My Pocalyptic Fanfiction

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My Pocalyptic Fanfiction

Postby TheNightingGale » 14 Jan 2012, 03:55

This is a fan fic I have start. It starts off similar to the main story but soon it will branch off into a different story all together! There will be twist, there will be turns!

So let's get started! And I am going to assume that you have read The Pocalyspe all ready. And for the sake of the plot the protagonist shall stay male!

Chapter 1
Spoiler! :
I slowly opened my eyes. My head felt heavy as I sat up.

"Wha....? What happened?" I asked to nobody in particular, as I slowly got out of the hospital bed then gagged at the smell. I placed a hand over my nose and mouth as I looked around for the source of the rotten like smell. I got out of bed, shuttering as I stepped onto the cold floor with my bare feet. I walked passed the ripped cartons, dragging on IV drop stand with me, I didn't was to talk it out just yet those things hurt when pulled out! I looked at the bed that held a body, at first I time this fellow was asleep.

"Hey, bub! What happened here?" I said looking down at the ''sleeping'' guy. I started to glare at him for not responding "Oy dick head! I'm talking to you!" I grabbed the covers and pulled a little, just enough to see that the guy in the bed was a rotting corpse. I jumped back in disgust. "My my gosh! Your dead! I'm going to tell the doctors you are smelling up the place!" And with that, I walked out of the room with my IV dropper. I didn't see that the body slowly sat up and stared at me as I walked out. Once outside, I again gagged out the smell, there where rotting bodies and blood everywhere.

"This hospital sucks if they let the bodies rot out here!" I said staring at the bodies as I walked, unaware of the zombie slowly following me. "HHEELLLLOO?" I called out pushing open around set of doors, "Where's my clothes?!" I paused to growl in frustration.Suddenly I felt something trying to bit into my head "BBAAHH!" I grab whatever is biting me and threw it at the wall. Much to make surprise, not only the thing that was trying to bite me was that dead body, the zombie crushed into the wall hard enough to have half of it's body sticking out of the wall.

"Fuck Yea! I didn't know I can do that!" I said smiled then walked out of the hospital, thinking everyone might be outside "Serves you right, that kind of hurts." I heard the zombie groan from behind me which made me smile even bigger.

I walked out of the hospital and gasped at the sight before me. There where blood and ripped up, rotting bodies everywhere, the road was cracked here and there, a few cars where laying on its side and seemed to be broken.

"What in heaven's name happened here?!" I said, almost shouting which attracted a three zombies. I watch them stumble their way to me. "Back off pal!" I snarled at the the closest one but he didn't stop. With a snarl I punched him in the face, his head scattered and the body was thrown back a few feet. I sight them whooped "FUCK YEA!" I said then charged at the next zombies, again punching him in the face and got the some, yet satisfying result. I kicked the last zombie, knocking it to the ground. I grabbed him back the collar and threw it at a car causing a explosion.

"Oh man that felt good!" I said walking down the street then a thought "Hey those were zombies..." I stopped "Everyone is dead...Am I.. the last human?" I was silent fora minute then I whooped "WOO! I'M THE LAST ONE!!" I did a little jig. "I can do whatever I want! No more shirts!" Then suddenly a guy wearing a strange driving suit jumped out

"BEHIND YOU!" He shouted before he fired what looked like a rifle. It turns out there was a zombie that was stalking towards me from behind.

"Dude, you really shouldn't dance in the middle of the street like that!" I stared at the strange fellow.

"Uhhhh... Are you human?" I asked

"What? Of course I am!" He said

"Aw fuck..." I muttered

"Come on, follow me before more zombies show up." He started to walk away, I followed him unwillingly.

"So much for being shirtless..."

"Say what?"

"Nothing!" I said quickly. We walked a while in silents before we walked in front of a store, it had big blue letters spelling 'BERNIES'

"Coast is clear." He said then he opened the door, "Follow me inside." I just grunted and followed.

"Welcome to my super market!" Said the guy

"Sweet a market!" I said grabbing a can off of the shelf "I'm starving!"

"You don't want any of these cans." Said the man "They're filled with C4. Just in case we're overran by zombies." I stared at the can in slight horror then carefully put the can back on the shelf.

"You know, meeting you so far is been pretty shitty...." I muttered looking back at the man with a slight glare.

"Sorry." He said then he motioned to the cans "You can try a can, but make sure you have some Pepto Bismol..." I just cocked my head to one side in confusion. "Ha Ha! Get it? 'Cuz you'll get serious ''Heartburn''!" I smirk

"I see what you did there..." I said

"Well anyways. Follow me. We're almost there." He said walking to a door in the back of the store and opening it, I followed him. "Okay, Herry, let us down." He said. I jumped a little when a robotic voice said

"YES. SIR. WELCOME BACK." Then floor started to move down, I figured that a AI of some kind. "Whoa! This is like James Bond!" I said smiling and watched as we moved down. After a while we stopped and we were in a hall. There was a locker of some kind on the left wall and a steel and glass wall on the other side of the hall, blocking a door.

"So what's your name?" Asked the man walking off the platform, I followed him off saying

"My name is, "I paused "My name... My.... name..." I stared down at the floor, cool realization hit me hard. I can not remember my name, more so, I can not remember anything passed me waking up at the hospital. The man looked over at me, I can tell he was slightly worried.

I looked up at him and said "I.. don't remember... my name..." I held myself with my arms and stared blankly at the floor "I can't remember anything passed the point of me remembering how I got into that hospital for that matter!" The man walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder, causing me to look up at him

"It's ok!" He said "We'll find out who you are!" I nodded, believing him.

"Just call me Joey for now." I said with a shrug "So what's your name?" I asked watching him walking over to the locker and started to take of his suit.

"Well, I wanted to be called Xicohtencatl. I thought that was super badass." I gave him a look as he continued "That didn't really stick, so now I just go by Stinger. But when I'm not wearing the bio-mech suit, you can call me..." He took over his helmet to revel a lot of brown hair, "...Bernie. Nice to meet you." he smiled at me

"How in the world do you fit all that hair into that helmet?" I asked pointing.

"It's a heroic struggle." He said with a frown "Come on, we're almost to my place. We'll be safe from all the zombies." then he waked over to the steel and glass wall, I followed suit.

"So the zombie apocalypse has all ready happened didn't it?" I asked

"It's ok Herry you can open the doors now." Said Bernie.


As the steel doors moved down and into the ground, Bernie said "Yup, the zombie apocalypse happened. Sorry to be the one to tell you."

"What do you mean?" I asked, following, "It's like the greatest news I EVER heard in my life, or at lest I think it is..., either ways, it's great news! That means I don't have to wait on other people!"

"You're a strange fella, Joey. I like you. But, I don't think she's gonna like you."

"She? Who's she? There's more?! Ah shit...." Bernie walked in first, I could only see a girl in a purple shirt.

"Hey Jess, I'm back!" Said Bernie

"Hey." Said the girl named Jess "All clear?"

I walked into, in my opinion, the nicest place I have EVER seen. "Ai chihuahua!" I said looking around then I spotted Jess holding a large gun. I jumped in surprise and quickly hid behind Bernie saying "Shit!"

"Relax, Joey!" Said Bernie "This is my sister Jess!" I eyed her and she eyed me.

"Who's this asshole?" She asked, I gave her a steely eye glare.

"Nice to meet you too, bitch..."

"Jess, this is Joey. Joey, Jess." Said Bernie. I just glared at her.

"Ugh. Welcome to the Base, I guess."

"Not the greatest of welcomes..." I muttered then my stomach decided to growl "Dude, I'm starving. Do you have anything that doesn't have any explosives?"

"Yeah, for sure. Have a seat over there on the couch. We'll get you something." Said Bernie and with that I happily totted over to the couch and sat down with a sigh "Much more comfy than that hospital bed." I muttered, I heard the two

siblings talking as they cooked a meal for me. Jess didn't sound all that pleased.

I looked to my left and watched Jess and Bernie, who have a plate of food, walking over to me. I eagerly started to eat after it was placed in front of me. I swallowed my fifth bit of food so I can say "You must have had a successful

supermarket to build something like this under your store!"

"Yeah, well..." Said Bernie. "Anyways, this is our sanctuary from all the death and destruction outside."

I ate a little more without say anything, clearly milling over the thoughts and events that took place.

"You didn't know?" Asked Jess, I shook my head "Where the hell have you been?"

"I've been in the hospital, in a coma for who knows how long..." I said "Also it seems I have amnesia so...." I took the last bit of the food they made.

"Well Joey, it's a lot worse than an apocalypse. A lot worse."

"Oh?" I looked up at him with an eyebrow raised.

"People have been calling it ''The Pocalypse''."

I giggled a little "Clever..." i muttered

"It's not just zombies out there. There's also the mutants!" said Jess

"There's also machines!" Said Bernie

"Zombies, Mutant, machines oh my!" I smiled "Are there Vampires too?"

"Yep." said Jess


"Yes but not the wuss Twilight vampires, either. We're talking about the "I will fuck you up!" kind of vampires!" Said Jess.

"Forgot the plant monsters." Said Bernie looking at his sister.

"Wow oh wow! There's a lot going on!" I said "This is awesome!"

"What?!" Asked Jess with a slight snarl "What kind of fucked-up piece of shit are you?"

I raised up my hands "It's not my fault I wanted an apocalypse to happen! I always thought it'll be one hell of a life to live through one." I smiled and I was given a glare from Jess.

"Can we ease up on the swearing, please?" Asked Bernie.

"Billions of people have been killed and devoured! BILLIONS!"

I shrugged "It's there fault to be unprepared. I have I felt I must have a ton of things planned out, pity I have amnesia..."

"You asshole! You heartless..!" Jess looked pissed, I leaned back and away from her.

"Yeesh take a chill pill..." I muttered

"I hope you get bitten right on your danmed head!" She snarled

"Done that already!" I said taking my glass of water and galp it down.

"WHAT?!" Both Bernie and Jess shouted, getting onto their feet. I stared at them. I jumped up myself when I saw Jess pointing that gun at me.

"Whoa, whoa!" I said raising my hands up "Calm down please!"

"Down the stairs! NOW!" She said. As much as I don't want to, I slowly walked down the flight stairs at one end of the Base.

"Ok, ok! I'm going!" I said making sure that gun in sight.

"Just shut up and get into the first cell. For all we know you are infected!"

I didn't say anything as I walked into the cell.

"When were you bitten?" Questioned Jess.

"Before I meet you guys!" I said "While I was still in the hospital!"

"That can't be right... A person bitten on the head would be tuned in seconds." Said Bernie thoughtfully.

"Are you lying to us?!" Asked Jess.

"Why would I?" I said puffing up a little. "I might be the rude one but I'll never tell a lie!"

"This doesn't make sense... No wound, not even a bite mark... No Zombie behavior at all..." Said Bernie then he stared right at me. "Jess... Shoot him."

"WHAT?!" I yelled backing up until I felt the wall "No... No, No , no noNONONONONONONONONONO!" I felt tears forming in my eyes.

Jess's face soften as she looked at me going into panic mode, she lowered her gun a little "Are you sure Bernie?" She said not taking her eyes off of me "He looks like he's going to cry..."

"Yes Jess. I have a feeling about this one." He said

"PLEASE NO!" I said, screaming a little "HAVE MERCY!"

"Goodbye, Joey..." Said Jess in a slight sadden tone.

"Do it. Shoot him." He looked like he didn't want to be the one to say that. The last thing I heard before I fell into darkness was a BANG!

* * * * * *

I was laying in darkness. There was pain in my chest but it was going away.

"Joey..." Said a voice. I didn't move.

"Joey..." It said again, I opened my eyes

"Joey..." I slowly sat up, feeling dazed and confused.

"Hell... Hello?" I said weakly

"Hello, Joey."

I turned and saw what appears to be a shadow with red glowing eyes. "Am I dead? Am I in heaven?"

"No, this is not Heaven." It said, it seemed to been trying to get a better look at me like it was trying to remember something.

"Aw great then I must be in Hell!" I said

"Heh... No Joey, you are not dead."

"Well that's good news!" I said "I still have a bunch of stuff to do!"

"Joey you are simply unconscious."

"I am?"


"Then how am I speaking to you then? Who are you anyways?"

The shadow stepped closer to me, "I... am an abomination..." It said

"Oh don't be hard on yourself." I said turning my body around so I can look at him better without craning my neck. This shadow looks to be male.

"I can speak to you in this place. I don't know why. What are you?"

"I'm human of course!"

"You are not human. Human do not have the mental capacity to communicate here." I eyed him, he was freaking me out a little


"We will meet soon. I am very close." He step closer to me, "And I know that voice... That scar on your face... I can also smell your skin, your sweat, your blood."

"You're freaking me out!" I said leading back and raised a hand a little.

"Wake up, Joey. I will need your strength."

* * * * * *

I woke up in a bed, a pretty nice one! The pain in my chest was gone. I looked at a mirror, remembering what that shadow said about a scar. There was a X shaped scar across my face that seem to start around the forehead area and made it down all the way to the cheeks. "Hm..." I touched it with one hand, trying to remember where I got that scar. Then suddenly rage filled me, they shot me.


I jumped out of bed and burst into the living room Shouting "I'M GOING TO FUCKING MURDER YOU!"

"Joey please calm down!" Said Bernie, both of them where at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me.

"Shoot him huh?" I snarled "I have a feeling about this one HUH?!"

"Joey please let me explain. I had to know..."

"Know what?!" I snapped "That if I can take a bullet in the chest?! You could have ask!"

"And what would you have said?" Asked Jess "That you would survive and only suffered a few broken ribs?"

"Which healed by the way. You've been out of only two days." Added Bernie

"I don't give a f... wait what?" I cocked my head to one side

"As much as I hate to say it, because I really don't like you, you have something... special. We need you." Said Jess

I narrowed my eyes at them "Bernie made you say that didn't you?" I asked

"No, Joey. we really need your help!" She said

"We have few days of food left. Simple put, we get more food without you." Said Bernie. I was silent and just glared at them, Bernie continued saying "Joey come with me to the TV screen."

I slowly followed "Harry, please bring up the map."

"YES, SIR." Said Harry.

I looked at the TV and the map that Harry bought up.

"This is where we are." Said Bernie pointing " In Hammerstion City, the Base, underneath our supermarket." I just grunted with my arms crossed.

"The only place we can get food is here: New Hammerston." He pointed.

"It's a survivor colony - one of the bigger ones in the region."

"They have sustainable food and other supplies that we need."

"So what's stopping you and why do you need me?" I asked coldly.

"The safest way to get to New Hammerston is this bridge. If we try swimming, we run the risk of being dragged down by whatever may be underwater." Said Bernie

"Taking another route would be suicide. Plants past the northern bridge and machines past the southern bridge." Said Jess, I just raised an eyebrow

"Here's the problem: the bridge is blocked off by a swarm of zombies." Said Bernie.

"And you need my help to get pass them right?" I asked

"Yes, exactly. Jess and I have tried to get past them again and again and we've had to run away every time!" Said Bernie

"We used up a lot of ammo. We have enough for one last attempt." Said Jess. I closed my eyes and leaded back my head a little, thinking.

"Please, Joey." Said Bernie. My rage slowly gone down, they need me, they were going to die without me.

"Ok." I said opening my eyes to look at them, both were smiling "However I am not letting the fact that you fucking chest me in the chest down!" I added

"I guess that fair enough..." Said Bernie. "Let's have some food and then rest up for the night. It's been a long day."

"Agreed!" I said, drooling at the cooking food before my eyes.

* * * * * *

After I fell asleep in my bed, I was standing in that darkness again and that shadow was there to greet me.

"Hello Joey." He said

"Oh great, you again!" I said leaning back a little "Wanna smell my hair or something HM?!"

"No, Joey. I want you to wake up and meet me face-to-face" He said.

I thought about it before saying "Nah! I'm tired. Let me sleep!" I turned my back on him

"Meet me at Prison Cell 3. I have an offer for you - an offer that will make you kind of this earth."

I whipped around to look at him "Ok what catch?" I asked

He seemed to be smiling "Nothing." He said simply

"I know you want something! Nobody offers something that big without a catch of some kind!"

I stared at him for a minute before saying "I'll see you in a bit..."

* * * * * *

I got out of bed and made my way down the flight of stairs. I walked into the prison,

"Over here, Joey. Cell 3." Said a voice, the same one in my dream.

I walked over to cell 3 and stared through the window into the dark room and at the shadow like person.

"It's a please to finally meet you, Joey." he said stepping closer to the door and window.

"The please is all yours." I said making a small bow."Who are you?"

"My name is Andrius." Andrius said.

"Wait a sec." I narrowed my eyes "Are you Bernie's dad? You're been infected and have been locked up right?"

Andrius laughed softly, I can tell he had a smile, then said "You have quite an imagination, Joey. No, I am not Bernie's father. Bernard Senior, Bernie's father, is the one who captured me."

