Can a game ever fully satisfy you?

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Can a game ever fully satisfy you?

Postby FleshEatingZombie » 28 May 2011, 00:14

Ive been thinking this over for a while. Is it possible after beating a game or completing a series to be left completely satisfied and fulfilled by your experience so that you desire nothing more from those characters, universe or even style of gameplay that you enjoyed so much?

Or is the very nature of people, games and just entertainment at large prohibitive of ever really providing a complete experience? If it is possible though what game(s) or series have done this for you or were the closest to doing so?

Of all the games Ive beaten Im not sure Ive ever been completely satisfied with the experience I had to the point that I didnt want it to continue on in some way. But if two games were ever the ones to come close theyd be Grim Fandango and Gabriel Knight:SotF. When they were over it just felt right.
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Re: Can a game ever fully satisfy you?

Postby Happy Demon » 28 May 2011, 00:35

I think Bioshock and Portal was pretty satisfying games with no loose ends.

Though that made it hard to make a good sequel to it.
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