The Pocolypse RP Characters and Factions.

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The Pocolypse RP Characters and Factions.

Postby Unbeknownst » 07 Feb 2011, 10:28

This thread is for simple and quick reference of the key people and groups in the RP, it will be updated as often as Possible, and I will post when it has been updated in the RP discussion thread. ^.^

Full Character Color Key:
Deceased, no longer in RP or soon to be either.

Thank you.



Character name: Kiro
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Weapons: A fire axe and a revolver
Job: City guard (usally sent out on missions)
Description/Picture: Boot, jeans, a black hoodie and gray jacket. He has short, light brown hair and deep blue eyes.
Personality: Kind and helpful. When he's not on dutiy, he usally helps out in the local shops or cafe's
Brief history: Nothing out of the ordianry growing up, 'sept living with his sister, mum and grand-dad, untill the first zombies were spotted. His grand-dad taught him and his sister how to shoot using his old revolver he'd kept from the war. Soon after the first zombies came, Kiro found a new born fox pup who's mother was killed. Kiro's mum (how had hand-raised animals before, cause of working in a zoo) helped Kiro rase Dash into a family pet and a good scavanger. Luckly, they were close to the radio station when the suviovrs got there, and were able to meet up with them in no time at all. His grand-dad past away soon after this of old age.
Other: Has a trained pet fox named Dash, and lives with his Mum and sister in there house/shop.

------------------------------------------------Other Character------------------------------------------------

Character name: Shannon Myers
Age: 29
Gender: Female (this RP is really lacking females .-.)
Weapons: An SMG and a sniper rilfe (I'm sure someone will bitch at me for putting that)
Job: SAS scout and sniper
Current mission: -classifed information-
Description/Picture: wears a red jacket with a brocken zip, and bandages over her chest. She still wears the standard SAS trousers and boots. She has short brown hair, and deep blue eyes. (this is the character which has the un-named sprite)
Personality: Shy, though she get's the job done.
Brief history: She joined the SAS just before the Pocalypse. On her first mission, her team was killed and she was captured. Taken to an off-shore oil rig, she was -classifed information- The remaining forces left the oil rig when they resevived orders for another mission, and -classifed information-
Other: -classifed information-


Character name: Kevak
Age: 194 Moons (about 16 years and two months)
Gender: Male
Weapons: Clawlike nails, fangs, water, darkness.
Job: Creepy person who inhabits the old abandoned church near the edge of the colony.
Description/Picture: Human/wolf neko forms: Thin, dark brown eyes, somewhat mediumish small and lightish in weight (somewhere between 90 and 130 pounds, i have not decided yet [might be around 103-107]), medium longish dark brown hair (about shoulder length), fangs, clawlike nails, light chain necklace, rather heavy black wolf fur lined hoodie, a black wolf fur lined bag, somewhat heavy black wolf fur lined sweat pants with a hole near where the tag would be, doesn't wear footwear or underwear (underwear hurts tails :C, and footwear is uncomfortable), neko form has dark brown wolf ears and dark brown two and a half foot long tail. Anthro/wolf forms: dark brown fur, moderate size, longish tail (about 3-4 feet), and no clothes besides a chain necklace and a black wolf fur lined bag that his clothes and other things he is carrying.
Personality: One of those people who you feel uneasy if your near them for very long, creepy, has a very disturbing view on morals and life, when he goes into town he usually has his hood up, spends most of the night sitting on the roof of the abandoned church, likes dark places, likes water, dislikes small children, dislikes people in general (but mostly small children), loves meat.
Brief history: He just showed up one day and none of the guards remember seeing him enter or letting him in.
Other: Is a werewolf, disappears for days at a time and pops up later like nothing happened

------------------------------------------------Other Character------------------------------------------------