"Captured you? What are you, exactly?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"I was once a vampire." Started Andrius, closing his glowing eyes "For hundreds of years, I lived peacefully in secrecy and seclusion, emerging into the night only to feed. I was content living this life of solitude. I did not even

welcome the company of other like myself. I was at death's door when it happened. The Pocalypse ravaged this world and my home was invaded by the infected. I was too weak to defend myself. They tore into my flesh and filled me with their

poison. I woke in darkness. They robbed me of my right to embrace death in peace. I will remain shrouded in darkness for eternity. My disfigured existence belongs in the darkness.Bernie's father captured me years ago and I have been

trapped in this ever since."

"So you are half zombie half vampire?" I said and he nodded "Hm, a zompire! That's kind of awesome... I would like to see your disfigured-ness!"

"Set me free, Joey." Said Andrius, stepping close to the door.

"Why? Can't you just turn on the lights?"

"Your powers are extraordinary. You survived one of Bernie's bullets, did you not?"

"Yes and I am still pissed about it!"

"Set me free and will take back this ruined world, together. With our combined abilities, we can rule this entire planet." I closed my eyes, I shivered at the thought of being the Kind of Earth. I could se myself sitting on a throne with

Andrius at my side, every living and none-living creature bowing before us with me as their ruler! I shivered again, open my eyes and smiled.


"Truly." Andrius said now in front of the door.

"You have yourself I deal!" I said and I reached over to open the door.

"No! Joey stop!" Said a voice, I jumped and turned to see who the voice belonged too, it was Bernie.

"Don't open that cell!" He said, looking slightly panicked.

"Why?" I asked

"This.. this thing is not going to help you. It'll stab you in the back the second you take your eyes off of it!"

"No he wont!" I said

"Yes he will! Don't be fooled, Joey. It may look like a weak old man, but this monster could destroy the entire base and us along with it." Said Bernie.

Then Andrius spoke "Do not listen to this pathetic creature, Joey. I would never harm an innocent soul. Together, our rule will be just and we will be respected by all the beings on Earth." My hands inched their way to the control panel

but I stopped them, thinking

"Be respected by all the beings on Earth..." I repeated, that was a nice thought! "And won't get shot in the chest without some kind of warning!" I added looking back at Bernie.

"I said I am sorry, Joey!" Bernie said "It'll kill you if it's freed. It'll kill all of us! Trust me!"

"He thinks you are weak, Joey. He thinks that a frail old man like myself could bring harm to you." Said Andrius.

"No! We need you because of your strength! You are not weak!"

"Ah, you see? He is only using you for your strength, Joey. You are is puppet. His little puppet!" My hands were fits now, there was anger at the thought of being used but there dislike that mingled with my rage as the two argued over


"Quiet! Joey, we need you just as much as you need us!" Said Bernie, "We can only cross the barricade as a team!"

"Joey, set me free and we will obliterate the barricade and begin our rule, together."

This continued before I finally roared, threw my hands up in the air "EENNOUGH!" both fell silent.

"I can't think with you two yelling I my ears danm it!" I slammed both of my hands onto the wall behind me, cracking it and made a fairly good size holes

"You know what?" I snarled at the both of them "I don't you.... I don't ANYONE! What can I do with a weak old man? What? What can I do with a bossy boy that doesn't explain his plans? I'M GOING TO DO IT MYSELF!" And with that I stormed

out of the prison.

"Joey wait!" Said Bernie running after me.

"No. Release, Joey." Said Andrius "Release me..." There was a bang then a shout "RELEASE ME!" but I continue to walk.

I stormed into the living room, Jess was standing near the door. She looked up questionably "What's going on?" She asked

"I'm going to break down that danmed barricade by myself!" I said pushing her way from the door.

"Wha... What? Are you stupid? You'll be killed! We need to plan this out!" She said

"Joey please stop!" Said Bernie as he watched me yank open the doors and stormed into the hallway, I heard Bernie said behind me "Jess stay here and keep an eye on Andrius. It seems to take a liking to Joey."

I was standing on the platform and pressed the bottom to go up when I saw Bernie ran into the room "Joey! Wait!"

I didn't say anything. Once I was on the top floor I took off the the barricade though I made sure the doors where closed. I saw the barricade within minutes, I didn't know I was such a fast runner! I looked into the thick glass window

and was greeted by the sight of many zombies, I made a face of mostly disgust and horror.

"Having second thoughts?" Said Bernie who had followed me in his beo-mech.

"No..." I said, walking over to a car then started to drag it to the gate with ease "Open the door NOW!"

"Here we go. Harry, open the barricade gate." Said Bernie

"ARE YOU SURE, SIR?" It said

"Not really, but Joey seems sure of himself. Open it."

"YES, SIT. OPENING BARRICADE DOOR." I smiled and with all of my strength I semi-pushed, semi-threw the car into the swarm of zombie, crushing 75% of them. With a roar, I charged into the swarm, again I used the car much like a hammer, I

picked it up and threw it at the larger parts of the swarm of zombies however my luck wasn't with me today. There was a lot of blood on the ground and I slipped on a lard pool of it.

"AH SHIT!" Was all I got to say before I crashed to the ground and the zombies dog piled me. Gosh it was painful having those zombies biting me and it was hard to breath with all those zombies.

"Joey!" Shouted Bernie was the last thing I heard before I darken out from the pain and lack of air.

* * * * * *

I opened my eyes and filled my lungs with fresh, clean air. I sat up and looked around. I was at the Base, laying on the couch.

"Joey!" I looked around and spotted Bernie and Jess by my side.

"Did you pull me out?" I asked Bernie, he nodded "Thanks... I guess. Do you guys have any shoes that has good grip?"

"No, Joey." Said Bernie. "I think we should train you."

"I was afraid you'll say that." Said Jess

"I guess..." I muttered "I highly doubt I'll have a car with me all the time..."

* * * * * *

Me and Bernie were in the training room in some weird suit much like Bernie's.

"Do I have to wear this?" I asked tugging out the suit's collar.

"Yes, Joey" He said, wearing his Bio-Mech. "Better get used to your suit. Unfortunately, it's not as advanced as mine, but it'll provide some extra protection when we're out in battle."

"It's itchy...." I whined softly

"Focus, Joey. We have to fine-tune your skills and strength and we only have four days to do it"

"All right... Let's do this!"

"That's the spirits! Today, we have to find out if your powers affect your endurance and speed. If you're as fast as you are strong, you'll be able to outrun any swarm and avoid being surrounded."

"And how are we going to find that out?"

"Let's have a race."

"That's one way to do it..."

"My Stinger suit is geared towards stealth, seed, and espionage. It's equipped with adaptive camouflage and sensory-enhancing systems. But, even though it drain my suit battery quite a bit, one of my most useful abilities is the Power

Dash." Bernie then started to run around the racing track and within seconds he returned.

"Oh wow!" I said smiled "Let me try!" Then I started to run like a bat out of hell. I never knew I could run so fast! I returned to the starting line in moments! I bent down ever so slightly panting.

"Wow, that's great to know you can run like that!" Said Bernie smiling at me and I nodded in agreement.

"Ok for the rest of the day we shall work on your endurance."


* * * * * *

"Ok why am I up here again?" I was standing on one of the tallest pillars in the training room.

"This is gonna sound ridiculous but..." Said Bernie

"But what?" I asked looking down at him.

"I want to know if you can fly." I have him a look. "I know, I know. It's worth looking into. If your powers allow to flay, then our problems are pretty much solved."

"I can tell you right off the bat I can't fly but here goes..." I jumped and the next thing I knew I was laying on the ground in pain.

"So.. you can't fly."

"I hate you SSOO much right now..." I growled slowly raising my head to look at him "What now? Wanna see if I can shoot lasers out of my eyes?"

"Heh heh. Maybe another time. Right now, let's see how good you are at shooting a gun.

"For all I know, which is not much in current state, I never shot a gun before..."

"Well that's why we in the training room!"

"True..." I got up and followed Bernie to the shooting gallery, he gave me a gun that similar to Jess's.

"You can open it up, Herry." Said Bernie


"Remember, always aim for the head. You can blast a zombie's body full of holes, but it'll keep coming until you destroy its brain."

"All right! Here goes..." I aimed carefully, I pulled the trigger.


"Danm I was close too..." I said looking at the hole I made in the paper target that was next to the head area.

"That's alright. Keep trying." Said Bernie. I fired again this time I landed a hit, right on the forehead.

"I did it!" I said happily.

"Good job! Now let's keep trying until you master it." I smiled and fired again, landing a hit near the eye area. A few minutes later, Jess walked in the room wearing a suit much like mine and Bernie.

"What'cha doing here?" I asked her while I aimed for the head once more, I missed that three times and didn't want to miss again.

"Bernie said I need to work on my shooting, too." She answered, picking up a gun and took a place next to me.

"Yeah, both of you are equally... inexperienced. She was actually aiming for your head when she shot you in the chest, Joey."

"Really?" I asked, surprised and stared at Jess, who just nodded, not looking at me. We all didn't say anything for the rest of the time we were training.

* * * * * *

The next day, Jess decided to wake me up early. I started and looked around wildly "Calm down it's just me." Said Jess "Bernie wanted me to train you in close combat." I yawned and got out of bed "I guess..." I muttered sleepily.

Once more we were in the training room. I was holding a wooden sword and was facing a zombie dummy. "So just chop off the head right?" I asked,

Jess nodded "Make sure that when you swing, that swing is going to kill." I lunged at the dummy and slashed at the head with the sword. The head come off and hit one of the pillars and knocked the pillar over.

"Whoosps..." I quickly totted over to the pillar and placed it back up "Sorry! I guess I put too much into that."

"No, no!" Said Jess who had a smile on her face "You want that. You want your swing to kill when fighting an enemy. Just be mindful about your strength."

"I agree."

"Now a few more hours of training and then you should be prepared."

"Aw... Well at lest I'm a fast leaner so far..."

* * * * * *

After we were done training for the day, I decided to go to bed early. I lay down in bed and soon fell asleep.

I was laying in my bed but I was in that place again, the same place where I met Andrius. I open my eyes just in time to watch him appear.

"Joey." He said

"SWEET HEAVENS, YOU!" I yelp jumping so hard I felt off the other side of the bed. "You still want me to open the door?" He bowed his head ever so slightly in a 'Yes'. "Look no offense or anything but, like you said, you're a frail old

man. What can you do?"

I could tell that a smile grew "That is one of the reasons I am here." He said

"I'm afraid to ask about the other reasons..." I muttered quietly to myself

"Please, Joey, walk with me Joey." He said and started to walk. I stood and followed him. "The physical prison that Bernie's father put me in is not only my cage. It is my shield, my protection."

"Protection?" I asked " From what?"

"I am hunted, Joey. Hunted by those whom I used to call brothers and sisters."

"The other vampires...:

"Yes, Joey. I have been marked for destruction by all vampire-kind."

"Well that sucks... Why would they hunter you? Did you kill one of them?"

"I have killed hundreds of them."

"Maybe that's why?"

"I hunger for them. I hunger for the flesh and blood of vampires... humans... all life." I took a step away from Andrius who noticed and chuckled softly and continued with his story. "The infection inside me has turned me into a killing machine. My brothers wanted me killed."

"So you need some protection because of your current state am I right?"

"No, I need you to help me kill them first."

"OOH! Does that mean I can be a vampire slayer?"

"In a way yes."


"However, for now, you must learn how to control the powers of your mind in order to defeat the ones who hunt me. Your physical training is useless. Harness the power of you mind and you will be able to annihilate your enemies with lifting a single finger."

"Wow, really?"

"Really. Your mind has unlimited potential. You innate ability to communicate in this place is proof that your mind is not a human mind."

"So what am I?"

"I have no idea."

"Well darn it all... I what to remember who I am... Ah well, I remember sooner or later." I looked around the darkness and the dark gray path we were walking on. "Where are we exactly? Is this a dream?"

"Not exactly. But for the simplicity's sake, let us call this place the dream world. Within this world, we have access to ever mind on this earth."


"However neither of us have the mental strength to see all of them, but look there." We stopped and looked to the right and there sleeping in there beds was Bernie and Jess. I opened my mouth to say something but Andrius said "Those are

representations of their respective minds.Now watch me destroy the mind of Bernie."

"Wait, What?!"

"...Watch." Andrius mental threw what looked like a fare ball at Bernie but a shield stopped it and his mind was safe. "He is safe. His mind is strong. I cannot access his mind nor destroy it. Zombies, on the other hand..." Six zombies appeared in place of Bernie and Jess. I jumped back in surprise. However Andrius must have did something because all of there heads was blasted off of their shoulders.

"Whoa..." Was all I can say.

"Zombie minds are weak, accessible and easy to destroy."

"So does that mean you can kill every last zombie then?"

"No, as powerful as my mind may be, I can only see and access minds that are within my range."

"But what about all those zombies you just killed."

"These zombies are my creation. In this world, we can create anything we can imagine." That made sparked my interest.


"Yes, Joey, anything. Watch." A room appeared in front of us. There was a simple bed. a door, some bookshelves and a desk with candle holders.

"Awesome!" I started to think of all the things I can do in this world. Every night that I visit here, I an a god of a world to myself. While Andrius wasn't looking I started to try out focus on a few things and willed it into existence. I smiled as a throne, complete with a glass of wine appeared.

"Try it yourself. Start small. Imagine a simple cube and focus it into existence."

"I'm ten steps ahead of you!" I said with glee, sitting on the throne and sipping my wine. Andrius turned to see what I was doing and a look of surprise appeared on his shadowed face.

"You have incredible potential, Joey." he said watching as I started to shape the darkness into a throne room.

"Do I now?" I asked, now wearing some red, black and gold robes complete with a cap.

"Indeed." He walked over to me. "I wish to continue training your mind, if you would allow me."

"Hell yea! I would like to know what else I can do!" I jumped off of the throne, my cape flowing like water. "Hold one a sec. Besides destroying it, what can you do to a mind once you've accessed it?"

There was silents for a minute before Andrius said "...Control. You can control the mind."

I didn't say anything as I digest the information before saying "So if I am strong enough... I can take over a mind and use it to my will?"

"Yes, Joey. But perhaps we will save that for another night... Good Night Joey..."

"Night Andrius..." I woke up to Jess knocking loudly at my door and for the remainder of the day, I was very thoughtful.

I didn't want Andrius nor anyone for that matter to take over MY mind, MY BODY!

Have to prepare myself for anything and everything... I will not trust ANYONE!

* * * * * *

I was standing atop a impressive tower on a island in the middle of the sea with a few dozen zombies scratching at the bottom, trying to climb there way up. Everything looked so real to me! I love details so I made sure that

everything I made looked detailed and real.

I laughed at the zombies at the bottom and started to talk in old-English "Foolish zombies! Thy shall never breach The's fortress!"

"Joey!" Said Andrius, looking at me "You must learn to access the minds of the zombies I have created."

I shot him a look "But the is having fun messing up thy's zombies!"

"If you cannot access a zombie mind, the a vampire mind, or even a human mind, will be impossible to access."

"Ok, ok!" I said, dropping my accent. "Even though I am starting to like this world better than the real one..."

"Do not let the addictive nature of this world consume you, Joey."

"But it all ready has done so!" I laughed, unaware that my laugh sounded slightly insane.

"Listen to me, Joey!" Snapped Andrius and I looked at him sleepily now gaining control of myself. "This world is merely a gateway into the minds of the physical world. This world cannot sustain you. Your body will perish if you linger here."

I remain silent for a second before sighing "You're right..." I looked down at the zombies "I guess I got a little carried away..." I lay my eyes on the nearest zombie.

"Concentrate, Joey." Said Andrius watching me and I did.

There was a loud bang, I squeaked in surprise and found myself laying on my back on the floor of my tower. "Did I do it?" I asked, not moving.

"Yes you have indeed, Joey." Answered Andrius looking down at me. I got up and looked down at the headless body

"Neat!" I smiled and concentrated hard this time I managed to access all of the minds of the zombies and blew their heads off all at the same time. "Man I am getting good at this fast!" I said.

"Indeed you are, Joey." Said Andrius looking at me, I couldn't read the look on his face and that made me uneasy. "That will be enough for one night. I will return. Just keep practicing."

"I will. One more thing before we leave." I have him a dead serious look. "Can you access my mind?"

He just looked back at me in silence. "Good night, Joey. See you soon." That made me more uneasy about him, something was up and I am not let it going to happen!

I woke to the sound of Bernie knocking on my door before he entered."Good morning." He said "Today is the last day we have for your training." Then he frowned at me "Looks like you had a rough night."

"Nah, I'm fine." I said getting out of bed and grabbed my suit. After I was dressed and ready, Bernie and Jess took me to what appeared to me a nightclub. There was some weird looking lights on all of the walls and floor.

"Eerr... Where are we?" I asked looking around.

"This is the Simulation Room." Said Bernie simply.

