Might and Magic... a Science Fiction Game

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Might and Magic... a Science Fiction Game

Postby Happy Demon » 08 Apr 2012, 04:42

With some research on the internet, it turns out that Might and Magic, which is now seen on as a Sword and Sorcery Fantasy game, was a Science Fiction game.
From Might and Magic 1, there have been the ancients, which made bases with artificial biomes that supports life (many of these are flat by the way).
So by removing the Science Fiction elements, in other words The Ancients (the ones making science stuff) and Kreegans (interplanetary demons), Ubisoft have actually removed what makes Might and Magic... Might and Magic.
Since without these Science Fiction elements in the story, it get's kinda generic.

There's quite the long explanation of all the Nacelle (some people simply call them Space Crafts) which most life exists on.
From the VARN (Vehicular Astropod Research Nacelle) which the first Might and Magic takes place on, to the CRON (Central Research Observational Nacelle) where the second Might and Magic takes place on.
Going to f***ing XEEN (Xylonite Experimental Environment Nacelle), which is where the main villain goes after being thwarted in his attempt to send Terra into the sun.
Then there is 2 whole Might and Magic games dedicated to defeating the main villain at Xeen, so this villain takes 5 f***ing games to kill, since this one has been since the first Might and Magic.

So yeah, Might and Magic, the Science Fiction Elements aren't just put in, they're a central part of the Might and Magic universe.
This is not actually spoilers, as the Might and Magic series have been ended, Heroes of Might and Magic 5 and so on has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Might and Magic story AT ALL.
Makes you wonder why they even called it that, guess they really wanted to milk the franchise, but didn't want you to fight any interstellar demons which threatened to destroy the entire planet.
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