The Copalypse (RP Game)

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The Copalypse (RP Game)

Postby Opcalypse » 03 Sep 2012, 03:34

If you don't know what the Copalypse is, feel free to take a look:

META-GAME: I'm an old school gamer with over 20 years of playing/writing/design under my belt. You can expect the best RP experience from this game. That said, this game isn't for everyone. The original fanfic should give you some of the flavor and the genre entry below should flesh out the feel of the game. For a core mechanic I'm going to use a variant of the Alternity rules, basically a simple system that provides a realistic simulation of reality while allowing the fictional elements a level foothold in this gritty reality. Don't worry about having experience with RPGs or the mechanic, I can help anyone with interest to enjoy the game.

GENRE: Gritty Survival. The odds are NOT in your favor. There is more of them then there is of us. There are also dark things out there, things that make zombies look like puppies. You've learned a few things since the apocalypse. You've learned to keep track of how many bullets you have in your gun. You've learned just how important good cardio workouts are. You've learned that clean food and water, heat and toilet-paper are NOT a magical part of the human experience. Humans are still human though, have their flaws... some more than others.

STORYLINE: There is only the colony now. It used to be a prison but now it is our refuge. You either work to keep it going or you try to make it on your own outside of the walls. The colony needs supplies, so teams are dispatched to scavenge the needed materials. It's a dangerous job but that's the reality we all live in from day to day. The world... it's dangerous. It seems like a showdown between Zombies and Survivors and the zombies seem to be winning. Mutants, robots, plant creatures, vampires... none of these have been found. Yet.

Character Creation: Colony members are either former guards, former inmates or refugees. For ease of character creation, I have compiled a series of questions you can answer to develop your character. The questions are simple but each one will help you refine your character concept until you have a solid persona built. If you are interested in making a character, please send me your answers along with any questions you might have via PM. I might have follow up questions, which I will also send you via PM. Remember, the questions are to be answered as if YOU are the character, don't use your own answers unless you plan on playing as a version of yourself.

1. Guard, Inmate or Refugee:
2. How old are you?
3. More likely to read a book or play a sport:
4. How do you handle a challenge (use physical force, grit your teeth and bear it, talk your way out of it, avoid it, etc.):
5. What is your preferred method of violence (automatic rifles, switchblades, lead bars, bare fists, etc.):
6. What special skills do you possess (EMT, farmer, mechanic, martial artist, former military, etc.):
7. Is it better to be loved or feared:
8. Do you hold any beliefs (religious, conspiracy theory, utopian or otherwise):
9. Tell me about who you were prior to the apocalypse (more details = better):

Here's a sample (which will NOT appear in the game) - Jake Everhardt
1. Inmate
2. 26
3. Sport, I hate reading.
4. Physical force if I think I can win, otherwise I avoid it.
5. Something bigger than the other guy. A tire iron from behind always works well.
6. I can hotwire any vehicle in 15 seconds or less. I'm also a navy washout, not that it accounts for much.
7. Depends on the person. Loved I guess.
8. None, that stuff is for losers and crazies.
9. I could write pages, but this is a sample. Info on my family, upbringing, time with the navy, what got me tossed in prison, how prison life was like... everything would be here.

Once I get four players with completed characters, the game will launch in this thread.

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