"Now er get to see if anything we're taught you has stuck." Said Jess.

"Harry is going to simulate a battle similar to what we'll face tomorrow. Except, you're on your own." Said Bernie.

I just stared at them "You guys have underground base, choc full of high-tec stuff and now a entire room just for simulating battles... just wow guys..."

Bernie smile and then handed me two large guns "Here, take these machine guns. They're meant to be mounted on one of Harry's mobile until, but you should be strong enough to handle them." I tested the weight then nodded.

"But what about ammo? We're limited!"

"Don't worry about it. Harry will simulate that too. However you're still limited, so be smart."

Bernie then walked over to me with some impressive blades. "Take these too and put them on. Harry and I just finished making them." I raised an eyebrow then he answered my unspoken question. "They're arm mounts with retractable blades."

"I don't have the time to teach you proper sword-drawing techniques, so these will make close quarters combat easier for you." Said Jess.

I couldn't help but smile "Thanks guys." I said "From what I can remember, I problem never meant someone as nice are you guys. You too, Harry! You're pretty awesome too!"


"Anyways..." Said Bernie "Harry is going to start the simulation. Jess and I are going to observe."

"Good luck Joey. And remember you can get hurt in here." Said Jess as she and Bernie walked out of the room.

"STARTING SIMULATION." The room grew dark and then a bunch of zombies appeared. At first, my heart was in my throat but then I forced myself to calm and fired away at the zombies, blasting almost all of their heads off. There was only two left. I put away the guns and whipped out the blades and slashed their whole bodies into two.


"Good hob, Joey!" Said a smiling Bernie.

"Nie! Even I'm impressed."

"Aw, guys..." I said smiling and rubbing the head of my head.

"Tomorrow is going to be a lot tougher than a simulation, so remember that we're a team and we have to work as a team." Said Bernie looking serious, I nodded in agreement.

"Right. If we all watched each other's backs, we'll come out safe and sound in the end." Said Jess.

"Let's go over the plan and get some rest. Tomorrow is a big day." Said Bernie

"You can say that again..." I said, leading the way out of the simulation room.

* * * * * *

I was standing in the hallway that lead up and out of the Base with Bernie and Jess. We were all wearing our suits.

"It's showtime." Said Jess.

"Yup. Here we go. Are you guys ready?"

"Yes." I said

"I was born ready. Herry, suit me up!" Said Jess.

'YES, MASTER JESS. INITIATING SENTINEL SYSTEMS." some of the tilts on the floor rose up and incased Jess. "SENTINEL SYSTEMS LOADING..."

"Ouch! Not so rough, Harry!" Said Jess, and I held back a laugh.

"MY APOLOGIES, MASTER JESS. SENTINAL SUIT COMPLETE." The floor titles returned to their places and Jess was now in a robotic suit. I just gapped at her. "SENTINEL CORE ONLINE."

"Alright, boys let's go!" Said Jess.

"Let's get this over with." Said Bernie

"Hey!" I said "Why do you guys have all the cool suits, mask all that stuff while I have nothing?"

"Joey, we don't have time to fabricate something for you."

"Can I at lest have SOMETHING? Please?"

"Hold on, I think I have something. Come over here, Joey." Said Jess as she walked over to the locker. I totted over to her eagerly. "Here, put this on." She handed me a head bandana.

I put it on and thought about it "It'll do just fine!" I said "All right! Let's move out and about!" We all got onto the platform and soon were all totting down the bloody road to the barricade. Barnie went to a building and have his gun out,

"Here we go, guys." He said

"Remember the plan, Joey." Said Jess but I finished her sentence

"Once the gates are opened, we blast them all and we'll push forward!" She nodded and readied herself.

"I'll watch you and pick them off from up here." Said Bernie

"All right! Open the gates!" I said, reading the two large machine guns.

"Open the gate, Harry!" Said Bernie.

Once the gates are open enough I started to shoot at the zombies. Once I was done, I put them away, got out my blades and roared "CHARGE INTO THE FRAY MY FRIENDS!" As I charged myself, putting all of my strength into the slashes.

"More incoming!" Said Jess and I looked around to see a massive swarm of zombies.

"I'm out of ammo! We have no choice! Use the rockets, Jess!" Shouted Bernie from his perch. Jess started to fire the rockets Bernie made.

"Nice." I said smiling.

"We clear, Bernie?" Asked Jess.

"Yeah, Looks like we're clear. Hopefully, those blast doesn't attract anything."

"Well that was easy!" I said, putting away my blades.

"Great job, everyone. Once we resupply ourselves, we're going to be an inscriber;e zombie-hunting squad.' Said Bernie. I had a small grin on my face picturing us fighting zombies, that'll be awesome!

"Oh yes!" I agreed with Bernie "No zombie can stop us!" then I spotted two, thinks running our way "WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE THINGS?!" I yelped.

"Mutants! Brance yourself guys!" Said Bernie. I whipped out my blades but then they lunged at us and punched me and Jess back.

"OW! WHY YOU!" I growled

"Here they come again!" Said Jess and they charged at us once more. Suddnely two lazers shot the two mutants, killing them

"Oh what now?" I asked

"Oh shit! A MACHINE!" Yelled Jess.

"Harry! Shut off all systems and hide our bio-signals!" Commanded Bernie.

"What about Joey?" Asked Jess, I could see something coming where the two mutants appeared.

"... I don't know. Just... just stay still, Joey!" I gulped and stood as still as I can. What look like a floating box came right in front of me "SCANNING..." I stood still then it some "NO LIFEFORMS DETECTED. RETURNING TO BASE." I

turned to look at Jess and Bernie with an raised eyebrow.

"What the FUCK just happened?" She asked.

"It... didn't detect Joey..." Muttered Bernie just as surprised.

"What are you?" Asked Jess looking at me. My face fell and I looked at the ground with blank, staring eyes.

"I'm.... human... Am I?" I said slowly

"We're not going to get any answers here. Maybe the doc will be able to straight things out." Said Bernie making his way down from his post.

"To New Hammerston!" Said Jess.

I followed Jess and Bernie in silences.

Who am I really?
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Re: My Pocalyptic Fanfiction

Postby TheNightingGale » 20 Jan 2012, 08:45

I finally finished ch.2~!

And just on a side note. I had to cut this into two parts, there was a character limit.

Oh and sorry if Joey acts a little on the feminine side. I'm a girl that is horrible at writing male characters. DX

Spoiler! :
Jess, Bernie and I walked for a while without much talking or action. However, that's what I was wanting for now, I was deep in thought as we walked. Questions ran through my head like running water.

A stop stopped my thoughts "Stop!" I looked up to see a square building with fences on both sides. The voice belonged to a young blond haired man wearing a military suit and hat that stood next to another guy wearing the same thing,this one had a brown beard.

"What?" I asked

"Terry? Jake? Is that you?" Asked Bernie stepping in front of me to get a better look at the two men.

The young blond man, the one called Terry, suddenly smiled and said "Jess! Bernie! You're back!"

"What are you guys going on guard duty?" asked Jess.

"Uh, never mind that." Said Terry

Jake then spoke, smiling as well "Hurry! Gets your asses in here before anything shows up!"

"I agree!" I muttered now waiting in front of the thick steel doors. The doors opened and me, Bernie and Jess walked in quickly. A hand stopped me from going any farther.

"What?" I asked Jake who had stopped me and was now standing in front of me.

"Stop right there, buddy. Time to scan you." He said

"I'm not infected..." I said in a semi-annoyed tone.

"Joey, this is standard procedure. Just stand still." Said Bernie.

"Fine but if this hurts, I'm blaming you!" I said

"It doesn't hurt!"

"SCANNING SUBJECT..." I just sighed softly as I was scanned then the scanner said "ERROR. PLEASE SCAN SUBJECT AGAIN." I raised an eyebrow.


"Error?" Asked Terry "That's new. Scan him again."


"Well! You heard the machine!" Said Jake "Welcome to New Hammerston, uh..."

"Joey! Just call me Joey for now." I said smiling and took my first step into New Hammerston. "Is there any place where I can grab a bit to eat?"

"We can go to Rosa's Cantina."

"Sounds good to me!"

"Sounds like a plan. I'm hungry, too." Said Bernie turning to leave the building out the other end but Terry stopped him.

"The mayor's going to want to see you, Bernie. Where have you been all this time?" He asked

"We were trapped on the other side of the bridge. Didn't you get my transmissions?" Said Bernie, I would just heard him frowning.

"No..." Terry said with a small frown himself "We were never told of any message from you guys."

"Hm... I smell that something is up..." I muttered but of course, nobody heard me.

"Hm... weird." Said Bernie.

Quiet suddenly, my stomach decided to grow loudly "Can we discuss this over some food?" I asked rubbing my belly.

"We'll catch up late, guys. Meet you at Rosa's tonight?" Said Bernie

"See you there." Said Jake.

"Have fun at the rest of guard duty, Terry Berry!" Said Jess, teasing Terry a little.

He made a face and I held back a laugh."don't call me that while I'm in uniform, Jess!" He said then turned to look at Bernie "See you later tonight."

We walked into New Hammerston and boy it was kind of busy! There were people walking about, getting the things they need to run a normal, everyday life or as close as normal as possible. After Bernie and Jess undressed from there suits.

They took me on a tour. However I was slowing down and soon stood alone in the middle of the street, holding myself. Never before I felt so out of place, like I didn't belong here.

"This is New Hammerston, Joey!" Said Bernie then turned to look of me "Joey?" He spotted me and totted over. "Joey what's wrong?" He asked, worry creaking in his voice.

"What it always this crowded?" I asked softly.

"This is a survivor's colony." Said Jess, standing next to her brother. The look on her face was held the same worry as Bernie "This is one of many places that are trying to rebuild humanity."

"I don't like it..." I said closing my eyes. "It's so loud... Noisy..."

"Hey," Said Bernie placing his hands on my shoulders, causing me to look up. "You're just probably not used too this many people before!"

"That could be it..." I muttered, tilting my head to the left ever so slightly. "C-can we go somewhere quiet?"

"Sure thing." Said Bernie "Right this way." The more I walked into the city the more I relaxed and soon didn't mind the people.

"Plant puppies! Plant puppies for sale! Only 500 credits! All the pet with none of the mess!" Said a man standing between to boxes with the most interesting creatures I've seen so far. They look just like a dog but with some plant

characteristics. They were looking at us while they wagged their tails in glee. The green plant puppy barked at us happily as we walked closer.

"George!" Said Jess smiling at the man.

"Jess! It's good to see you, young lady!" Said George smiling

"It's been a while, George!" Said Bernie.

"Yes, it has Bernie! How are you kids?"

"It's been a tough few weeks. We only just got into town."

"well, it's good to see you two are safe."

"Sorry to interrupt," I said "But what are plant puppies?"

"Who's this young fellow?" Asked George, looking me over.

"This is Joey." Said Jess "He helped us get through the bridge barricade."

"Hello, Joey! Always nice to meet a new survivor!"

I simply nodded "So what are you selling here?" I asked again looking down at the green plant puppy, who was giving me the puppy eyes.

"These are plant monster pups! I picked them up on my last trade mission." Said George, petting one of the puppies.

"These are plant monsters?"

"That they are! But these little pups are cute, cuddly, and are guaranteed to not rip you apart when you sleep! All you feed them is water and all they poop out is oxygen! They're the perfect pets!"

"Wow! I've never seen a plant monster that was so... adorable." Said Bernie smiling down at the puppies.

"They're so cute!" Said Jess doing the same thing but with a bigger smile.

"Yes! As you know, some plant monsters are doppelgangers. These little guys must have been in close contact with dogs." Said George

"I want one!" I said "Can I?"

"I see no reason why you shouldn't have one." Said Bernie "Alright, the Base could use a pet, I guess. How much, George?"

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of charging the kids of the man who saved my life!" Said George with the smallest frown.

"No, no. Please, let me pay."

"Ah, bless you, lad. We need more people like you out there. For you, 200 credits!"

"Thanks, George." Said Bernie handing the credit over to George

"Which one should we get?" Asked Jess.

"Hmm. They're all pretty awesome. What do you think, Joey?" Said Bernie looking at me.

"Hm..." I took a step closer to the puppies, trying to decide. "Pity we take all of them..."

Then the green pant puppy spoke "Joey! Joey!"

"Whoa!" I said "This is one!" I petting the green plant puppy and it made a weird purring weird which only made it cuter.

"I think it likes you! Doppelgangers are kind of like parrots, they tend to repeat what you say!" Said George

"Awesome!" I said "We're taking you home, little guy!" It barked happily

"Well, not right now, Joey." Said Bernie "We need to meeting. George can you keep him for the time being?"

"Sure thing!"

"Thanks, George."

* * * * * *

We walked into a apartment room. "Where are we?" I asked looking around the simple room.

"Welcome to our apartment, Joey." said Bernie.

"You have an apartment, too? Not as nice as the Base, though."

"This is our old apartment. We lived here with our family before The Pocalypse hit."

Jess sighed and said "Yeah. Those were simpler days. We help the town out with whatever Pocalypse-problems they have while we're here."

"Our dad also started working on Harry here." Said Bernie

I crossed my arm and gave them a look. "Okay. You dad isn't really a supermarket owner is he?" I asked "He can't be this successful can he?"

The two looked at each other before Jess said "I think we can trust him now, Bernie."

"Yeah, you're right. We've been through enough." Bernie said and motioned me to sit on the couch with him. I sat down with him. "Forgive our secrecy, Joe. We can't give anybody information about our dad, unless its to someone we trust."

"Why? Is there people wanting information?" I asked

"Yes." Said Jess taking her place next to Bernie "We can't let the vampires or their spies know anything that might lead them to our dad."

"... If he's still alive." added Bernie, looking down at the floor.

"How could you say that, Bernie! Of course he's alive!" Said Jess.

"What happened to him? Why isn't he here with us?" I asked

"Our dad, Bernard Senior, was an engineer and inventor before The Pocalypse happened. He designed military equipment for the government." Said Jess, looking at me.

"Years ago, just before The Pocalypse hit, he discovered something that made him quit his job and leave our home country." Said Bernie

"What happened?"

"We don't know. He never really spoke about it and he would always change the subject whenever we asked." Said Jess

"He changed our family name and moved us to Hammerston. Jess and I were kids and our mom was still with us then." Said Bernie. I looked down at the floor, closed my eye and thought about the information I was getting. I could see the events as

they were told to me. "Dad opened up the supermarket and started programming Harry. He must've known that something was coming.Years passed as the world began noticing the zombie outbreaks. Tiny groups of infected started to grow into

unmanageable swarms. Dad finished Harry and they began working on the Base."

"These years were the hardest for us. Dad began to teach us how to defend ourselves as he and Harry finished up the Base." Said Jess, frowning. "We learned a lot in those years. Mom home-schooled us and Dad taught us how to kill


"It wasn't the best experience, we had our share of troubles, but we did manage to defend our home and survive until the Base was finally finished.That was when the zombie infestation reached its peak in Hammerston."

"We were about to enter the Base and seal it up, but we couldn't make it in time... The swarm smashed through our defenses and... and..."

"They took Mom..." Finished Bernie. I was silent, there was pity in my heart and for a sec, I felt their pain stabbing into my soul. For some odd reason, I understand the feeling of loosing a loved one. "Dad, Jess, and I were able to

make it into the Base and seal it up. "

"We were all devastated when we lost Mom. Dad blamed himself for not saving her."

"He just worked. He kept making weapons. All day, every day."

"He barely talked. He used to be so happy and light-hearted, but losing Mom changed him."

"He created Sentinel, Stinger,  and... Obliteration, his battle suit."

"It was extremely powerful, but Dad wiped Harry's memory of the design, so we can't recreate its technology."

"Together, we began to rid Hammerston of the infected. Though, Obliteration did most of the work."

"We were very effective - thanks to Dad - and we started finding survivors."

"Dad and the survivors began to build the New Hammerston colony."

"That's when the vampires showed up."

"With humanity vulnerable, they came out of hiding and began to hunt us."

"Dad hunted them back and soon captured Andrius. During their search for Andrius, a group of vampires viciously attacked New Hammerston and killed most of its citizens."

"Dad lost it. We'd never seen him that angry. He blamed himself for not being with the colony when they needed him. He rushed to the colony without even telling us."

"When we found out, we rushed to New Hammerston to help, but it was already over."

"Dad killed every vampire he could find until the town was safe... Then he said goodbye. He said that he was proud of us and that he loved us."

"He left us with the Base and told us not to follow him."

"We haven't seen him since. It's been three long years."

I remain silent for a full minute before I spoke "Odd..."

"What's odd?" Asked Jess

"It's odd... I... I think I know him..."

"You do?!" They said at the same time.

"Yes... I think." I said, opening my eyes and rubbed me head "The name sparks feelings and very, very faint memories but not strong enough to take a hold. Hm, I wonder where he is right now. I hope we run into him again one day."

