A new pocalypse game

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Re: A new pocalypse game

Postby Kevak » 07 Aug 2011, 04:40

I tend to think of post counts of how active you are on the forum in question.
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Re: A new pocalypse game

Postby Silverware » 02 Sep 2011, 14:39

That would be average time posts read a day, which isnt a stat.
Posts per day is how talkative you are, and posts is just how long you have been here multiplied by how talkative you are.
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Re: A new pocalypse game

Postby rockboy3970 » 07 Nov 2011, 04:57

I think the zombies have infested this forum, oh wait im a necromancer...

So since nothign has hapend I shall start designing the game! *Crappy Paint Powers GOOO!!!!*

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