Joe's Superhero Name

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What should Joe's superhero name be?

Centrifuge – I got a lot of “tornado” names, due to Joe’s favourite attack. I liked this one because it sounded cool and I know that Joe would want a cool name to upstage Sentinel and Stinger. :)
Super Joe – Joe is a egotistical bastard, so it makes sense that he thinks that his own name is “superhero” enough! Adding “Super” made me laugh and I think it works. Knowing Joe, he’ll think that he’s being really clever. :)
Captain McAwesome III – This one made me laugh. Joe definitely thinks he’s awesome and as captain, Joe will bestow authority upon himself over Jess and Bernie :D
The Green Storm – This name reference Joe’s tornado attack and throws in some green (his suit and bandana colour) for extra flavour :)
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Powerfist – Hate him all you want, but there’s no denying that Joe has a powerful punch. This name is badass and it’ll let Joe’s enemies know that he’s badass :)
Captain Awesome III – 6th choice, kinda :) Just #3 without the “Mc”.
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Total votes: 42
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Re: Joe's Superhero Name

Postby Tolster » 05 Dec 2010, 05:53

Haha yeah.
And Powerfist is still leading with one vote! :)
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Re: Joe's Superhero Name

Postby Toasty » 07 Dec 2010, 11:07

Where doing this man
where making this hapen

If powerfist wins ill draw a fanart.

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