Overly Industrious: A Minecraft Mod Selection

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Overly Industrious: A Minecraft Mod Selection

Postby Silverware » 03 Jun 2012, 12:19

I have currently been playing one of the most fun selections of mods I have found.
I have dubbed this collection "Overly Industrious" as it revolves around getting machines to work nicely.
The end goal is a base that is fully capable of sending out mining machines that dig out the world automatically and lay down floors for the base as they go.
Or better yet, if I can figure it. A Von Neumann machine that gradually eats the world and creates more of itself.

I am running Minecraft 1.2.5
I am using Magic Launcher 0.9.7 to load the mods, and start the game. It nearly makes ModLoader Obsolete.

Internally I have: (Added through the setup in Magic Launcher, or inside the bin/minecraft.jar)
Risugami's Modloader for 1.2.5
Minecraft Forge
CodeChicken Core 0.5.2

Externally I have: (In the /mods director)
Industrial Craft 2 1.95b
Nuclear Control 1.1.7
Compact Solars 2.2.0
BuildCraft-IndustrialCraft Crossover 1.28
Advanced Machines 4.0
Charcoal Dust 1.2
Buildcraft 2.2.14
Forestry for Minecraft - - bc 2.2
Red Power 2 pr5b2 - All parts
Craftguide 1.4.4
QuickGuide for 1.2.4 and 1.2.5

They make for good fun, and the possibility of all sorts of explosive or mechanical doom to the world of Minecraftia.
Best thing is, these mods are perfectly capable of working together on a server. Well except CraftGuide, but that is what QuickGuide is for.

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