Character name: Teleka
Age: 194 Moons (about 16 years and two months, same age as Kevak)
Gender: Female
Weapons: Clawlike nails, fangs, fire, darkness.
Job: Being a general annoyance to Kevak and the rest of her littermates and all those associated with them
Description/Picture: Human/wolf neko forms: longish brown hair (about mid chest length), thin (werewolf metabolism ftw), somewhat flat chested (why?, because i personally don't find woman with bimbo sized breasts very attractive, and about half of the woman in the US have breast implants), about 5'2 in hight, around 90-110 pounds, light brown eyes fangs, clawlike nails, black jeans with a small hole for her tail white shirt with a large purple paw print on the back and a purple hood above the paw print (why this outfit? i don't really know, i guess i think it looks cute), neko form: light brown tail (2-3 feet in length) and wolf ears
Anthro/wolf forms: light brown fur, slightly smaller then Kevak in these forms (refer to Kevak's chara sheet for size since I'm too lazy to type it)
Personality: endlessly bored to no end, has random outbursts of randomness, sugar = hyper, lack of restraint, acts on impulse (meaning she does irrational stupid things for no reason whatsoever when she eats sugar)... (this personality is starting to sound a lot like me... i wonder why... oh I'm sure its just a coincidence), finds entertainment in being a nuisance, does whatever she can to find and push each button that the target of annoyance has and counts it as a failure if she cant (this still seems familiar), knows the song that almost everyone finds annoying (and no, it isn't the i know a song that gets on everybody's nerves song), loves meat, has various fetishes that will be explained in depth at a later time (this still seems quite familiar), and thats about it, save a few minor details that I'm too lazy to type
Brief history: One of Kevak's littermates, enters the city and exits the city randomly and with lots of noise, the guards gave up trying to prevent her from causing trouble after she managed to catapult a cow out of the colony with a makeshift catapult (there is no how, there is a why)
Other: Is a werewolf, is Kevak's sister/littermate, didn't receive proper training with elements and darkness


Character name:Korinto Farhan Kit
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Weapons: Acid-filled sprayers, T-rex Bone Maul, Raptor Bone Dagger and Combat Drugs
Description/Picture:He has Gray eyes, his skin is tanned and has auburn hair he wears a long white lab coat with black pants and boots, he has green-tinted googles
Personality:He's very smart but very introvert, and he's afraid of many things loud sudden noises and is very jumpy, surprisingly he's not afraid of the many monsters of the Pocalypse, except zombies which is deathly afraid of zombies and if lonely and against zombies, he will tend to run for the nearest exit, he also secretly hopes a certain monster from the books he read in his childhood doesn't appear in the pocalypse, he's also very imaginative.
Brief history:Before the Pocalypse he was a scientist working in a museum/lab, trying to decipher the DNA of a exceptional preserved piece of Tyrannosaurs Rex and raptor leg bones, also working on a secret study to the military about combat drugs, when the Pocalypse happened he was caught in the middle of his research, by a fellow infected scientist, thankfully a convenient bottle of acid saved his life from infection, and worried about his research, he grabbed the two bones and the experimental drugs, and in a rush downloaded the entire database of the Museum Network Into his pen instead of just his researches, saved some bottles of the acid that saved him and ran, thankfully one of the security guards was a zombie apocalypse paranoid and managed to get both of them to a nearby group of survivors smashing zombie heads with the t-rex bone and using the bone dagger to stake a vampire in the heart, he survived the initial onslaught because he stayed in the contained labs working while his fellow scientists where lazy and stayed at home.
Now in the colony he's significantly rich on credit due to his business based on selling the experimental drugs he only knows how to fabricate, using his credits to request parts of monsters and information, he also spends a lot of time improving a weapons with the acid that saved his life
Other:He hopes he can find a secret in the monster that will let him resurrect dinosaurs in the bones that he uses as a weapon, so they can help mankind destroy the monsters.

------------------------------------------------Other Character------------------------------------------------

Character name:Hydros-64
Age: ??
Gender: ??
Weapons: Fists, claws and teeth
Monster: Mutant Boss
Description/Picture:He's a blue mutant with amphibian skin and webbed fingers, and can vomit a powerful jet of water from his mouth once after that he needs to refill.
Personality:A carnivore looking for human snacks.
Other:He got lost from the main group in the sewers and found himself on a police station, he settled there because often people go there to raid the place.


Currently MIA. Will not be Updated until he is back.

NeoPhantom (Neo) Unknown if he/she is still with RP

Character name: Raphiel Valor, Oracle
Age: 18
Gender: male
Weapons: Katana, Scepter (to bash things uncounscious in the head), and a riffle
Job: entertain myself with hard to accomplish challenges and taking out monarchs

Description/Picture: Nothing extraordinary, just a regular teenaged male human of sunburned, pink skin like those who live in the tropics. Some damaged, but still useful glasses; tricked out with several lens that can be changed as one pleases (Ultraviolet, Infrared, Binocular, Microscope, etc...) {wastes a turn to be fair}. Near sighted without glasses.

Personality: Silent type with good memory of everything, except faces... He'll return favors to anyone who obliges, as well as pain. He doesn't take kindly to liers and has only partial sense of humor, showing only a twich of the lips when he feels at ease.

