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Postby HD Cerberus » 02 Jun 2011, 06:52

Alright, I'm sticking this in here because it has come up enough times that I think we need to clearly indicate some role-playing guidelines for new members/people who may not have RPed before. I'm making it a sticky topic so it stays at the top for people to see.


So make sure you've read THEM before you post too.

1) Before jumping in, check that you don't have to submit a character and have it approved before joining the roleplay. Here, it is often the case that when playing individuals, you must have your character pre-approved. Check out the forum roleplay planning for a 'Character creation' thread before jumping in.

2) In group roleplays, it is counter-productive and irritating to make self destructive votes/suggestions. These are usually ignored or deemed 'spoilt'. If you don't have a helpful suggestion, no need to make an unhelpful one.

3) In almost all Roleplays, no 'God-modeing', unless stated otherwise.

4) Out of character chat (OOC) is indicated with ((Whatever you are trying to say)). Without double brackets, it is assumed that you are speaking in character. Unbeknownst: Single works fine too. (Double just looks wierd to me)

5) More than ever, punctuation is crucial. Not everyone is on top of their game when it comes to grammar, but everyone knows how to use a full stop. It's not a race, and if you don't make it ABSOLUTELY clear what you are trying to say/do, it may be ignored, or slow down the game.

6) REMEMBER: Lots of people take roleplaying very seriously, and how their character talks/behaves may not necessarily be how they would talk/behave. Unless the chat is OOC, please don't get insulted/huffy at the person who has just had their character kick yours in the face. So long as it makes sense for their character to do so.... which brings me to

7) Roleplaying is not an excuse to be an ass. If it's what your character would do, fine, but if your character gets too annoying, don't be surprised if the other characters make sure s/he gets their comeuppance.

Anything that I missed, you guys think should be included/removed, just post a comment.
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Postby iRorschachBot » 18 Jul 2011, 01:39

5) More then ever,

(*Whispering*) That should be "than".
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