"I hope so, too." Said Bernie "For now, let's find out who you are, maybe you can help us find him in a way." The phone rang. "I got it. Hello? Mayor Ludo! ... We'll be right there." He put the phone back "The mayor wants to see us. He

probably has a mission for us."

"What about Joe?" Asked Jess.

Bernie looked at me "It's up to you, Joe. We've made it to New Hammerston, so you can start a new life here. We can set you up with an apartment and a job in town. I'm not going to force you to help us with our missions. But, if you want

to stay with us at the Base, you're welcome to."

I thought about it "NAH!" I said waving a hand and smiled "I want to help you guys out! You've done so much for me and I want to repay you some how!"

"Thanks, Joe. Missions won't be so dangerous with you around." Said Bernie with a smile as well."

"All right then." Said Jess, smiling as well "Let's go see the mayor."

* * * * * *

After much walking, I was sitting in a sat in front of a aging man named Mayor Ludo. "Thank you for coming, Bernie and Jess." he said. However I wasn't paying much mind to him. I was looking at a man in front of a bookcase. There's

something that I don't like about him.

"Of course, Mayor Ludo. It's great to see you." Said Bernie

"Lieutenant Cross insisted on joining us."

"... I'm glad to see that you two are alive and well." Crossed said, I narrowed my eyes at him, I didn't like the tone of his voice.

Bernie must have picked something up too, he was frowning when he said "... Good to see you, Lieutenant Cross."

"And this is?" Asked the Mayor looking at me.

"Please call me Joey." I said, not taking my eyes off of Cross. Cross was eying me as well.

"He helped us through the barricade. You know, the one that we were trapped behind! Why didn't you send help?! After everything we've done for you!" Said Jess with an angry edge to her voice.

"Calm down, Jess. Mayor, didn't you get my distress signals? I sent them out at least twice a day." Said Bernie, trying to calm his sister.

"Distress signals? I was not informed of any transmissions from you. Lieutenant, aren't your men in charge of outside communications?" Said the Mayor, surprised.

"Yes, that's right. I am in charge of all communications." Cross said. I watched him, walk so he was standing a few few away from the Mayor "Hmm, now that you mention it, I do recall receiving a few distress signals from you..." I saw

something silver and lunged at him. There was a bang and the bullet hit the Mayor in the arm. He yelped in pain and grabbed his bleeding arm

"Cross! What the hell are you doing?!" Yelled Jess as she watched me pinning him down and took his gun away.

"You're supposed to be dead, you little fucks!" He roared, struggling against my powerful grip. I didn't see two armed men ran into the room and puched me off. Now I was standing in front of the Bernie and Jess. Bernie had the Mayor behind him.

"Lieutenant! what is this?!" Yelled Bernie.

"Private... kill them all." Said Cross, getting up and brushed himself.

"Yes, sir!" The Private said.

"Kill this piece of shit first. He helped them get through the barricade."

I glared at him "Coward..." I said

"What did you say?" Growled Cross, walking over to the two men so he was in front of them, he pointed his gun at me.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Can't hear me, old-timer? I said "Coward"!" I smirked at him "Come on, shoot me yourself – if you've got the balls."

"You've got some mouth, kid. It's going to be a pleasure killing you. Lights out, motherfucker."

"We'll see about that." He fired and the bullet hit me in the head but didn't kill me, it just bounded off all dented. "Ow!" I said rubbing my forehead.

"What the..."

"You shot me in the forehead, you asshole! That hurt!"


"MY TURN ASSHOLE!" I charged at them

"Don't kill him, Joey!" Said Bernie

With one punched, I knocked Cross and his men back. There was a cracking sound and Cross began to couch. "You... fucking... you broke my ribs."

"Well you just Crossed the line!" I said, smiling at the joke I made.

"Jess, call the hospital." Said Bernie walking over to Cross

"What... What are you?" He asked

"I'm the last guy in the world you want to shoot. I would've cracked your skull open if Bernie didn't stop me." I growled.

"A hospital crew is on its way." Said Jess.

"Why, Lieutenant? Why did you you this?" Asked Bernie

"You got our distress signals and you didn't do anything?! You left us to die?! I'm going to kill you!" Snarled Jess.

"No, Jess! You know we don't kill other people. We're on the same side, Lieutenant! We're at war with all the horrors of this world, we can't fight each other!"

"I am the hero of this city! Not some punk kids! That useless mayor assigns my elite team of soldiers to fuckin' guard duty! And when you show up he gives you a mission! A mission that was meant for me! Not some fuckin' children! I am Lieutenant James Cross! The hero of Hammerston! I have more medals and honors than you'll ever have! You and your fucking father!"

"This isn't a popularity contest, you idiot!" Said Bernie "If we don't work together, we all die! We're not in it for the glory, we're fighting for the survival of humanity!"

"Bullshit! You're hogging all the power! Your suits, your weapons, your base... and now this... this freak!"

"Who, me? Fuck you!" I snapped at him, I was standing next to the Mayor, just in case something happens.

"I will have your power, mark my words. Even if I have to rip it from your dead hands, I will have your power!"

"I'm done speaking with you, Lieutenant. Enjoy your prison cell." Said Bernie and punched Cross in the face, causing him to faint.

"Aw, I wanted to do that." Said Jess.

"The emergency crew should be here any minute. Are you okay, Joey?"

"Yeah, I'm alright. That bullet hurt. It'll likely leave a mark but it'll go away soon." I muttered

"I'm sure training toughened you up a bit, too." Said Jess.

"Thanks, Joey. You saved us. I'm sorry about the Lieutenant. I had no idea he was thinking all this."

"People change." I said with a shrug "For better or for worse."

"Cross was always an asshole, but I never thought he'd do this." Said Jess.

"Now how about we end this meeting and lock up Mr. Cross here, Hm?" I asked clapping my hands and smiled.

"Yea, let's do just that." Said Bernie.

* * * * * *

Later that night, me, Bernie and Jess meant up with Terry and Jake at Rosa's Cantina. It turns out that Jess had a boyfriend. His name is Nick, a doctor, he seems nice and Jess looked pretty happy being with him.

"I missed this place!" Said Jess.

"This is Rosa's Cantina, Joey." Said Bernie.

I nodded "Likes all right to me." I said.

"Best food in all of Hammerston!" Said Jake smiling.

Then walked out the most stunning woman I have EVER seem. "Hi guys! Welcome!"

"Sweet... mother... of... Betsy..." I said, staring in awe at the beautiful woman that stood before me. I fell for her in a heart beat.

Jess shook my shoulder "Joey!" She said

"What?" I asked looking at her.

"I said this is Rosa, the owner."

"Hi Joey! Lovely to meet you!" Said Rosa.

I didn't have the guts to say much but a weak "H-hi...!"

"Come, have a seat, everyone!" Said Rosa and lead us to our seats.

Once we were seated and Rosa was off to make our meals, Bernie told our adventures to Terry, Jake and Nick. "... and then we met Terry and Jake at the gate." Finished Bernie.

"Then the whole mess at the mayor's office." Said Jess.

"That's quite a story!" Said Nick

"Amazing... Joey, you've got some amazing abilities!" Said Terry.

"I'd love to fight beside you and see you in action!" Said Jake.

I smiled a little. "Maybe." I said

"Do you remember anything before you woke up at the hospital?" Said Nick.

I shook my head "I have amnesia." I said "I can't remember a thing..."

"Hm..." As all he said

"I think we may be able to get some answers after some examinations. If you don't mind, Joey." Said Bernie

"As long as I don't feel pain of any kind..." I said "I maybe seem indestructible, but I can still feel pain."

"We'll take you to see the Doc tomorrow."

"I thought Dr. Nick here was the Doc!" I said looking at Nick.

"Oh, no. The Doc is New Hammerston's medical researcher. He's a little... eccentric."

"Eccentric? The Doc is fuckin' insane! Haha!" Said Jake with a laugh that made me shift in my seat.

"Yeah, but in a good way." Said Terry added quickly, seeing my discomfort.

"What did the mayor want to see you two about?" Asked Nick, looking over at Bernie.

"I assume he wanted to give us a mission. We didn't get any details." Answered Bernie.

"A mission? Hmm, I think I know what he wanted you to do." Said Terry, he too looked at Bernie


"Alright, but keep this a secret. I don't think the mayor wants the people to know. Vampire attacks have gone up recently. I think that's why the mayor has been keeping all of us soldiers on guard duty. We've heard rumors that a group

of vampire leaders has settled near the colony."

"How does anyone know that?" asked Jess.

"They sent a letter to the mayor, I heard. It said something about a half-vampire, half-zombie creature that they want destroyed. The vampires think that this creature is somewhere in New Hammerston. They're ready to burn down the colony

to find it."

"So the mayor wants us to take out the leaders, before they attack the colony." Said Bernie, looking thoughtful

"Probably." Said Terry with a shrug

"Half-vampire, half-zombie? That's Andrius!" I said, slightly but at the same time not surprise.

"Who's Andrius?" Asked Terry

"Dad captured a hybrid years ago. We still have it in captivity at the Base." Said Jess

"The vampire leaders want Andrius." Muttered Bernie.

"We'll have to give Andrius to them, then. If it'll keep the colony safe." Said Jess.

Just then Rosa walked out with my plate of tacos. "Your tacos, Joey!" She said sweetly. I smiled and took a out of one of them. By Goerge, it was tasted like HEAVEN!

"This..." I said "...Is the great thing I have ever tasted!"

"I'm glad you like them!" She said smiling.

"I LOVE them! Who made these culinary masterpieces?"

"I did, of course. Only the best for my customers!"

I stared at her then said "Please marry me..."

She laughed softly "Haha! You're cute. Keep this one coming, Bernie."

"Heh heh. Will do, Rosa."

* * * * * *

"That was fuckin' amazing!" I said, rubbing my now full belly.

"Rosa hasn't lost her touch." Said Bernie

"That was fun, guys! I'm gonna go hit the sack. Let me know if you need anything and I'll come running!" Said Jake

"Thanks, Jake. Have a good night." Said Bernie

"See you around!" I said and waved as he left.

"I'm gonna head out, too. Let me know how it goes at the Doc's tomorrow." Said Terry

"We will. Good night, Terry." Said Bernie

"Nighty-night, Terry Berry." Said Jess, smiling.

"Yeah, yeah. Sleep well, everyone!" He said and walked off

"When will you stop teasing him like that?" I asked Jess.

She smiled and said "When I feel like it!"

"I'm going to head out, too. I'll meet you at the Doc's tomorrow." Said Nick

"Good night, Nick." Said Jess.

"Good night, babe." He said. They kissed and I just smiled softly.

"It's been a long day. Let's head back to the apartment." Said Bernie

As we started to walk, a hooded man said "Hey." We stopped. "Yes?" I asked, eyeing him he had a graying beard and a scar across his face much like mine. "need something?"

"I heard you talking in there. Super powers and zombie-vampire hybrids, eh?" He asked.

"What? How could you have heard us?"

"Let's just say I have excellent hearing." he said

I sneezed. "Bless you." Said Jess. I sniffed "Thanks..." I muttered

"Who are you?" Asked Bernie

"... Call me Greybane."

"Please don't tell anyone what we discussed in the restaurant." Said Bernie

"Don't worry, your secrets are safe with me." He said

I sneezed again. "Geez! Bless you." Said Jess. I sniffed again "Thanks..." I muttered

"What do you want?" Asked Bernie, looking Greybane up and down.

"Nothing, yet. I'll be watching you, though. Stay safe." Then he walked away

I sneezed once more. "Are you okay, Joey?" Asked Bernie

I sniffed "Yea, I think I have some kind of allergy." I said "Dogs maybe? I don't know..."

* * * * * *

I was aware that I was in the dream world. So without moving, I simply shaped the darkness into a beach at night. I listened to the waves as I curled up into a ball in a hammock that was the couch with a blanket.

I started to driff off when I heard a voice "Joey..."

I whined a little then opened my eyes to see Andrius standing in front of me. "Greetings, Joey. It has been some time." He said

"It has..." I said with a yawn.

"They have you sleeping on a couch?"

"I didn't want to sleep with Bernie nor Jess in the same bed..."


I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "Hey, we were talking about you tonight."

"Is that so? What did you and your friends have to say about me?"

"There's some vampire leaders near New Hammerston now. They're looking for you."

He didn't say anything for a minute, I lay myself back down on the hammock/couch "... I knew I could feel their presence." He said "They are indeed here for me, Joey. You know that they want me destroyed."

"Mhm..." I too tired to take anything seriously right now.

"You must free me, Joey. Now."

I just groaned out "No way, man. I'm not walking all the way to the Base. I'm tired... Maybe another day, eerr, night..."

Andrius didn't say anything for a minute "I shall continue your mind-training, then."

"No.... Not that either..."

"Joey." He said with a firm tone

"I'M TIRED!" I whined


I didn't say anything. I was determined to sleep. Suddenly my hammock was flipped and I was laying down at the sandy floor. I opened my eyes and glared at him "FINE!" I snapped, I got up stretched then looked at him.

"Follow me." He said, I could just hear smiling as I followed him. "Have you been practicing your mind-accessing abilities?"

"I'm not gonna lie to you, Andy. I haven't done shit." I said "There was a lot happening. I was pretty tired for a while so I was unable to do much."

Suddenly two armed men appeared "Stop! No one is allowed out after sunset!"


"... I have created them. This is an exercise. Access these minds and destroy them."

"All right, if you say so." I said with a shrug. It was easy work. I could feel my mind slip into there and crush them. I let a small smile appear "I did it!"

"Well done, Joey. You are improving."

"What now?"

"Follow me."

As we walked, I asked "Who are the vampire leaders that are after you?"

"They are very powerful. They belong to an ancient order that governs the vampires of this world."

"So, these guys mean business."

"Yes. They have traveled across the sea to meet me face-to-face and destroy me themselves."

"They must REALLY hate hybrids..." Suddenly, a platform must like the one at base appeared. "What's this?"

"Another exercise. We must travel to the depths of this dungeon. Get on the platform and press the button there."

I just stared at him, thing was up. He just stared back. I narrowed my eyes a but but didn what I was told. I traveled down this 'dungeon' until I was standing in front of a door. "What's this?"

"This is the final exercise for tonight, Joey. Break down this wall."


"Do not question me, Joe. This is the exercise."

"No it's not!" I said


"Don't Joey me!" I snapped "If I am going to do something with this wall, allow me to do this..." I stared at the door. I gropped around with my mind until I felt something. Using only my mind I began to push the door down.

"WARNING! WARNING" Said a voice that made me jump

"Herry?" I asked

"Ignore it, Joey. It is part of the exercise. Focus on this wall." Said Andrius.

I narrowed my eyes at him however I pushed the wall down with my mind anyways. "There! I did it!" I said, putting my fits on my hips

"Well done, Joe. You have great power in you. That is all for tonight."

"I feel like I learned anything new, Andrius..."

"Return to your couch, Joey. I will see you again soon. Sleep well."

"Good Night...? I guess."

* * * * * *

I slowly opened my eyes. I sat up just in time to watch Jess and Bernie walk out of there rooms, fully dress.

"Morning." I said to them, scratching my head.

"Good morning, Joey." Said Bernie

"Moring." Said Jess.

"I guess we're going to this Doc's place today?" I asked getting up and stretched

"Yep." Said Bernie.

"All right then." After we ate a quick breakfast, which wasn't as good as Rosa's tacos oh well better than starving, we walked out of the apaertment and to the Doc's place.

* * * * * *

A uneventful walk later, we made it to the Doc's place. It was under a guarded building. Nick was waiting there for us. Bernie was pulled away from our small group by a guard.

"Moring, Nick!" Said Jess, smiling as she saw her boyfriend.

"Morning, my sweet Jess!" He said, they hugged. I inwardly Aw'ed.

We walked into the Doc's lab, boy it was messy! There were papers laying all over the place. There was a bunch of funny looking machines, a few desks, and two cells lined the wall next the stairs we just took containing Zombies.

"I wondered what happened last night." Said Bernie as he joined us.

"What?" I asked turning to look at him

"Two soldiers on guard duty were found dead this morning."

"Did something try to eat them?" I asked

"No," Said Nick "there was no sign of physical trauma."

"Well that's weird." I said,

"Indeed, it's almost as if their brains suddenly stopped functioning."

"Hm, reminds me of a dream I had..."

Just then, a aging man walked in wearing a pair of 3D glasses. "Who are you people? What are you doing in my laboratory?" He said and I kind of leaded back.

"It's me, Doc, Dr. Roth. I told you we were coming today." Said Nick

"Oh yes, yes. The one with the “powers”." Said the Doc, pushing the glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Is this the one?" His head turned slightly to Jess.

"No, not me!" She said quickly

"Are you sure? I would highly enjoy examining you."

I glared at him and I didn't hesitate to step in front of Jess in a protective manner then quickly said "It's me! I'm the one that same the powers."