Backstory: During his life, he was a regular boy only a bit too serious around others... People would keep trying to make him smile, and he would resist for the sake of watching their frustration When the Pocalypse began, he was buying stuff at a SuperCenter. He quickly took blades from the military department and with a short hand of other people forced the doors close and ended the undead existance within the mall. In this process, only him and a few others remained... The others being psychopats that thought that because they were alive meant that they could rule over those who remained At that moment he left the mall and tried to find other survivors; being casted out as a traitor by the ingrates within the building and being forced to leave behind most of his weapons for THEIR protection. Later on he would return in a heavily armored carrier truck full of well armed and injured survivors only to find the place destroyed, serves them right... I told the ones inside the truck to wait a little while I got some provisions from within, but when I returned they had gone off... I became distrustful of people with power, never letting anyone being in control of anything necesary for survival in case they were to leave me behind once again...

Other: He only hunts those who cause havoc or damage, not those who have done nothing of the sort (whether human, zombie, vampire, beast, insectoid, monster, mutant, machine, etc...)


Character name: Ghost (OOC unless he says: Tadian Blackwell.)


Gender: Male

Weapons: A Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG(, along with a Colt M1911(, a Beretta 92(, and a Kopis( And of course, various knives.

Inventory/Stuff He Has and Plans on Keeping:(This is all the Things he has in his pockets, lots of pockets) Small LED Flashlight, 2oz of C4 along with a small timing detonator, A Leatherman Wave™ Multi-tool, an unmeasured length of line(about 10-12 feet), a set of lockpicks, or four, deck of cards, 7 paperclips, 23 pins, 18 safety pins, roll of electrical tape, matches, roll of wire, roll of fishing line, descenter, flask, a smaller flask of ink, an even smaller metal flask of extremly strong smelling salts, toothbrush, toothpaste, a small handheld crank radio, a small handheld, crank walkie-talkie, S&W M&P9 9mm (Parachute Bag) Non Perishable foodstuffs, Towel, about 300ft of silk Line. (Will be updated during RP)

Job: Well, he wanders around and shoots things. Yep. That seems about it. Oh, he talks sometimes too.

Description/Picture: Clothing: Ghost wears a simple canvas duster, which he carries nothing in except bullets. Lots of bullets, the duster is always left open. This is in case he has a need to ditch it. The Duster is also lined with kevlar and various metal plates. He has lightweight combat boots as footwear, as pants, well, he has a single pair of 'tricked out' camo pants. In other words, he made them thicker, has pieces of metal covering vital parts of his legs, and it has more pockets. For various things that may be needed. Such as a flashlight, muti-tool, or a small strip of C4 and a small timing detonator. On his torso he has on an udershirt, which happens to be under a Kevlar vest, which has a random T-shirt over that. On his hands he has fingeless gloves, over the first two knuckles are paddes pieces of metal. Basically work the same way as brass knuckles. Under his left shoulder he has a shoulder holster carrying his Baretta 92, on his left hip he has his Kopis, if he isn't wearing his duster he has it on his back, on his right thigh he has his M1911 in a leg holster along with a blade horizontal to the ground(Same for left leg, but no pistol), both boots contain a blade, with the handles strapped to the leg. Although he has a strap for his .50 cal, he usually walks around with it in his hands or resting over one shoulder. He also has a large canvas parachute bag that he keeps all the stuff for survival in. Mostly food and water. Actually. Thats pretty much all that is in there.

Body: Rather physically fit, around 200lbs(Screw Kilos. Calculate that yourself), around 6'-6'1" has various tattoos that will probably never be seen, but here we go: On either shoulder(back) he has a Raven facing out, in the center of his back he has a large, simple, black wolf's head, surrounding the wolf's head is a weaved thorned vine, but every thorn is a small dagger tipped with red ink. On his chest He has a swirling celtic Spiral, on each of his inner forearms he has almost identical Phoenixes, on his left arm he has a tradition Flame pheoonix, on his right, Ice. On his Left outer forarm he has a series of chibis wearing various armor, a total of seven chibis on his arm. He has four more on his right arm. On Both Biceps he has a Red Raven with its wings spread on a black field, the tips of the ravens' wings are just outside of the circle. Above this he has blue cresent moons, the tips pointing behind him. On the back of his right hand is a black sun with twelve black rays. He keeps this tattoo hidden because of the attention it would draw from things he would rather not draw attention from.

