Pocalypse Blues

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Pocalypse Blues

Postby Nevenge » 27 May 2012, 22:43

So I really like The Pocalypse's setting and the general idea behind it, as I imagine we all do being on these forums and all, so I read a little bit of several stories on here before thinking to myself 'hey why don't I have a go at this?'.

So without further ado here is part one of my literary train wreck:

Spoiler! :
Chapter One: Coffee Grounds

I rose groggily out of bed, head throbbing and eyes heavy from another restless night, the nightmares are relentless since the world went to hell, I've seen and done things nobody ever should. Staggering slowly into the kitchen I flick the switch on our jury rigged hot plate to start the kettle boiling. The cupboard door creaks as I pull it open, a sound echoed by me as I groan in dismay as I spot my now empty coffee jar, there will be no salvation from the fatigue this morning.
Guess that's just one more thing for my 'grocery' list. I simply hoped one of my neighbours in the apartment block had good taste in coffee, I was in no hurry to make another trip to the supermarket. The place was crawling with zombies and mutants. Lee was convinced there would be survivors there, I told him he was welcome to go check, oddly enough he didn't take me up on the offer.

'Oh, you're awake' Lee said from the doorway behind me sounding rather apologetic 'I... Um... Sorry about the coffee I know you love the stuff. I just really needed the boost to help me stay alert through the night... We still good?'

I sighed deeply running my hand through my tangled hair before simply nodding at him. It was hard to be angry at Lee after he'd taken the watch two nights in a row. Back when there were three of us Lee and Karin took it in shifts to take watch, leaving Lee free to work on his own projects whilst getting rested up so he'd be alert when it was his turn to watch again. I was exempt from watch back then because I was the fastest runner with the best knowledge of the building, making me the best scavenger. All that changed when Karin got sick, Lee did his best taking double, sometimes triple shifts but I had to pitch in too before sleep deprivation made him another casualty. We thought Karin would get better at first but she just got worse, we didn't know what to do and doctors are hard to come by these days, I spent days scrounging for different tablets but nothing we gave her touched the fever... We could only sit by and watch as she faded away. I only hope she's at peace now, and for all our sakes I pray there's an afterlife.

Grabbing my torch and messenger bag off the side I headed for the door, 'lend a guy a hand Lee?' I asked rubbing sleep from my eyes.
Joining me at the door Lee did a quick couple of flexes to warm up for the removal of our state of the art security device. Okay so what I actually mean by that is a big steel filing cabinet filled with cinderblocks that weighs more than the floor of out apartment should probably be able to support. Hell if the thing doesn't make breaking in hard though.

'I'll push it back after you're gone I need some shut eye... Just knock real hard okay?' mumbled Lee his eyes drooping visibly. I simply nodded again gritting my teeth as my stomach knotted, I hated going out into the unknown where a simple detour down the wrong corridor could result in me being lunch for a pack of zombies. I did my best to shrug the fear off and stepped out into the perpetual darkness of the corridor illuminated only by the daylight filtering in from our room. As the door closed slowly behind me the corridor quickly became pitch black. Flicking my torch on I could hear the muffled grinding of the cabinet being pushed back into place punctuated by grunts from Lee.

'Okay' I muttered to myself turning to face in the direction of the stairwell, 'time to get me some decent coffee, none of the cheap stuff...'

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