"Hmm... not nearly as sexually appealing. Shame."

"You perv..."

"What's that that?"


"Okay, boy, open your mouth and say “ahh”."

"I don't think that that's necessary, Doc." Said Nick, with the slightest smile of amusement.

"Joey has some unique powers. His skin is impenetrable."

"I can crush through a zombie's skull and made holes in thick walls in just one punch."

"A machine scout was unable to detect him." Said Bernie

"Fascinating, if true!"

"It's all true." I said

"We need to know more about his powers and maybe how he got them." Said Bernie

"Well, then a vivisection is in order! My favorite procedure!"

"WHAT?!" I yelped, leading back from the Doc "Hell no!"

"Vivisection? No, we need him! Joey is our friend!"

"This is for science, boy!"

"I figured we could at least perform some x-rays and administer a blood test." Said Nick quickly

"Oh, very well. I forgot how squeamish and lazy your generation is." Muttered the Doc then punched me onto an examining table.

I lay there and just semi-glared at the Doc.

"Stay still, Joey. I'm just going to draw some blood."

"Good luck..." I muttered watching Nick taking out a needle and try to draw some blood from my right arm but it didn't went through. It just bent as Nick tried to press harder, it was a weird feeling...

"Well, that's not going to work." He muttered looking at the bent needle."Doc, the needle won't pierce his skin."

"What? You have to put some back into it, boy! Watch me!" Said the Doc, pushing Nick out of the way. He did like to push it seems. He pulled out a needle from his pocket and tried to draw some blood, again the needle just got bent.
"My favorite needle!"

"Favorite?" I asked.

"I don't think we're going to get any blood from him." Said Nick.

"A urine test for now, then. Pee in this cup, boy."

"Uuuhhh... Ok... Can you guys turn around?"

* * * * * *

I was standing in front of an X-ray. This was boring, I thought as I stood there.

"Are you sure it's on, Doc?" Said Nick, scratching his head

"Of course it's on!" The old man said.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked

"The x-ray machine doesn't seem to work on you, Joe! All we see is a solid silhouette!"

"That vivisection is looking pretty good now, eh?"

"How about no?" I said.

* * * * * *

"Your urine sample is normal, Joey." Said Nick as the Doc hooked me up onto a weird looking machine

"Interesting!" Said the Doc as he started to read what the machine was giving.

"Judging by this sample, you're a normal human male!" Said Nick "You should maybe lay off the salty foods, though."

"It's hard to stop when they taste REALLY good, Nick..." I commented "Anyways what are we doing now?"

"You are hooked up to a monitoring device. We're going to check your vitals for any abnormalities." Answered the Doc

"Anything out the ordinary yet, Doc?" Asked Nick, walking over to us.

"Absolutely nothing! You are a boring specimen, boy."

"I wonder why that machine scout couldn't read your biological signs..."

The Doc was silent as he thought then he spoke "I have a theory! Dr. Roth, do you have your sidearm?"

"Yes, I do." Said Nick, pulling it out.

"Let me have it." The Doc took the sidearm then pointed it out me, I jumped.

"How many times do I have to get shot?" I said, feeling both angry and annoyed.

"Brace yourself, boy!" Said the Doc

"Doc! What are you doing?!" Said Nick, worry was writing all over his face.

"Relax. This bullet won't kill him."

"He's right, Nick. Joe, are you okay with this?" Said Bernie

"No, I'm not okay with this!"

"Cover your ears and genitals, boy!" I did just that. He fired and the machines exploded just as I felt the bullet.

"Ow! Fuck! I will never get used to that."

"By Hawking's voice box! Incredible! You overloaded the machine!" Said the Doc, looking at the destroyed machines.

"I did?"

"Yes, indeed. You ceased being a normal human being the EXACT moment that my bullet touched your skin!"

"What does this mean, Doc?" asked Bernie

"Whatever is giving you your powers, boy, is alive!"

"Alive?" Asked Nick

"Your powers are adaptive, maybe even intelligent! They are activated when they are required!"

"What?" I asked, pulling the wares off of me while looking at the Doc.

"It means that you're a normal human being until your powers are needed." Said Bernie

"That makes sense! When you need to lift or hit something, your super strength turns on." Said Jess.

"When an object tries to pierce your skin, you become impenetrable." Said Bernie

"When you need to run, you activate your super speed."

"... And when that hostile machine was trying to scan you, whatever is inside you hid your bio-signs!"

"Hm... Interesting."

"Exactly right! You are a fascinating specimen, boy."

"But, what is it that's inside him?"

"That remains a mystery! For now, be glad that this power is working for you, boy. Use it to your advantage!"

"I agree! New Hammerston could use a superhero like you, Joey."

"A superhero? Me? Sweet... But for now, let's all keep this a secret."

"I think Joey is right about this one." Said Bernie "Let's go back to the apartment."

* * * * * *

"Hey, Bernie." I said. We were back at the apartment and I found some music DVDs "What are these?" I held up one.

"Oh those are music DVDs." He said walking over to me and took the DVD out of my hand "Here look." He placed the DVD into a stereo. Music began to play and man was it epic!

"What is this called?" I asked, "It's awesome!"

"I do believe it's called Globus - Preliator." Said Bernie, smiling at the happy look on my face.

"Is there more like this?"

"Oh a lot!"

Jess walked into the room to see what is causing the noice "Ah, I remeber this." She said sitting down at the table and watched me do a little jig in time with the the music.

That night, I listened and sang all the music created by Globus I then crushed onto the couch I so tired after my party-for-one.

I was standing in the dream world again. A voice, weak and in pain. "Joey..."

I turned and gasped "Rosa!"

"Where am I?"

Then Cross appeared next to her. "I got it. Let's go."

"Joe? Is that you? I can see you... Where are we?"

I ran towards her. I maniged to grab her hands but they were fading away "Rosa!"

"Help me, Joey. Please..."

"Don't worry Rosa!" I said, trying to keep her with me.

"What's happening to me?" I could hear fear in her voice. "It hurts... It hurts so much... Help me, Joey!"

"Don't worry Rosa!" I said watching her disappear "I'm going to find you! I'm going to find you can take away the pain! I PROMESE!" The moment she disappeared from sight, I woke. "Was that a dream?" the phone ring. "What now?" I asked pressing the speaker button "Hello?"

"Joey!" Said Jake's voice, he sounded panicked. "It's me, Jake."

"What's wrong?" I asked "You sounded like you're panicking."

"I am! Where's Bernie and Jess? This is an emergency!"

"One Sec." I took a deep breathe then shouted at the top of my lungs "OY! WAKE UP! JAKE'S ON THE PHONE!"

A second later, Bernie and Jess jumped out of there rooms.

"What the hell, Joey!" Said Jess, who was in her PJs.

"Are you all there?! This is urgent!" Said Jake, hearing them come out of their rooms and Jess's voice.

"Jake? What's going on?" Asked Bernie, with a tone that he was still tired.

"The Lieutenant has escaped!"

"WHAT?" Me, Bernie and Jess said at the same time.

"His cell is empty and he's killed two guards!"

"Do you have any idea where he went? Is he still in the colony?" Asked Bernie, now fully awake.

"Two guards posted at the armory were killed and the two guards on gate duty were also killed."

"Cross! That piece of shit! He must've left New Hammerston." Growled Jess.

"We've got every soldier scouring the colony, but, yeah, it looks like he left."

"We've got to look for him. We have to bring him to justice." Said Bernie

"Wait... Rosa's missing, too."

"WHAT? Did he take Rosa?! " I shouted jumping off of the couch "That wasn't a dream.

"We found blood at the cantina..."

"I'm going to kill that fucker!" I dashed towards the door

"Calm down, Joey!" Said Bernie

"Calm down?" I asked looking at him "CALM DOWN? HE TOOK ROSA! How can you tell me to calm down?!"

"There's no telling what's out there, Joey. We need to be smart about this or we're as good as dead."

I didn't say anything, my hands were balled up tightly, my teeth were bared and I stared down at the ground.

"Look, I'm worried about Rosa, too, but if we go out looking for her unprepared, then we might all be lost out there!"

"Bernie's right, Joey. We have to believe that Rosa is okay and that Cross will keep her safe until we find them." Said Jess.

"Right! Lieutenant Cross would never hurt Rosa."

"Bernie... Jess..." I muttered "Let's get your suits and some ammo. I want to leave as soon as possible... I... I have a bad feeling that Cross did something to her..."

"You need to suit up, too, Joey." Said Bernie, I nodded "Alright. Joey and I will head to the armory and suit up. Jess, buy all the ammo you can carry and meet us back at Base."

"I'll go with you, Jess." Said Jake

"Thanks, Jake. What are you going to do at the Base in the meantime, Bernie?" Said Jess.

"I'm going to buy some parts and repair Harry's mobile unit. We're going to need all the help we can get out there."

"All right we have a plan set. LET'S GGOO!" I said grabbing Bernie and ran out of the room with him barely able to keep himself from being dragged along.

* * * * * *

Along the way there, we picked up more information. Once we were at the armory, Bernie Said "Cross must've had help escaping."

"Yea but who would have helped him?"

"I don't know, but I bet whoever, or whatever, helped him also killed the two guards on gate duty the other night. I don't know, but I bet whoever, or whatever, helped him also killed the two guards on gate duty the other night."

A guard jumped in front of us to stop us from walking into the armory "Stop right there!" He snarled, looking all flustered "Oh, it's you, Bernie. Sorry, all this shit has us all on our toes."

"I understand. Just stay focused and watch each other's backs." Said Bernie. We walked into the armory. There was a lot of lockers and guns in the room. "Here's your suit and mask, Joey."

"Thanks man."

Bernie walked over to some heavy looking lockers "This is where we keep Stinger and Sentinel." He muttered then said in a loud clear voice "Release locks. Voice authorization: Bernie." The lockers opened. His jaw dropped. "W-what?"

"Uh, I only see Sentinel." I said, something in my chest lurched horrible.

"S-Stinger's gone... Where is it?!" He roared, I never seen his so angry "Okay, calm down, Bernie... Focus... There must be a logical explanation for this."

"The only thing that I can think up is that Cross stole it..." I said.

He gasped "Cross! You piece of shit! You took Stinger!"

"Bernie please calm down!" I said

"That bastard..." Growled Bernie, his hands were fits. "All of the lives he's taken... Now Stinger, my father's gift to me... I'm going to put a bullet right between your eyes, Cross!"


"Let's go to the Base, Joey. I'm going to fix Harry's mobile unit and then we'll find Cross." He said facing me, I saw fire dancing in his eyes. "He's going to pay for all of this with his life."

"Bernie, calm down! One thing at a time! We need to be alive so we can find Rosa you know!"

"Look, you stubborn, incorrigible, pathetic excuse for a superhero, you're coming with me to the Base and we're moving out as a team!" He snarled and I jumped at the venom in his voice "You can take one of my rifle rounds to the chest, but can you take 50?! I know what I'm doing, Joey, so listen to me or I'll pulverize your ribcage! Got it?!"

I nodded

"Let's go!" He said storming out of the room. I just stood there. There was pain in my chest. This pain. I placed a hand on my chest, why do I know such pain? I closed my eyes.

"Joey?" It was Bernie, I could hear the guilt in his voice for yelling at me like that. I didn't look at him "I'm... Sorry about all that, Joey... I didn't mean to yell at you. It's Cross who I should be directing my anger towards." I didn't say anything as I fought back tears.

I was remembering something.

Something that made the pain worse. I can now remember that I got into a fight with a loved one, it was pain fight.

"Just... please come with me to the Base. Trust me, we'll find Rosa and Cross." he walked over to me "Please... Joey, I'm sorry for hurting you like that."

"It's not your fault to feel like that..." I muttered as I swallowed my emotions. "Stinger seemed special to you." I look at him with the smallest of smiles "I'll still with you on this, Bernie. We're a team after all!"

"Thank you, Joey." Bernie said with a smile then walked out of the armory.

"Okay, there's the Bernie I know." I said following him out.

* * * * * *
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Re: My Pocalyptic Fanfiction

Postby TheNightingGale » 20 Jan 2012, 08:48

Here's part two~!

Spoiler! :
The walk back to the base was quiet the tough one. The Zombies decided that today was a good day to be out roaming. I had to kill all the zombis in order to clear a path for Bernie who didn't have his rifle at the time. Finally, we were standing on the platform that lead down into the base.

"I'll fix Harry as fast as I can, Joey. You wait for Jess to return." Said Bernie, I just nodded "Okay, Harry, bring us down.." There was only silence.

"Harry?" I asked

"Weird, no response. Press that button, please, Joey." I did so and the platform started to lower us down into the base. Once we were in the hallway, Bernie called out once more "Harry?"

"Is he offline?" I asked

"No," Said Bernie, getting worried " Harry is never turned off. And, there's still power... The blast door is open..."

"Oh dear.. I have a bad feeling about this!" I said

"No. Please, not Harry, too..." Said Bernie quickly walking into the base's living room. I followed him closely. "Harry! Please answer me!"

"Harry!" I called out "Why are you not answering?!"

"Oh, no..." Muttered Bernie and rushing down stairs to the prison.

"Bernie?" I asked

"The prison. My gut is telling me something that I desperately hope is not true..." He said going down stairs.

"Why do I feel like I've been here recently?" I muttered to myself

"ANDRIUS IS GONE!" Yelled Bernie rushing back up stairs.

"WHAT?!" I yelped.

"No... no..." Said Bernie, he looked like he was going to cry. "Harry... Rosa... Stinger... Mom... Dad..." He crushed down to his knees and screamed out "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!" I jumped and rushed over to him "We don't deserve this! I

want things the way they used to be!"

"Bernie..." I said, worried to the core.

"Rosa didn't deserve to be kidnapped by a psychopath! Mom and Dad didn't deserve what happened to them! They were good, caring people!"

I hugged Bernie "Bernie, calm down!" I said trying to comfort the now tear- stricken Bernie.

Just the Jess what in. She saw us. "Jess," I said looking down at him "Your brother needs some comfort, now."

"DAMN IT! I can't do this anymore! I want my family back!" He said

I let him go so that Jess can embrace him "Bernie!" She said worried. "Shh, shh. It's okay. I'm here."

"Jess, w-why? Why is all this happening? Why are Mom and Dad gone?" He sobbed, clinging onto his only living family member.

"I know. I miss them, too." Jess cooed, trying her best to calm down her brother.

"What happened to our family?"

"We're still a family, Bernie. I need you. We need each other. We have to be strong to make it through this."

"I can't do it anymore..."

"Yes, you can! We've been surviving for 3 years on our own! We can handle anything!"

"Cross took Stinger..."

Jess was silent for a minute before saying "We'll find Cross and get Stinger and Rosa back! We can do anything when we're together!"

"Harry is gone..."

"You can fix Harry! I know you can! Dad taught you everything he knew!"

"Jess... Andrius has escaped."

"What?! How... Forget Andrius. If we don't find him, the vampire leaders will."

"Jess is right." I said Stepping closer to Bernie. "And you have me! I'll do everything in my power to aid you!"

Bernie looked at me then Jess. "Thanks, guys..." He said as Jess let him go. "But, I can't do it. Find Cross and Rosa without me."

"Snap out of it, Bernie! We need you!" Said Jess

"Leave me be, Jess! I'll only slow you guys down! Stinger is gone and I just don't have the will to fight... I'm sorry. I'm staying here." He began to room to his room. "... Joey, take care of Jess. I'll see you when you get back."

I had enough. I walked over to him and back slapped him. Both were stunned at what had just happened.

"Ow! What's what that for?" He said rubbing his face.

"Look at you!" I roared at him "You're falling apart from a suit that can be replaced! From a AI that can be fixed! If it wasn't for you and your sister half of the people in New Hammerston would still be out there suffering if it wasn't for you and Jess!"

"You don't need me..."

"Yes we do danm it!"

"Stinger is gone, Joey! I'm useless without Stinger!"

I grabbed the front of his shirt, lifted him up a little and roared "You ARE Stinger! Damn it, Bernie! The suit was just a shell! With or without it, you are and always have been Stinger!"

Bernie was silent before saying "I am Stinger..."

"Yes! All you need is a rifle and a clear line of sight and Stinger is back in action! You don't need a suit to save people! I've seen what you can do! People look up to you! I myself look up to you!"

"I am pretty good with a rifle..."

Jess then spoke as I dropped Bernie back to his feet "Come on, Bernie. What would Mom and Dad think if they saw you right now?"

"I... I don't know..."

"Mom would make you write an essay and Dad would make you run laps after he smacked you back to your senses."

"Heh heh... I always hated writing essays for Mom."

"Tell me about it. I mean, what did “My Thoughts on the Industrial Revolution” have to do with The Pocalypse?"

"Haha... I miss them..."

"So do I. They fought and sacrificed for us, Bernie. Are you going to repay them by locking yourself in your room while thousands of survivors are dying out there?"

"No... I..."