Face/Head: He's moderately handsome, square jaw, blahdeddy blah, clean shaven, has three equally spaced, parallel scars on the lower left side of his jaw, next to his chin. Just under his right eye up to just before the bridge of his noce is a thin scar. Dark green eys with a golden band aroud his pupils. Short cropped ark hair that is either dark red, brown or dirty blonde. Changes with the light and annoys people. So he enjoys his hair quite a bit.

Personality: A paranoid, sarcastic, smartass that is almost always smiling. Just because he is smiling doesn't mean he is happy. It just means he either thinks your an idiot, how to kill you, how to kill other things, about various things he has killed, what he will kill next, or, most likely, Pie. He has a deep hatred for Were anthing really. He calls them Furries. Well, he doesn't hate Werebears. Especially if they are female. And especially if they are twins. And Hot. He also doesn't much like people, hence the smartassholery. Oh, and he happens to be a tad shallow. Maybe a bit more then a tad. Since he also happens to be alone a lot, he kinda talks to himself. It goes away after an hour or so with other people, so they think he is a tad odd. But really, who isn't?

Brief history: In his early life, Ghost was a well practiced martial artist, his mother and his father both taught him to use small arms. He found that he was a crack shot. Just Before the Pocolypse Ghost was a mechanic. Not one of the ones that work at walmart, he was one of the ones that made robots. Not exactly a scientist, but a mech specialist. And having access to a machine shop he was able to make quite a bit of his gear before the Pocolypse, having been taught at a young age that survival is a good thing. Just after the Pocolypse, Ghost took his rifle from a dead soldier. Etched into the barrel are the letters MOD, not knowing what it meant, he turned it into an acronym, Master of Destruction. He calls it Maud.

Unknown to many people, well, known to them they just don't know it, Ghost was one of the 'mechanics' that created the robots. Many people would want to see him dead for this, he in fact hates what the robots became. As one of the lead designers of the bots, his face was well know. However, his face was well known for his amazing beard and 'stache.

Other: He has an obsession with extravagant things, or things that or just cool. He's a Kleptomaniac, insomniac, egomanic, dromomaniac, ecdemomaniac, and a technomanic. Needless to say, he has a few problems. I'm also not sure if he is a nymphomaniac yet or not. Partially I suppose. He is a minor psychic. Extremly minor. As in, maybe moving something the size of a chess piece and reading minds by skin contact. And not brief contact. He might get something from a handshake. If he's lucky. He usually uses it to charm women, if they let him touch them.

------------------------------------------------Other Character------------------------------------------------

Character name: Malvina "Queen Mab, or Mab" Aleksandrovna Berndt
Gender: Female
Weapons: An AR-15( and a Customized Colt Delta Elite 10mm as a sidearm(http://spokanepoliceabuses.files.wordpr ... -elite.jpg)
Job: Gun For Hire.
Description/Picture: Ethnicity:Russian. Mostly. Head: Strawberry Blonde Hair that she keeps in a high ponytail when not wearing a dark grey combat helmet. She has extremely dark brown eyes, almost black. Her eyes always seem to be cold and angry, even when smiling, although usually her sunglasses hide them. She has a roundish(not Fat, Round) but pretty face, with no noticeable facial scars. She never wears makeup. Body: She's about 5'5" and weighs about 145, pretty much all muscle. On her back is a black sun tattoo with 11 black rays. Clothing: She wears a dull grey riot suit almost constantly.
Personality: She is very cold and dispassionate. She has a deep hatred for anyone that is not paying her.
Brief history: She moved over here from Russia so she still has a slight accent. Before the Pocalypse she had been good friends with Ghost, however, since Ghost and pretty much everyone she knew was around the machines when they turned, she has been under the impression that everyone she knew was dead. So, to cope with this, she just kills things. Its even better if she gets paid. Death and Money is now her life.
Other: She actually wont recognize Ghost due to his serious lack of beard.


