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Dead Board Roleplay!

Postby Silverware » 30 Apr 2014, 08:50

Alright, simple enough. Just roleplay what you do, if anything requires a skill check I will roll the dice and tell you the result.
If you think something needs a skill check, just write up to that point and leave it there.
Usually things that can be failed have skill checks, however if you have it as a skill, and it is a simple everyday action for your character it is assumed that you pass.
If not we can edit it back when I tell you it needs to be changed.
You control your character only, although until shit gets real feel free to add NPC characters and do their conversations, I will try my best to keep them to their personalities once things hit the fan.

Have fun.

Mi Kan wrote:

Code: Select all

Str 2, Agi 1, End 5, Res 5, Per 1, Ler 1
Software (mostly video games): Specific Knowledge
Pounce: Specific
Tackle: Specific

Code: Select all

Mi Kan is a young asian girl, she is short with black hair.
She has a thin frame and seems to be rather clumsy.
She is wearing glasses, a post-ironic t-shirt covered by a baggy grey sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Her grades at school are bad, she doesn't have much focus in class.
She runs track with her school sports team, and is considered one of the better long distance runners.

You look up from your game, groggy and tired. You have been caught up in the new Legend of Zelda game, and have only just realized that you are a little hungry.
You look at the clock to check the time, its 5am. Monday you realise, you have school today.

You live with your parents at 17 Windmill Ave in the northern part of Saint Albans. Your school is Sandringham School, which is just up the road. You usually walk to school.

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