"Use the skills that Mom and Dad worked hard to teach us. Don't let their sacrifice be in vain!"

"They did work hard... for us. All of their patience and perseverance... for us. Now let's get to work."

"What should we do?"

"First things first, get up and we'll fix Harry! I miss hearing his voice."

"Alright. I miss him, too. The Base feels so empty without him. Let's do it."

"There's the Bernie we all know and love!" I said

"Thanks, Jess. Joey."

Just then Jake and Terry walked in "Okay!" Said Jake "We put away the ammo!"

"What happened to Harry?"

"There was an accident..." I said "Now just to be on the side side. Jess and Bernie is going to stay here and fix up Harry. Terry and Jake are going with me to find Rosa. We'll be just fine if we work together as a team!"

"I know you'll be alright. Me and Bernie will have Harry back to normal in no time." Said Jess.

"All right." I said slapping my hands together. "Now where are we going first to search our search?"

"Cross left the colony through the eastern gate, so we'll have to pass through New Hammerston, then begin our search." Said Terry

"Doc wanted to have a quick word with us before we left, too." Said Jake

"To New Hammerston, then!" I said walking out of the living room.

"Take care, guys. We'll see you soon." Said Bernie. "And thanks again, Joey."

I turned and smiled "That's what friends are for right?" I said placing my two fingers on my forehead in a salute.

* * * * * *

"Well, that was a relatively uneventful walk." Said Terry

"Tell me about..." I said looking around the Doc's lab, which was as messy as I remember it.

"You wanted to see us, Doc?" Said Jake looking at the Doc that stood in front of us.

"Ah yes, yes. The search and rescue crew." He said nodding. "As you know, our friendly neighborhood Lieutenant has escaped through the eastern gate. As you also know, the area east of the colony is vampire territory."

"Vampires? HA! No worries! I bet I can take them down with ease!" I said puffing up my chest.

"Your enthusiasm is perplexing and heartening!" Said the Doc, smiling "I asked you here because I'm going to need some vampire blood samples, if you please!"

"How are we going to get blood samples? A vampire turns into ash almost instantly when it dies." Asked Terry

"I was getting to that, boy! So amazingly impatient!" Snapped the Doc. "I'm going to give you special ammunition that will collect blood and seal itself when it enters its target."

"Incredible!" Said Terry taking the bullets from the Doc.

"Indeed! An incredible tool from an incredible inventor. Me. When the target vampire is killed and has deteriorated into ash, collect the blood-filled bullets and bring them to me!"

"Will do, Doc!" Said Jake

"Any questions?"

"I do." I said, raising a hand a little

"Ah, the one with the powers! What is your question, boy?"

"Why are you wearing 3D glasses?"

"You never know when you will be presented with a 3D picture, boy! I am always prepared!"

"Fair enough. But you like silly in them..."

"Oh, one more thing! You may encounter the vampire leaders that have recently settled near the colony."

"Ah, you're right." Said Terry.

"If they don't kill you mercilessly, bring me back some of their blood! Having the blood of an elder vampire would be most useful!"

"We'll try our best." I said as I started to go up the stairs.

"Alright, Doc, but I'm hoping that we don't run into any elders. I don't think we're equipped for that." Said Terry

Just then a guy appeared and said "Hey you guys! Check out this sweet 3D picture!"

I just raised an eyebrow saying "What are the odds...."

"Haha! Who's silly looking now?! Only I will experience the third - and best - dimension! Fools!" Said the Doc

* * * * * *

"Alright! We're off! See you soon, New Hammerston!" Said Jake as we walked out of the east gates.

"Where should we start first?" I asked

"Old man George lives right around the corner. Maybe he saw the Lieutenant pass by."

"George? I know that guy." I asked

"Yeah, he's a traveling merchant. He always has the weirdest – and coolest – things for sale."

"No kidding. He sold a plant puppy to me." I said "Let's pick it up now! It'll help us sniff out Cross!"

"Plant... puppy? Sounds interesting! Let's go!" Said Jake leading the way to the building where we hoped to try George.

We walked into the building and knocked on the first apartment door we can across. "Who's there? Back for more, are ya?!" Said a voice.

"George? It's Jake and Terry, from the colony!" Said Jake

"Jake and Terry? The soldiers?"

"Yeah, that's us! We need to ask you a few questions. Can we come in, please?"

"Don't mean to be rude, but what do you want?"

"We mean no harm!" I said "We just want some answers and I want my puppy!"

"Who's that?'

"It's me! Joey! Me, Bernie and Jess bought a plant puppy from you! Remember?"

"Joey? Oh, Jess and Bernie's friend! Come on in, you three!"

We all walked into the room, it looked runned down. "Thank you, George." Said Terry. The green plant puppy barked at us and wagged it's tail.

"Hello there!" I said happily.

"Wow! It really is a plant puppy! Now I've seen everything!" Said Jake.

"Sorry I didn't let you in sooner, but my house was broken into last night." Said George

"Broken into? Who was it? Looters?" Asked Jake looking at him.

"Actually, it was your Lieutenant!"

"Lieutenant Cross was here?!" Asked Terry, surprised.

"Yup! Tried to attack me, too, but these brave little pups protected me!"

"Hmm... why would the Lieutenant attack you?" Muttered Terry

"I don't know. He's always been very nice to me. I've even sold him a few adult magazines and videos."

"Pfff...." I held back a laugh as I picture Cross drooling over a magazine.

"Haha! I knew he was watching porn in his office! Planning mission strategies, my ass!" Said Jake

"He smelled like he was infected..." Said George, frowning.

"WHAT?! He's a zombie?!" Yelped Jake

"No, no. That's the weird thing. He smelled like a zombie, but he was intelligent. He spoke to me like a normal human... or should I say, vampire."

"Huh?! Vampire? Are you sure you're not high on some plant monster poison, George?"

"No..." I said "Cross is not a hybrid of a zombie and vampire. A Zompire."

"This is a lot to take in." Said Terry

"I know right?" I said

"We need to find them quickly. If the Lieutenant really is a vampire, then Rosa's in more trouble than we thought."

"George please tell us where he went." I said.

"Well, after this little guy – actually, the pup that belongs to the Base – drove its thorns into the Lieutenant..."


"Yes! I was just as surprised as you! Apparently, these plant pups have the ability to shoot sharp, tough thorns from their cute little bodies!"

"Nice." i said smiling down at the green plant puppy. "That's be useful when we fight vampires! Come on, little guy, you're coming with us!"

"Joey!" It said happily walking up to be and stood on its back legs so it can place it's front paws on my legs. "Joey!"

"Aw! It remembers me!" I said kneeling down so I can pet the little plant puppy.

"Heh heh! Take good care of it! Although, I'm sure it can take care of itself!"

"Sure thing, George!" I said "Hmm... what are we going to call you?"

"Actually, if you don't mind, I've named this brave pup Scrufflebeck."

"I think that's a good name." I said Picking up Scrufflebeck, cuddling it close to my chest. It was making that weird purring sound and it lay there in my arms.

"Alright, so we're four-strong now. Time to find the Lieutenant." Said Terry

"He was bleeding pretty badly, I'm sure you'll find a trail of blood somewhere near the house."

"Great! Are you gonna be okay here, George?"

"I'll be fine! I still have two plant pups here to protect me! Good luck finding the Lieutenant!"

"Sounds good! Take care, George!" Said Jake, leading the way out of the room.

"Good bye, George." Said Terry "See you back at the colony!"

"See 'ya!" I said.

We walked out of the building and quickly found the blood trail. We began to follow it closely. I listened and looked at our surroundings closely as we walked, the place was getting bloodier as we walked deeper into vampire territory.

Soon bodies began to appear. All of them seemed to be dried up like something drain all the liquids from their bodies. The smell was just horrible.

The sun started to set right around the trail of blood stopped. "Hm..." I started at the end of the trail "Weird..." I looked up

"It's going to be tough finding the Lieutenant and Rosa with vampires watching us around every dark corner." Said Terry

"For now, let's head something safe to sleep."

"I agree." Said Terry and lead the way to an apartment. "We'll stay here for the night."

As we walked in and barricade the door, Jake said "We'll find 'em. You know we've never failed a mission, Terry. I sure as hell am not failing this one!"

I lay down on a sleeping bag and placed Scrufflebeck next to me. "I'm going to get some rest." I said watching the plant puppy curling up in the nook of my belly and closing it's eyes. "Good night, guys."

"Night, Joey." Said Terry

"Good night." Said Jake.

* * * * * *

I was standing in the Dream World once more. I looked around "Andrius?" I asked "Hm, he should be here by now... Oh well!" I happily shaped the darkness into a beautiful ball room with a high ceiling with a large windows that showed the

night sky and a forest. In front of thw windows lined tables with all the foods that I can image. The floor was a white, gold-ish color that gleamed in the torch lights.

"All right the only two things that are missing are people and music!" I said clapping my hands.

The a cold, old voice said "Strange..."

I jumped and turned to look at a cloaked and hooded figure. "Whoa! You're not Andrius!" I said "Who are you?"

It looked surprised as it looked over my face, I saw his eyes moving as he looked over me "You know Andrius?" it asked taking a step forward. Then I barely heard him say something but only catch a few words "S...ue...l" then his face went blank

"Yes... I keep meeting him in the Dream World..."

"Dream world? This is not a dream, child. You do not belong in this place."

"You sound like him..."

"You are not a vampire, but you cannot be human..."

"Oh I'm human the last time I checked..."

"Interesting. Whatever you are, you do not belong here. Die." Large rocks shot up from the ground and it looked like they were about to be tossed right at me.

"Wah-oh..." I said, with my mind I forced the rocks down.

"What...?" The figured look both surprised and confused.

"Bye-bye!" I said then dashed off. I as I ran, I cleared a path for me and threw up pretty mush everything and anything behind me to slow down that vampire figure.

"Interesting..." It said. I heard he chasing after me, breaking down all the stuff I tossed at him.

"Leave me be!" I shouted, trying to wake myself up.

Suddenly Andrius appeared and said in a firm voice "Leave him, elder." I stopped and turned to look at him, he was standing between me and the vampire elder.

"You." It breathed "We have found you at last."

"You will not find me. I will come to you. I will feast on your vampire flesh very soon."

"I eagerly await your arrival. I will erase you from history. Abomination..." Then he disappeared

Andrius turned to look at me. "You are close, Joey. I can feel your physical presence. What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for Rosa and the bitch, Cross!"

"Leave now, Joey. Go back to your Base. That vampire is not like the others. He will destroy you if you cross paths."

"How about no?" I said putting my fits on my hips "I promised Rosa that I'll find her! I NEVER break a promise!"

"Leave, Joey. I do not wish for you to die."

"I looked at the ground slightly before muttering "No... I promised her and if I do... It'll be worth it just to see her safe and happy..."

"Such loyalty..." Said Andrius fading away and I let him.

* * * * * *

Once the day was fully up, Me, Jake, and Terry started off again. "Scrufflebeck." I said to the plant puppy. It looked up at me and barked, letting me know it was listening "Can you see if you can smell out Cross's blood?" It thought about it before it lowered it's head and smelled the blood trail then it started to walk, we all followed him.

"Nice idea." Said Jake.

After a while walking, Scrufflebeck lifted its head and whined "Must have lost the trail with all this blood smell." I said looking around "Can't blame him, it smell horrible!"

"Yeah, it does. On average, more deaths occur in vampire areas than any other area in Hammerston."

"Why's that? I assumed that the machine areas would be number one."

"Vampires are good at being subtle. To an untrained person, a vampire area looks just like any other place. Survivors unsuspectingly wander in at night and very few wander out. Machine cities, on the other hand, are obvious and people know to avoid them."

"And vampires aren't stupid, like zombies. They'll hunt you, they'll outsmart you, and they'll even play with you before they tear into your skin. Sick fucks." Added Jake

"Yeah. Unfortunately, they are intelligent. They see humans as an inferior race and, to them, we're just slaves and food." Said Terry


"Alright, guys. Let's get back on track, here. We've lost any signs of Cross and Rosa." Said Jake

"We're just going to have to search every building." Said Terry looking around,

"Yeah. Let's get started." Said Jake

"Keep your guard up in there, guys." Said Terry leading the way into a building.

After we search the building from top to bottom, we walked out "Clear..." Said Jake.

"Good..." I said "It smelled horrible!"

"Let's move to the next building." Said Jake

"You know what!" I said stopping, the two men looked at me "Stay here." Then with my super speed I dashed into the next building "CLEAR!" I said then dashed into the next "ALL CLEAR IN THIS ONE!" I said the I dashed in front of a church.

"Checking the church, now!"

"Joey, wait!" Said Terry

"What? Why? It's just a church."

"That's a vampire stronghold."

"Really?" I looked up and saw a glyph of some kind.

"See that red glyph? That's a vampire mark, drawn with blood."

"It pretty much means: “There are vampires in here, stay the fuck out.”!" Said Jake

"Maybe Rosa's in there!" I said, itching to get in.

"We shouldn't go in there unless we absolutely have to..." Started Terry but a cry for help cut him off


"That was a woman's voice!" Said Jake.

"It cam from inside!" I said I started foreword.

"Wait! We can't just barge in there! It could be a trap!" Said Terry

I paused "You're right..." I said "It might be... But what if it is not?" Terry stared at me for a moment "We can prepare for one. Bring out your guns and get real to fire."

"I have a bad feeling about this..." He said walking towards the church and brought out his gun.

Using my strength, I threw open the doors. There was a vampire standing in my middle of the church holding a women. She was wearing red and black robes and had her eyes closed.

"Not another step or she's dead!" Snarled the vampire

"Rosa?" I asked then I looked closer "No... You're not Rosa..." Suddenly, my gut told me that something was not right...

"Please, help me!" She said

"Let her go, vampire!" Said Terry.

"Put down your weapons or I'll drain this bitch right in front of you!"

"Let her go!" Yelled Jake.

"Weapons down!"

"Please, do as he says! I don't want to die!"

I thrust one my arms out, stopping Terry and Jake from dropping their weapons.

"Joey what-"

"Why are her eyes closed?" I asked, There was no emotion in my face nor my voice.

"Joey now is not the time!" Said Terry

"Do you have find it odd that her eyes are closed even those they are free?" I asked taking a step closer.

"NOT ANOTHER STEP!" I took another "I MEAN IT!"

"Open your eyes, girl..." I said then my eyes widen "Or should I say... VAMPIRE!" I lunged towards Terry and Jake as the two vampire lunged at us. Two more vampires joined them. Scrufflebeck growled and threw a large thorn from its body,

killing one of them.

"You humans always fall for that damsel-in-distress shit. Don't even try reaching for that gun, Blondie. I'll slice your buddy's head clean off! Looks like one of you isn't that stupid." Said the vampire woman she grabbed Jake while the two others knocked me to the ground, one tried to grab me but I punch him in the face, crushing his skull and and knock him back so that he crushed into a wall. "What?! Interesting!"

"Fuck! I knew it! We never should have gone in here!" Said Terry

"Excellent, three strapping young men. My master should be pleased when he returns. Lock them up! And try not to eat them. Master gets first bite."

"Goddamn it! Fucking vampires! Let me go!" Yelled Jake, struggling against her grip

"Lock me up? Ha! Fuck you!" I roared. I punched the second vampire away and charged at the female vampire

She turned quickly to face me "You're quick... I'm quicker." She said as she tried to punch me. I grabbed her fit and using my strength and the force she gave, I tossed her clear across the room and she crushed into the wall so hard the she made a hole.

"RUN FOR IT!" I screamed running towards the door, Jake and Terry following me.

"NO!" The female vampire jumped out of the hold and I didn't see her attack until it was too late.

I blacked out from the hit she gave me in the back of the head. The last thing I heard was the cries of worry from Jake and Terry.

* * * * * *

I was laying in the dreamworld, I groaned and sat up "You're quiet the fighter..." Said a Voice

"What?" I looked around

"But you rush so much. Not even going to check to see if you enemy is dead first."

"Who are you? Come out here so I can see you!" I snapped

"Just look in the mirror."


"I'm you. You're me."

"What are you talking about?"

"I don't expect you to understand. Hmm... I guess I don't really understand it myself."

"You're confusing me."

"I'm confused, too."

"So you are me and I am you. So doesn't mean I am just talking to myself like a crazy person?"

"I don't... think so..."

"So, I'm you and you're me... so I'm... me?"


"Yea, I'm not getting that either..."

"Okay, shut the fuck up for second and listen. All I know is that I don't want us to die. I'm doing all I can for you, but you've got to help me out."

"What do you mean you're doing all you can for me?"

"The super skin, the strength, the super speed... that's all thanks to me!"

"YOU? I'm the one doing all this stuff!"

"I AM you, stupid!"

"That's right!" I said smiling "If you ARE me so that means I'M the one that's doing all this since YOU ARE ME!"


"Well, anyways you're a big help back in that church, I could use a warning..."