Character name: Trader Jim
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Weapons: Carries a double barreled shotgun, an old nine-shot revolver, and his trusty hunting knife.
Job: Trader Jim is a peddler. He travels from colony to colony buying, trading, and selling items that others might need. Since gasoline is unavailable, he now travels in an old van converted into a horse-drawn wagon. The back end is a combination of cargo storage and living quarters.
Description/Picture: Jim's face is weathered and tan, and his hair is white. He sports several visible scars on his face and hands, leading some to speculate that his entire body is covered with them. Although relatively short, he is stocky with wide shoulders and powerful arms. Fortunately for Jim, strength is the last to go with age. He tends to wear old jean overalls with flannel shirts and work boots. He rarely takes off his Stetson when outdoors, although he politely uncovers his head indoors.
Personality: Jim's wife was the victim of a zombie attack several years ago, but he cannot force himself to be angry about it. She was a shrew of a woman and he much prefers the silent company of his horse, Greta. He is a quiet man of few words, but can barter with the best of them when hawking his goods. In general, he is kind to humans, even strangers unless they mean him harm.
Brief history: No one really knows much about Jim's early life. Some speculate that he used to be a farmer or rancher down south before the outbreak, but he seems as comfortable in the city as in the country, so they can't be sure. Some people know about his wife's death, even though he rarely makes reference to her. No one has ever learned his last name, either, leading some to believe that he might be an outlaw. His recent business is relatively well known, though. For the last four years, Jim has been traveling between the survivor colonies selling hard to find goods that he scavenges in the dead zones. No one knows how he manages to survive out there alone, and they don't much care as long as he keeps bringing the things they need.


Character name: Kitzah Shadowdrak
Gender: Male
Weapons: .50 Sniper Rifle, Dual Tech Scimitars
Job: Mercenary
Description/Picture: 6' Tall, Thin muscular build, long black hair, cat's eyes, dressed constantly in black battle uniform with a black trench coat and a black stetson givin to him by his great grandfather before the pocalypse, as well as dark shades to conceal his eyes.
Personality: Standoffish and distant, quick to become irritated and brash when handling a job, doesn't make plans ahead of time but is quick on his feet, his only true friend is his dog, Nina.
Brief history: A by product of military testing, Kitzah is mostly human. After returning alive but emotionally scarred from several wars he volunteered for a secret government program designed to genetically alter soldiers to be better on the battlefield. The operation was succesful however, but in only minor details. His reflexes became slightly faster than the average humans. In addition he was given cat's eyes, giving him very good night vision but leaving him partially color blind. He also has very acute hearing and abhors any kind of high pitched noise. When the Pocalypse happened he abandoned the military, figuring that a large group of people was just more of a target for the hordes. He began to wander from colony to colony, marketing himself as a freelance mercenary, never staying in one place long enough for people to figure out what he was, believing people would thin him a monster if they knew. He truly cares about the survival of the human race and will in some dire cases be convinced to work for free if the mood strikes him. When he becomes involved with a mission he devotes himself completely to it, not stopping until the mission is completed. If angered too much he suffers from blackouts and will attack anything near him until he is incapacitated or given enough time to calm down.
Other: His had is the last remaining thing he has from any member of his family and he becomes very angry if anyone messes with it.
His scimitars are made from a strong alloy and are serrated on the blades to keep them sharp. He has gone as far as naming them Chaos and Death. In a pinch the hilts of the blades attach to each other, converting the swords into a single Swallow Type blade.

Irish Psycho

Character name: doesn't have one, call him whatever you want
Age: looks around 20-25
Gender: male
Weapons: a two handed meat cleaver, parcially rusted
Job: NA
Description/Picture: averaged sized, very dirty
Personality: Comepletely raving mad, extremely paranoid (as in "there in the trees " paranoid) usually talks gibberish.
Brief history: no one Know's, but shows a high level of fear towards needles
Other:can heal wounds at a high rate, has enhanced vision and hearing and smell, never sleeps
WARNING: since he has no job, i'll probably just have him follow around other characters. most likely whichever one is less of an asshole to him


NPC Sheet
Character name: Nina
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Canus Domesticus
Weapons: Teeth, Claws
Job: Pet
Description/Picture: Cybernetically Enhanced Husky, gray and black fur, subdued metal legs, half of her face is a metal shield with an optic sensor replacing one of her eyes.
Personality: Kind and loving to most everyone, extremely loyal to Kitzah and will attack anyone she sees as a threat to her master.
Brief history: Nina was inducted into the military's cybernetics program as a pup. Her legs were cybernetically enhanced to make her move faster and be more useful towards rescuing soldiers who fell behind enemy lines. She is incredibly intelligent for a dog and was trained to perform basic stealth and thinking skills. She followed Kitzah when he left the military behind and has been with him ever since. One of her eyes has been replaced with a high tech optic sensor, allowing her to see infrared fields as well as improving her already keen eyesight.

