to lower that cash amount be being kept in their base.

Armies will move slowest.
They can capture buildings and Cities from enemy forces.
They can blockade highways to stop the flow of supplies by land.
When at rest in an Army Base they can provide defences for the city their base is stationed at.
Each base may store up to 10 armies at any one time.
Armies cost 1000 a turn in upkeep, or 50 a turn if stored in a base.
Up to 4 armies can be moved per fleet.

Navies move over water at medium/slow speeds.
They can blockade Cities to keep them from receiving supplies via sea.
When at rest in a Naval Base they can provide defence from direct naval insertions of troops, and provide defences from blockades.
Each Naval Base may store up to 5 Navies at any one time.
Navies cost 5000 a turn in upkeep, or 200 a turn in a base.
Each navy may carry 1 Airforce or 4 armies, not both.

Airforces ignore all terrain, and move at very fast speeds. But have limited range.
They can bomb cities, killing population, armies, and destroying buildings.
When at rest they provide defence from other Airforces attacking the city.
Each airbase can store up to 5 Airforces.
Airforces cost 10000 per turn they are used. or 100 a turn if not used.
Airforces may be stored in fleets for 500 a turn. Each fleet may carry 1 Airforce, OR 4 Armies, not both.

Star Fleets move the fastest. Able to use STL and FTL modes of commute.
They can bomb planets, and cities on the planet they are around.
Star fleets can be stored in orbital star bases. And provide defence from other Star fleets while at base.
Each Starbase can store 10 Star fleets.
Star fleets cost 100000 per turn, or 1000 a turn in base.
Star fleets may carry up to 10 armies per star fleet.

Combat is done similar to risk.
Each force involved gets one dice roll, up to 20 per side.
These get compared no highest to highest, but first to first.
So if we get 6,3,3 and they get 4,4,2.
We win the first and last roll, they win the second.

When you win a roll they lose a force, when they win on you lose one.
Space forces take one turn to move between sectors around a planet, and one turn to move between planets.
They can take many turns to move between stars however.
When specifying a destination, you need to specify star-planet-sector.

Airforces must land at any base at the end of a turn, so you can specify which target they hit AND which city/naval group they land at. rather than just selecting which city they go to.

For simplicities sake, I shall remove moons from the equation.
This is all a bit complex so ask me more about things so I can explain enough to get the game written up clearly.
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Re: A Strategy Game?

Postby Squizzel » 24 May 2011, 04:26

Would each person start on there own planet, with only "AI" enemys on it? And could we make designes for the our people? ((I'd give me a chance to show off and improve my Verarens..))
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Re: A Strategy Game?

Postby Silverware » 24 May 2011, 06:29

No current Idea is to start you all on one planet with limited resources for you to fight over and then leave the planet. Maybe have global warming or some shit slowly killing the planet.
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Re: A Strategy Game?

Postby Squizzel » 24 May 2011, 06:31

Oh, I already have a named speice, with named characters made, a short story which I'm working on, and other stuff. So, this'll give me a chance to show some of it off here ^-^
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