"Hey, I can only do so much in the outside world. I live in our subconscious."

"I don't get it."

"When you're dreaming... or knocked the fuck out, like now... the doors to our subconscious open and, together, we can do some crazy shit. Like mind-crafting!"

"Or crushing minds like Andrius." I muttered

"Imagine if you could open the doors of our subconscious in the outside world. We'd be unstoppable!"

"Wow. Mind-crafting in the real world would be awesome! Imagine all the things I could make!"

"We could make the Pyramids look like ant hills."

"Sounds awesome! Tell me how!"

"I don't know! You're gonna have to figure it out!"


"Figure it out soon because I don't want to get our ass kicked again. Hold on, someone's coming."

"Joey. You did not heed my warning. Leave this place."

"I would if I could." I said "I think I am in a room, not sure... But I can feel myself being lock inside a room. That female vampire must of toss me, Terry and Jake somewhere..."

"A female vampire? So, he brought her with him."

"You know her?"

"Yes. She is Genovera, my brother's acolyte. She does not have the strength of an elder, but she does have exceptional power. You are lucky to have faced her and lived."

"I did do some damage on her...." I muttered "So you're telling me that your brother is stronger than her?"

"Yes. Much stronger. Genovera is merely his apprentice."


"Indeed. It requires centuries of experience and accumulated knowledge to become a respected elder in the vampire world. All civilized vampires aspire to become one."

"Even you?"

"... Yes. A long time ago."

"And you never got the title? You seem smart and old enough."

"It is against vampiric law for siblings to attain the title of elder."

"So he got first..."

"You can say that."

"How can I beat him and his bitch? I owe her a punch in the face and maybe break her spine"

"You cannot defeat them. When you awaken, run. Run and do not stop until the sun rises."


"You must run or you will die. I will not be able to save you if you stay."

"I am not leaving my friends and pet to die!"

"Stubborn child. Very well, I wish you luck. If you are still alive, I will see you soon." He disappeared

Then my other self said "So, we're staying?"

"Yup! Turn up our super strength and super skin to max! We're killing some vampires tonight and saving some lifes!" I said "Then maybe I can figure out how to bring you out. I have a castle in mind I want to build!"

* * * * * *

I woke up and saw the Terry and Jake were arguing "You're forgetting our training! It's your fault we're in here!" Snarled Terry taking a step towards Jake.

"Woah, guys. Calm down! I'll get us out of here." I said getting up

The two men whipped around to look at me "Joey!" Said Terry, Srcufflebeck back happily at the sight of me awake.

"Joe! You're awake! Are you okay?" Asked Jake

"The back of my head hurts but yea, I'm fine." I said "Now let's get out of here!"

"How do you plan on doing that?" asked Terry

"I'll just break the wall down. Duh."

"I wouldn't do that, if I were you! Don't make me call Mistress Genovera!" said a voice behind the door.

"Well, fuck you blood sucker!" I said tapping on the wall and listening, trying to find the best spot to punch a hole. "I'm breaking it down to the ground!"

"I'd like to see you try, buttercup!"

"Just shut it!" I snapped at the door, I pulled back my fit to punch a hole.

"Wait, Joey!" Said Terry "If you try anything, he's going to call that vampire woman!"

"Let her come!" I said "I can take her down! I just want to get out of here and keep you two, and scrufflebeck, alive!"

"Damn it, Joey! Stay put! I don't want to get in deeper shit than we are now!"

Then Jake spoke "... Maybe he's right, Joey. We need to think of something."

I looked at the both of them then sighed "Fine... What are we going to do then?"

"I have no idea..." Said Terry

"I'm out of ideas..." Said Jake

I sat down and stared at the ground "Let me thin-" I started then a loud bang made me jump

"What the hell is going on out there?" said the vampire guarding outside said then there was a yelp a bang and a robot burst into the room

"No Vampire sighted." it said putting away its guns then a Sentinel, AKA Jess, walked in.

"Herry?" I asked, I knew that voice

"Sentinel! Damn good to see you!" Said Jake

"Jess?" I asked smiling, I quick got up, rushed over to her and gave her a hug. That surprised everyone, even Jess. "It's so good to see you! Thanks for saving us." I let her go.

I can tell I made her flustered just a bit "Yea..." She said "Let's get going!"

We all totted down the room. "Wait." I said, causing everyone to stop "We need to check the church in case of survivors, it's risky I know but I would kill myself if I figured out we let helpless people die here."

"Joey is right." Said Jake "Let's check the church together."

* * * * * *

"I can't thank you enough for coming, Jess. You two cleared out this church?"

"Of course we did. You boys can't handle things without me."

"I could of if I was a little more careful..." I muttered

"Oh?" Said Jess but I didn't say anything.

"We were captured by a vampire. A powerful one. Knocked Joey out with one punch." Said Jake

"“She”? You got beat up by a girl, Joey?" said Jess.

I flinched a little "How about we just drop the subject please?"

"Heh heh. Anyways, how goes the search for Cross and Rosa?"

"Cross' trail ended in this area. We're still working on it. We should be close now." Said Terry

"Hey Joey?" Said Jess


"Harry says that YOU were responsible for breaking out Andrius. Is that true?"

"What?" I stared at her blankly as I groped about in my mind. "I don't remember anything like that. Maybe there was a glitch in the system?"

"Hmm... that's what we figured."

"Well, there are a lot of us now. It may be safe enough for us to split up and continue the search." Said Jake

"I don't think it's a good idea to split up..." I said "The vampires are strong things, safety in numbers I say!"

Suddenly the room went dark. "WARNING." Said Herry "VAMPIRE SIGNATURE DETECTED."

"Ooohh, shit..." I said

"Where are my children?" Said a voice. A voice I heard before. Scrufflebeck growled.

Terry was shaking now "It's cold... M-my head... hurts..." He said, he sounded in pain.

"Are you okay, Terry?" Asked Jess

"Their voices have been silenced."

"Who's there?! Show yourself!" Snarled Jess.

"Did you silence my children, machine?"


"Your lifeless kind does not belong in this world. Die."

A hand smashed through Herry's chest "DAMAge..cri... tic... a..."

"Herry!" Said Jess and I at the same time.

"You... the aberration. You do not belong. KILL HIM."

"My... head! Get out of my head!" Screamed Terry

"Terry!" Jake shouted

"Kill the aberration."

Terry pulled out his gun and pointed at me. J-Joe! I-I'm sorry! I can't control..."

"Joey! Run!" Said Jess.

I glared at the gun. "Clearly everyone is forgetting that bullets can't kill me!" I said as I dashed forwards at the same time Terry fired. It hit me but it didn't kill me nor made a mark. I tackled Terry and pinned in to the ground

"Sorry, buddy!" I said "But this is for the good for us all!"

Suddenly the light turned back on, allowing us to see. And to see a hooded cloaked man. I jumped up and off of Terry, taking him with me so that he was standing again. "Useless human." said the cloaked man

"Terry! Watch out!" Shouted Jess but it was too late, the cloaked man, which was a vampire judging by the looks of it, lunged at Terry and stubbed him.

"TERRY!" Jess screamed

"You humans are so weak. I pity your race. Take him. He still lives." Said the vampire, dropping Terry, Jess rushed over to him and draudged him away from the vampire. "Who amongst you will be the first to strike me? Let it be known that

my retaliation will be swift and without mercy. You humans will all die by my hands."

"I will..." I said taking a step forward. "Fight me and leave the others!"

"Joey!" Said Jake

"Help Jess take Terry back to the colony."


"HE'S GOING TO FUCKING DIE IF YOU DON'T!" I screamed at him but didn't take my eyes away from the vampire

"He will not survive the journey to your colony. Even with your precious technology. There is a way to save him."

"SHUT UP!" Yelled Jess.

"Throw him into the horde of infected. Let them inject life into him."


"No, Jess! You can't stop Sentinel's life support! Get out of here!" I said

"Arghh! You're going to pay for what you did to Terry! You're going to fuckin' pay!! "

"... Do you love him, human?"

"Shut u... ahh... my head..." Said Jess.

"You do love him. I can see it. What would you do to save his life?"


"Are you willing to do anything to save him from death?"

"I ... m-my head..."

"Will you let someone you love die? I can help you save him."

"Get... out... of my... head..."

"Let me help you. Both of you."

"ENOUGH!" I roared and all the bunches shot up and crushed back to the ground, most of them breaking making everyone look at me. "Jess! Snap out of it! Stop your fuckin' tricks, vampire!"

Scrufflebeck decided it was a good time to toss a large thorn at him "Wooden stakes. Clever. You are an intriguing creature." There was a pulse, it knocked back scrufflebeck and Jake

"Jake!" I said I dashed forward to stand in front of the vampire "Scrufflebeck! You bastard! Scrufflebeck's just a puppy! Do that again and I will take you out!"

"Heh... such loyalty."

"It's just you and me now, old man!"

"... I can feel your fear. You are afraid of me."

"What?" I-I'm not afraid!" I said

"I see the fear in your mind." he said but his voice didn't move

I didn't say anything. Everything was fading. "You are afraid." He said

I closed my eyes then I finally screamed out into the church and let everyone know that "I am afraid! I'M AFRAID I'LL LOSE THEM! I'M AFRIAD FOR THEIR LIFES!" I let a tear fall... I was fading away "I know I lost someone... I DON'T WANT TO LOST THEM!" I said, on the edge of crying as I tried to fight back.

Then something snapped in my mind. A wave of pain shot through me.

"Your mind is mine, human."

I faded away...
* * * * * *

I was aware that my body moved. Aware that it was fighting. Aware that it talked. I didn't care however. I mind hurts and I was nursing it back to health. Quiet suddenly I was brought back to the world as all the wind was knocked out of my lungs

"Where is your master?" Snarled Dominik holing up Cross by the throat.

"... W-what master? I don't have one."

"Where is Andrius?!" He said stabbing Cross in the side

"H-ha... ha... the pain..."

"I will not ask again. Tell me now or I will rip your brain from your skull."

The room went dark then Andrius voice spoke "... I am here, brother." He rushed forward and stabbed Dominik in the chest and held him in place.

"YOU! I have found you at last... You know that this will not stop me."

"Now, Cross. Feast on his blood. Gain the power that you desire."

"HAha! Gladly!" Said Cross taking a step closer to the trapped Dominik then stopped. "You sure you've got him?"

"Stop! You swore, Andrius! You made an oath!" Yelled Dominik

"I am not the one who is killing you." Said Andrius evilly. "Proceed, Cross." Cross stepped forward then bit down onto Dominik's neck and started to drain his blood from his body. "It is done. Farewell, Dominik." He tossed Dominik to the

ground "Well done, Cross."

"Now that... THAT IS BLOOD! HAHA!" Said Cross. "I can feel it coursing through my veins. Incredible! We need to find more vampires! Haha! ... Ha... ha..." He fell to his knees and held his head "I... I c-can feel my brain... Ah...


"Let his memories and experiences fill your mind." Said Andrius calmly. "Open your mind to his power... the power of a true vampire. The pain is a small price to pay."

While all of this was happening, I was slowly finding my feet as the pain melted away from my body. I slowly got up and looked around. Was something controlling me while I was in that darkness?

"M-my blood burns..." Stuttered Dominik, slowly standing up. I got to my feet and looked at Dominik "NO! I cannot become one of them! I am Elder Dominik! I cannot become one of them!"

"You cannot stop the poison, Dominik. Your life as an elder is at an end." Said Andrius turning to face his brother.

"NO! I WILL EMPTY MY BODY OF THIS TAINTED BLOOD! I WILL NOT BECOME ONE OF YOU!" And with that, he cut his own throat in hopes that he will not turn into a zompire but it didn't work. He only stained his robes in his own blood as he

slowly walked to a corner, sat down and rocked himself a little. The darkness that covered Andrius was now taking Dominik.

"Let the darkness take you." Said Andrius "Wallow in despair... Abomination."

I took a few steps out from the boxes I was laying on a few moments ago "What the fuck is going on here?!" I said rubbing my head, it was still thobbing but I can deal with that.

Andrius, surprised, looked over at me "Joey?" He asked "I did not expect you. I am pleased to see you here, alive."

"I'm pleased to BE alive..." I muttered then I spotted Cross, rage filled me. Now is the chance to get some answers "Cross!" I snarled at him "Where's Rosa?"

"Ha...ha... Rosa." he laughed softly "Forget her."

I lunged at him, picked him up by the throat and asked again "WHERE IS SHE?!"

"Fuck you. And her." He said

Then a horrible idea appeared in my head but I didn't want to believe it "What did you do to her?!" I said slowly "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" With a roar I tossed him into one of four pillars in the room. He crashed through the pillar and into the wall.

There was that pain again. But this time, it was pain of that of a lost.

I wasn't too sure what happened next up all that stone that used to be part of the pillar shot up and was arming at cross as I screamed "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO HER, CROSS?!" I was breathing deeply as I tried to swallow down my

rage. Something was squirming in my mind and I didn't like it.

"So weak... haha... you're so weak." he muttered, smiling.

The all stones shot towards him and pierced his body, it always knocked the goggles off of his head, the goggles that was a part of Stinger. He just laughed. A sudden forced knocked me back and I crushed into the pillar behind me, I

couched as the wind was knocked out of me.

"You have met? Interesting. Do not harm him, Cross."

"So much power..." He turned to me and smiled. I just snarled back at him as he said "Payback time, freak. I'm going to rip you to pieces. Nobody makes a fool of me, freak. I am the hero of Hammerston! The hero of the WORLD! I have more

power than anyone could ever imagine! HAHA!"

"So much power but was it worth it?" I asked

"Of course it is! Everybody, everywhere will praise me and grovel at my feet when I save humanity from The Pocalypse! But, first, I'm going to kill you...." Then he looked at Andrius "And you, monster."

"Nobody is going to accept you like that. And there is always a price, you'll see. Mark my words..." I muttered just above a whisper as I was finding my feet again, of course nobody heard me.

The ground shook then it stopped "AHH! What the fuck was that?!"

"You wish to destroy me, Cross?"

"What did you do?! DIE, MONSTER!" He was about to punch Andrius but he stopped, something was making him stop

"You are the monster. You allow your rage to control you."

"S-stop! I can't move..."

"You must be leashed, mongrel."

"Damn you! How?! How are you doing this?! I am all-powerful!"

"I created you. Your mind is open to me."

"I am your master. You are my pet, my slave."

"I'm no one's slave! AHH!"

"Down, boy."

Cross crushed down onto his knees, Andrius was controlling him "F-fuck... You knew, didn't you? You fucking knew from the start!"

"Of course. I crafted a tool, Cross. You are my weapon."

"D-damn you. DAMN YOU!"


I couched again and stood. "Where's... Rosa.." I asked weakly, "I want to know!"

"I- I don't know where she is..."

"LIER!" I snarled

"The woman who was in his captivity is gone, Joey."


"She fled."

"That means she's out there alone..."

"Ha... ha... Probably dead by now." Said Cross with a smile

"You bastard! You're responsible for all this!" I snarled as I raised my fit so I can punch him in the face

"Stop, Joey. He is mine now. I will take him." Said Andrius "Come with us."

"No!" I said as I started to open doors and looking into the "I'm not going to stop looking for her! I promised I'll find her! I NEVER break my pormises!"

"Forget her, Joey. Come with us. I wish to expand your power."

"Can't we do that on a later date?" I asked opening a door "Ah! Where are the danm stairs that lead up!"

"Come with us, Joey. I do not wish to use force."

"NO! Unless you are going to help me find her, I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE!"

"You will come with us – conscious or not. Cross... take him."

Suddenly, a hole appeared on the ceiling and beam of sun light appeared.

"AH! Shit, that's hot!"

Jake dropped down from the hole "Good mornin', Joey! You alright?"

"I have a swore body and a headache but yea," I said smoothly, a smile forming "Alive and healthy!"

"We must flee, Cross. The dawn has come." Said Andrius

"What about the freak?! And this soldier?! And the elder?!" Asked Cross

"The sunlight will incinerate us if we get closer. We are still vulnerable. Come, we must go." Andrius turned and opened a open to leave

"I'll be back for you, freak! You just made it to the top of my “People to Kill” list! Right to the fuckin' top!"

"I can't wait for that day ya' ugly fucker!" I snapped back watching him disappear into the darkness

Suddenly a vine snaked its way down the hole "What the? A vine? Hey, thanks, Scrufflebeck!" Said Jake then he looked at me "Let's go back to New Hammerston, Joe. We need to re-group.... And make sure Terry's okay."

"But Rosa.... She's out there alone..."

"We'll think of something, Joey. Come on, before something else shows up. We're getting our asses kicked here. We need to get back to the colony. Come on, we live to fight another day."

"Alright. Let's go."

"I'll be right up. I have a few blood-filled bullets to collect for Doc."

"How about no. I'm not leaving you down here. Just in case..."

"All right then."

