Name Bernie's New Suit!

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What should Bernie name his new suit?

Stinger, Mark II - my suggestion! It's simple and it represents Bernie's wish to continue his Dad's legacy.
Retribution - Love this name! Bernie definitely wants to bring punishment to those that deserve it!
Devastation - Similar to Bernie's Dad's suit's name, but still unique! Bernie wants his new suit to be just as powerful (if not more so) than Obliteration!
Arbiter - Bernie would wear this name proudly as he brings justice to his enemies!
Vindicator - How badass does this sound? Another name that symbolizes Bernie's thirst for justice!
Total votes: 44
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Re: Name Bernie's New Suit!

Postby Aulos » 08 Feb 2011, 09:26

Arbiter isn't a bad name because of the Halo connection, but it was probably suggested because of that. I would venture a guess that the word arbiter wasn't in the vocabulary of many Halo fans before playing the game.
It's a little more uncommon/unique than Retribution or Devastation, but that doesn't make it good either. Everything's been done before because it works - Retribution and the like that have been used more often have been used for a reason. They are simple and effective.

In short, I just feel it's more fitting.
Arbiter connotes something more like a position and official, and less dyanmic rather than the righteous vengeance represented by Retribution, that would be appropriate for Bernie kicking ass. Vindicator and Devastation also carry a similar strength to them.
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Re: Name Bernie's New Suit!

Postby Kitzah » 08 Feb 2011, 09:46

Unfortunately, every time i see the name Arbiter, i think of some kid sitting at his desk going, "Dood, ju know wut would be totally kewl? If i suggested Arbiter as a name. Halo is like the coolest game evur and it rocks and everyone should like it. So this comix shuld totally use it as the name." I also do find it kind of strange that arbiter just suddenly shot ahead out of nowhere, but that's just me.
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Re: Name Bernie's New Suit!

Postby Zarthanon » 08 Feb 2011, 10:19

I was one of the four votes for Stinger, Mark II, but I do like Arbiter. Then again, I've never played Halo, so that reference isn't within my memory the way it is for some of you. Arbiter isn't a bad name, it just derives a bad connotation from a game I assume you must hate considering your vitriol for the name.
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Re: Name Bernie's New Suit!

Postby NeoPhantom » 08 Feb 2011, 10:43

Dude! How about saying it b4 the poll is over?
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Re: Name Bernie's New Suit!

Postby TheJoshMan » 08 Feb 2011, 11:38

From the dictionary:

Arbiter - Noun
1. A person appointed, or chosen, by parties to determine a controversy between them; an arbitrator.  [quotations ▼]
2. (With of) Any person who has the power of judging and determining, or ordaining, without control; one whose power of deciding and governing is not limited.

It's etymology is "a witness, judge, literally one who goes to see"

That's Why I chose arbiter, not some stupid game reference. Bernie should be the judge of his enemy's destiny.
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Re: Name Bernie's New Suit!

Postby Kitzah » 08 Feb 2011, 13:16

Spend a year in Iraq, either playing halo out of sheer boredom or having to listen to the stupid game in some fashion, or hear people constantly yammering on about it, and you might see my point of view, but who knows. And i do hope the poll has some kind of IP tracking or whatever to keep the same person from making a lot of accounts and cheating the vote, i trust it does, but i still find it odd.
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Re: Name Bernie's New Suit!

Postby Unbeknownst » 08 Feb 2011, 13:27

I totally did not think of that.
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Re: Name Bernie's New Suit!

Postby Joe » 08 Feb 2011, 13:59

Arbiter wins with 17 votes!

I didn't know that it had such strong ties with Halo since I haven't really played the Halo games. When it was suggested (via e-mail), I actually thought of the Protoss Arbiters in Starcraft! I've looked a bit into it and it looks like Bernie will be the first use "Arbiter" as a name, instead of a class (like in Starcraft, where an Arbiter is a unit, not a specific character) or title (like in Halo, where Arbiter is a rank given to Covenant Elites), so I hope that Bernie wins your approval as he and his new suit are introduced on the battlefield :D

Thank you all for voting and your suggestions! If your vote didn't win, remember that there's always next time! :D

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