Character name: Dash
Age: 38 moons (just over 3 years
Gender: Male
Weapons: Teeth and claws
Description/Picture: An orange fox with a white chest and 4 tails, with white tips
Personality: Loyal to Kiro, and dose anything he or Alice say.
Brief history: His mother was killed by a zombie when he was barely a moon old. Kiro and his family looked after him and rasied him to be a good hunter and able to stall zombies or other creatures without too much trouble
Other: Is a fox
Faction: Tevino Dalvak Military Force (kinda)

Character name: "Sparks"
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Description: Black robes with dark red trim, that hide most of his body save for his bright red eyes.
Faction: Non as such, but mainly works for Night Lighting
Other: Highly odd for a Vampire, as he tends to work on making Zombies or other groups bend to his will. Meny a vampire hunter tracking "Sparks" has found themselfs being killed by a huge zombie hord from nowhere, or imprissioned by robots and handed over to Vampire cults.

Character name: Devon
Race: Dog
Gender: Most likely male.
Description: Er, a Great Dane.
Faction: Uh...
Other: *Shrugs*

Factions and Groups: (Yeah, totally need some help with this one. Putting the groups and factions up in the setup would make me a happy man. Please? :D)

The Rebels
Info: Officially, the People's Collective of Southern Freedonia, they are often referred to simply as the rebels because it is easier to say than the official name. Originally survivors in the Freedonian colonies, they grew weary of the tyrannical rule of the despot mayor of Freedonia, and broke away from Freedonian rule. Many of the leaders are former associates of the Freedonian mayor who feared for their lives due to the numerous political purges. Dr. Keith Knowles is the unofficial leader of the rebel colony, and also runs the medical facility, which is considered to be one of the very best in the North.

Freedonian Militia
Info: The Freedonian Militia is the armed forces of the colony of Freedonia, which includes the primary colony and many smaller colonies in a 50 mile radius. Aside from being highly trained in combat, the militia also serves as a quasi-engineering brigade that keeps the roads within Freedonian territory clear and repaired. There are several divisions within the militia, including the Motorizers and town guards. The militia is headquartered in the Military Quarter of Freedonia. Their main armoury is located on Military Square. The current commanding officer of the militia is General Tyrone Baggins.

Info: The Motorizers are a branch of the Freedonian Militia. They are the elite soldiers of the militia and are able to travel swiftly on their motor bikes. Aside from high-ranking government and military officials, they are the only citizens in Freedonia who are granted a ration of the dwindling supply of gasoline. They frequent dive bars and are considered by even the hardest of people to be bat shit insane. They are not a group you want tracking you.

Tevino Dalvak Military Force

Eagle Company
Info: A group of soldiers that had been outfitted to destroy the 'Bots, however, witht the Pocalypse raging on they soon turned rogue, turning on the people they were supposed to protect. They soon became a feared raiding group, taking what they wanted by force. They recently lost a their main base, many of their weapons, and most of their men to the Black Ravens.

The Ravens
Info:The Ravens are a group of 'Do-Gooders'. They fight for the human race and do what they can to keep as many alive as possible. They have a group of factions withing themselves, and within those factions are more mini-factions.

White Ravens: These are the most known of the Ravens, as they are the ones that have (almost) no secrets. The Whites are the group that is known mostly as traders and negotiators. They are the ones that find jobs for the other two Raven groups, and decide which group goes in. Ravens don't want to take over, they just want to keep as many people alive as possible. Even if it means killing others. There are 10 current White Ravens, and they are damn good at what they do.

Red Ravens: The most famous of the Ravens, they are the Ravens military force. They are known somewhat as an Elite group of soldiers/mercenaries, and they almost constantly have recruits. They are the bodyguards of the Whites and are also for a rather minor price, sold as mercenaries for the right cause. They only kill other people in self defense. There are around 500 of these Elite Soldiers at any time.

Black Ravens: The least know about group. Any rumors of them are instantly denied. These are the Best of the Raven's soldiers. They do the really dirty work. These are the ones that kill other people when needed. There are currently 23, 20 of which are with the Whites at almost all times as body guards, two Blacks for each White. 3 are currently traveling searching for more Black Raven Recruits.

Black Lighting
Info: Not much is known of this Vampire cult, but they're seem to control several smaller cults. They Are known to have several Anti Vampire slayers, the most know of these being one called "Sparks". There leader, or other high ranking members are unknown, but several lesser members have been found wearing black lighting bolts on chains around there necks.

Info: They want to Eat you.

Info: They want to Eat you.

Info: They want to Eat you too.

Info: They don't want to Eat you. Just kill you.
The following statement is true. The previous statement is false.

'Poison' is such a harsh word. I prefer 'Potion of Shut the Hell Up.

You know what the best part about this weather is? The Zombies will freeze to death. Er... Undeath.

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