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Postby Eldaran » 13 Mar 2012, 14:08

I dont really like C&C... Battles are not realistic enough, i mean, when you see all your friends die around you, the huge mammut tank explodes in front of you and you still stand there shooting?
I like Rome: Total War (gold edition)
Deus Ex is good.
Morrowind: The Elder scrolls 3 (specially because you can own a "castle" or "village"

With Morrowind that's really something i miss in almost all the other RPG games, i mean you have millions of Gold coins, your weakest fireball can fry a dragon and nobody ask you to lead them? Or if they ask you something than to bring the Apple pie to the next village, because of the goblins?
I love RPG's but they are so unrealistic...
Dont think that you know it but its the same with "Gothic 1-2-3" I like the story very much (but has many bugs and cliches) But when you kill all the Orcs in front of the besieged Paladin castle and go inside with the head of the Orc leader, then nobody says "wow" or "thank you" its just as usual and they still sit in the castle and starve to death because of the "orc army" outside...

Oh yeah i love "Ruse" too, but sadly my wife doesnt like me playing so much and my daughter wants also to see her daddy....
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