Darkspawn, Demons, and other things to avoid (Dragon Age)

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Darkspawn, Demons, and other things to avoid (Dragon Age)

Postby Lan-COM » 16 Oct 2017, 04:44

((Right of the bat, this is completely unrelated to The Pocalypse, and way, way to late. I doubt there's a soul around to read this, but if there is, have fun! This is a Dragon Age RP, so just play along I guess. Also I should mention that even I don't know everything about the series, I've just played a few times on Dragon Age: Inquisition. One third of the series.))

You wake up, or stopped dozing, in the same position you've been in for months, years, those are the only measures of time you still remember. You look at your surroundings, same old walls, same old roof, same old lantern, same old body. You only remember a few things, the first thing you knew, was that you were in a strange place where nothing stayed the same, before this. Also you are a darkspawn. That was it, you've been here so long you don't remember much else. You look around the dungeon room you're locked in again.

"I wonder if I'll get more visitors. That would be nice, I've even saved them a cup of tea, or whatever it's become over the years..." You say, and sigh.
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Re: Darkspawn, Demons, and other things to avoid (Dragon Age)

Postby ShiftyOne » 05 Dec 2017, 11:39

((Hello, I just saw your post and I thought I'd try RPing with you. I've never RPed before, so this should be a cool and interesting experience with me. I am a bit confused as to how am I supposed to do this, as it is written in the sense that I am the character. I will for now write as the character given.))

I get up from the beed of hay that I've been laying on, and sit up with the hay shuffling underneath me. Staring at the dark brick wall in front of me, I think of how many times I've looked at this wall since I've been here. After so long, it's almost as if I've never been anywhere else but here. Almost a strange thought, that all my memories could just be dreams. Shaking my head, I think of other things. Being here so long as had an effect on me.

I pace around the dungeon for a while, going around in circles, running my fingers across the smooth stone bricks, feeling the tally of the days I had spent here back when I still cared about counting them. I pass by the door of the dungeon various times before stopping in front of it.

Placing my fingers upon the thick wooden door bolted shut, I tap it hearing the familiar sound reassuring that it was strong as ever with little signs of wearing down or rotting. I sit back down on my bed of hay, crossing my legs. I stare once more at the door, with a strange feeling...almost expecting it to open any minute...

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