I looked at the goggles on the ground, I walked over to it and picked it up

* * * * * *

After a very long walk, me and Jake finally made it back to the colony.

"We really need a car or something." Muttered Jake.

"Agreed." I said "And maybe something to eat."

"Yeah, I could use a good meal, too."

"Pity Rosa isn't here..." I muttered sadly

"Hey, we'll find her!" Said Jake "For now, let's make sure Terry and Jess are alright."

"Stop right there!" Said the guard on top of the building that lead into the colony

"That you, Mick? It's Sergeant Jake!"

"Ah, Sergeant! Good to see you! Come on in!"

We walked into the building and did the normal scanning process.

Another uneventful walk later, me and Jake entered the hospital "We're here!" I said Jess, Bernie and Nick turned to look at us.

"Joey!" Said Jess "Jake!"

"Jess! I'm so relieved to see you safe." Said Jake smiling "How's Terry?"

"He's going to be alright. Thanks to Nick."

"Phew! And thanks to you! I never would've forgiven myself if he didn't make it."

"Don't blame yourself, Jake. Blame the vampire that did this to him!"

"How did you get away from the elder?" Asked Bernie

"Bernie, you are not going to believe all the shit that happened." Said Jake looking over at Bernie

"Plus, it's a long story too..." I said

"Let's go to Doc's lab. He's going to want to hear all of this, too."

"I'll stay here. Fill me in when you're done, okay?" Said Nick

"Will do!" I said leading the way out of the hospital and to Doc's place.

* * * * * *

"... then Scrufflebeck threw down a vine and we headed home." Finished Jake

"... Wow." Said Bernie

"Incredible! Give me those bullets, boy! The blood contained within is invaluable!" Said Doc, grabbing the bullets carefully out of Jake's hand.

"... I'm not even going to imprison Andrius when we find it. I'm going to destroy it. And I'm getting Stinger back from Cross' bullet-ridden corpse."

"Speaking of Stinger." I said walking over to Bernie and handed him the goggles "I managed to take these from him."

"Thanks, joey." Said Bernie taking the goggles.

"The elder invaded your minds, did he not?" Asked the Doc

"Yeah... he made Terry shoot Joe. And he tried getting into mine... the pain was... intense, to say the least." Said Jess

"A vampire elder hybrid! A scientist's wet dream! I would very much like to meet this creature!" Then he looked at my face "... What about your mind, boy?" He asked me.

"He tried to get into mine." I said "But somehow I didn't allow him in. I could block him out."

"Most interesting. I would like to do some experiments on your brain, boy! I have a few theories!"

"How about no?" I said placing my hands on my head protectively "Can we please go out and find Rosa, I'm worried sick about her!"

"Joey's right. Now we know that Rosa is out there on her own."

"Do you think she's... turned?" Asked Jess

"I don't doubt that." I said "But I really don't care. I want her safe..."

"Whether or not she's still human, we have to find her. After everything she's done for us and the colony, she deserves it." Said Bernie

"... I'm sorry. I'm not going." Said Jess.

"Are you staying for Terry?" Asked Bernie

"Yes, I want to be there when he wakes up. I'm going to make sure he wakes up."

"I'm staying, too. As much as I'd love to see your new suit in action, Bernie, I want to be there for Terry, too. Besides, I'd only slow you guys down." Said Jake

"I understand. You guys deserve to stay and rest after what you went through."

"Looks like it's just me and you then, Bernie." Scrufflebeck barked "Oh, sorry about forgetting you!"

"Okay, let's get something to eat. Then, we're off, Joey. We're camping out, tonight."

"Sounds like a plan!"
* * * * * *

Me and Bernie were standing out of the colony and in from of the guard building "Ready, Joey?" Asked Bernie

"I was born ready!" I said

"Super lame, Joey." Said Jess from atop the building.

"Take care, guys! We'll hold down the fort here!" Said Jake, standing next to Jess.

"And don't worry about Harry! I'm going to ask Doc to help me fix him. Come back soon!" Said Jess.

"We will! Take care of yourselves and Terry!" Said Bernie

"Are you ready, Bernie?" I asked

"Yup, let's go. I have one of Rosa's aprons. Maybe Scrufflebeck can pick up her scent."

"Good idea!" I smiled at him "How about we race for a bit?"

"Alright. I'll give you a head start, to be fair." I picked up Scrufflebeck and ran like hell down the road then Bernie in his new suit zoomed pass me "How about racing me without the suit?! Ya' cheap bastard!" I just heard him laugh.
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Re: My Pocalyptic Fanfiction

Postby TheNightingGale » 27 Jan 2012, 05:07

All right here pretty soon it will start to branch off into a separate story!

Spoiler! :
It has been a long day, long and uneventful. Me and Bernie didn't find anything besides zombies. I was laying on a couch with my eyes closed. Scrufflebeck was laying on my belly as I stroked him. Bernie was recharging his suit all the while I and Scrufflebeck was relaxing on the couch. I was groping around in my mind in hopes to remember something.


"Yes, Joey?" Said Bernie

"Nothing... I'm just thinking." I said "Thinking who I really am. Though the longer I think the more I can see and remember a face..."


"Yes, and he looks a related to you..."


"He... he has green eyes... a brown beard, brown hair, gah that's all I can remember!" I open my eyes and sat up a little, Scrufflebeck looked up at me.

"Did he was a strong jaw?" Bernie was looking at me with some surprise. "And touch appearance?"

I thought about it "Yes...? I'm not sure but that fits the faint picture in my head."

"Joey, that my and Jess's father."

"Really? Hm, I knew I meant him somewhere. I seem to have strong feels for him, I think he helped me a lot in my life and I owe him my life." I lay back down and continue to pet Scrufflebeck. "On a side note, how does that suit of yours charge? Do you plug it in somehow?"

I shouldn't have asked him, he was off explaining happily "No, there's no electricity out here. To charge its battery, the reactor housed inside Arbiter efficiently converts matter particles into energy through a complicated process of-" and it went on for a few more minutes and I just nodded.

* * * * * *

I was standing in the Dream World once more but I wasn't alone this time.

"What have I done?" Said a soft and pained voice. I looked around and saw a woman wearing a dark gray hoodie. "I can't go back..."

"Hello?" I asked the woman, but got no answer

"I couldn't stop... I had to do it..."

"Had to do what? Are you all right?" I asked walking towards her.

"I killed her... "

"Killed who? What are you doing in the dream world?" I was kneeling beside her "Hey miss!" I said

"I don't think she can hear you..." Said my other self.

"Who is it?"

"How should I know?"

I looked at her and calmly placed a hand on her head. She twitched. I gently pulled back her hoodie and gasped "Rosa!" I said

She grabbed her hoodie and pulled it over her head "Stop..." She said weakly.

I looked around, trying to figure out what to do. I gently warped my arms around her "I know you can't hear me..." I muttered, hugging her. "I just want to comforter you somehow..."

She was really confused and tried to pull away but I remained strong. She finally gave up and rested there in my arms. "I feel so helpless..." I said "I want her to be safe and happy but I can't do anything while I am here."

"If you left me out I can find her in two seconds."

"I highly doubt that."

"How do you know?"

"She have to be right next to us in order for you to do that..."

"Says who?"


"And who are you?"




"JOEY!" I looked up, something was trying to wake me.

"No! I want to stay with Rosa!" I said tightening my hold on Rosa but my luck wasn't with me.

"No! Don't left me...." Said the last thing I heard from Rosa before I opened my eyes to look at Bernie in his suit. I glared at him.

"Sorry, Joey, but we should continue our search."

I sighed and got up, I didn't tell him about I have seen in the dream world.

* * * * * *

"I hope Scrufflebeck isn't leading us up the garden path." Said Bernie as we walked down the road, following Scrufflebeck.

"What?" I asked

"Well, we don't know where he's leading us, he's a plant..."

"Oh... Heh, I get it..."

"It's night, Joey. We shouldn't be out this late."

"But, Bernie!"

"Joey, I know that the three of us are more than capable of taking care of ourselves, but it's better to be safe than sorry."


"It's never a good idea to be out at night, Joe. You don't know what could be lurking-"

"FINE!" I looked around "how about we stay there?" I pointed to a nice looking apartment

"Sounds good. Thanks, Joey."

Suddenly Scrufflebeck dashed foreword and was barking at the next building "What's gotten into him?" I asked

"I don't know."

"Could she be in there?" I asked quickly walking towards the building and opening the door, Scrufflebeck dashed in to jump in front of a hooded woman. "Greybane!" I said spotting the aging man. He wore a look of surprise as he looked at me, I sneezed.

"What are you doing-" started Greybane but Bernie burst into the building with his gun out.

"Everybody, FREEZE!" He ordered. "What's going on in here?"

"Bernie," I said placing a hand on the tip of the gun so I can low it a little "It's Greybane and..." I gasped at the hooded woman sitting in the darkness.

I know her

"Rosa?" I asked walking towards the woman.

"... Bernie? Joey?" She asked looking up.

I smiled in pure joy and relief. "Oh Rosa!We finally found you!" I dropped down to my knees and pulled her into a hug "I'm so happy your safe!"

"W-what are you doing here?"

"We've been looking for you, Rosa." I said letting her go but was holding her hands, I smiled softly at her, I didn't want her to think I was a creep or anything.

"NO! I'm not Rosa! I'm a monster! Just let me die!" She jumped up and ran out of the building.

"Rosa! NO!" I jumped up and ran out her with Bernie, Scrufflebeck and Greybane following me. I burst out of the building just in time to watch Rosa getting shot by a unseen person. "ROSA!"

"Sniper! Get cover!" Said Bernie but I wasn't listening. I dashed forwards using my great speed, picked up Rosa and ran as fast as my legs can away from and to safety. "JOEY!" Called Bernie after me. "Wait, Joey! Stay here!" then seeing that I wasn't backing back said "Don't let the guards see her! Find Jess!"

I ran. I ran far away and soon I could run any longer. I tried not to slowed down, I was panting heavily, my legs were shaking and I was growing weak. I finally slowed down and shakily waked into a building that looked safe to me. I placed Rosa on a couch and, after making sure that we are safe, collapsed down onto the floor panting and sweating.

"We're... we're safe... I'll take care... of you, Rosa.... Don't worry." I said before I closed my eyes and slipped into the dream world.

* * * * * *

I jerked up right in the dream world by one word "BLOOD!"

"BBAAHH!" I looked around and saw Rosa laying in front of me.

"Blood... I need blood..."

"She needs blood?"

"That's right!" Said my other self. "Give her ours."

"How? You, my self, wouldn't allow anything to cut, bit nor pierce my skin."

"Yeah, sure. I'll let our guard down." The other me said "You sure you wanna do this?"

I looked down at her "Yes." I said "She needs it and I am the only one here that can give it to her."

"Okay... I hope we don't turn into anything. Off you go... Good luck. Oh and please don't run like that again! That was some work out..."

* * * * * *

My eyes opened and stand up.

"Blood..." Muttered Rosa.

"Alright, Rosa, have some of my blood."

"... You came to save me..."

"Oh course I did." I said scooting over to her from the spot on the floor. I pulled back her hair and hoodie so it won't get in the way.

"... Bernie. Help me... Bernie..."

"Hm, she must be confused in her state." I said. I took a deep breath and lowed my body so that my neck brushed against her lips. I felt her mouth opening and lowed myself even more.

Then I felt her teeth go into my neck.

It was the weirdest feeling. It took all of my will power not to jerk away. I can feel my blood being drain as Rosa feasted greedily on my blood. After she was done I pulled away but remained in my spot.

"That wasn't that bad..." I said placing a hand on the bite marks on my neck, which was healing quickly as I felt them. Suddenly my head felt too light. "Baahhh... I... need to lay down..." I crushed to the floor and slipped away in a dream like state.

* * * * * *

A man was laying on the couch, in his arms are the most beautiful woman he had ever lay eyes on. They we both in a realm, both were asleep and far away but their minds were able to meet and create anything in the realm. The man smiled and gently stroke the woman's head. She opened her blood red eyes and smiled back at him.

She was a vampire that fell in love for a human. Her eyes only showed love and kindness and the man returned the look with the same amount if possible more love in his eyes. Both wanted to meet face to face but knew that was almost out of the question. They enjoyed what little time together they have in this realm.

The vampire opened her make to say something but two voices stopped her.

"Joey!" Said the voices and the man felt like he was being pulled away yet remained with his beloved. "Joey! Wake up!"

I opened his eyes. I looked up at Rosa, who was smiling in relief. "You're okay!" She said hugging me, I felt my face getting hotter.

"N-never felt better." I said

"Thank you. Thank you for saving me. And, thank you... for your blood."

"I did what I can do." I said slowly sitting up, Rosa let go of me and helped me up on the couch. "What more important is how are YOU! Are you feeling better?"

"Yes, thank you. I feel much better. Your blood is... different. It's... incredible, to be honest. I haven't felt this good since before... I became like this."

"Hm, I wonder why. I don't consiter myself special or anything..." Then an idea crossed my mind "Rosa, can you please tell me what happened at the cantina that night?"

"It was Lieutenant Cross. I was closing up the restaurant when he attacked me..."

I growled "Cross... OOOHHHH! I'll make sure he'll regret that!"

"After he bit me, I passed out. But, even when I was unconscious, I could feel his- his poison coursing through me." Rosa looked down at her hands then continued "When I woke up, I was alone. I was so thirsty. I didn't care about anything else. I just wanted to drink. I was confused. I didn't know what I was craving, but it drove me insane. I started screaming... then Lieutenant Cross came in."

I could picture the whole thing in my mind.

"Finally awake, Rosa?" Said cross dragging a body into the room.

"James... I'm so thirsty..."

"I know. Here, this is for you." He threw the body at Rosa's feet.

"W-What?! Who is that? I-is he dead?"

"Yeah, nice and fresh, too. Hurry up before his blood gets cold."

"No! No! I won't do it! What did you do to me?!"

"You can't resist it, can you? I know how you feel."

"W-what did you do to me..." Rosa curled up into a ball on the bed where she was laying on.

"Trust me, you'll feel better after. I'll leave you to it. I'll be back. Bon appetit, my dear." He left.

Rosa started to cry, she looked at the body and slowly began to crawl towards it.

"I'm sorry..." She said before she bit down on the neck of the body and drained the blood from it.

"Satisfying, isn't it?" Asked Cross walking into the room minutes after Rosa was done "We're a rare breed, Rosa. It's just you and me, now."

"... I'm not like you... I'll never be like you." Growled Rosa

"I'm the only one for you." Said Cross walking towards her

"... I hate you. I hate you so much." Looking up at him with pure hate in her red eyes.

"... W-what? You haven't turned..."

"Get away from me!" Said Rosa pulling away from Cross

"W-why aren't you... like me? I turned you! I fuckin' turned you!"

"How do I fix this?!" he grabbed Rosa by the throat and picked her up, screaming "I FUCKIN' TURNED YOU!"

"DON'T TOUCH ME!"Roared Rosa and a sudden force knocked back Cross allowing her to jump through the window and to her freedom.

"Come back here!" Roared Cross through the window,

"He didn't chase me. I just kept running. When the sun started to rise, it felt like the air around me was on fire." Said Rosa. "I hid and slept inside buildings and I kept running during the night until I finally ran into you and Bernie. I-I've done some... terrible things..."

"You been through a lot in that short time..." I muttered

"I'll never forgive Cross for what he did to me."

"Rosa, I'll get him back for you, I promise. That for sure." I stood up from the couch "Come on, let's get back to New Hammerston. It's safer there."

"New Hammerston... Maybe Doc can cure me..."

"Yea, there's a thought!" I ofter Rosa my hand "Let's go and see."

"Yes, let's get back to the colony. I want to go home." Said Rosa looking at my hand before taking it so that I helped her up from the floor that she was sitting on.

"Sounds like a plan. Let's so." I lead Rosa out from the building and towards New Hammerston. We walked out from the building. The night was still young and we started to take the road down where I came from.
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Re: My Pocalyptic Fanfiction

Postby TheNightingGale » 21 Feb 2012, 03:23

If there is any grammar or spell mistakes PM me!

Spoiler! :
I managed to convince Rosa to get in a car and I was now pulling the car as I ran.

"Not so fast, Joey! It's too rough." Said Rosa.

"Oh, am I going too fast?"

"A little. You don't want to break anything."

I slowed down to a tot "Is this fine?"

"This is your first time doing this, isn't it?"

"Yeah, well, I've never been this strong befo-" I tripped and the car ran me over

"Joey!" Rosa got out of the car and ran over to me "Joey! Are you ok?"

"Yes." I said getting up "But my face hurts from the fall to be honest."

"How about we just walk from here."

"Fine by me." I got up and we started to walk, I walked close to Rosa just in case something might pop out.

"Are you sure you know where you're going? I don't recognize this area."

"I'm pretty sure that this is the road me and Bernie took." I said looking around but a frown was growing on my face.

"Getting lost out here at night... We're just asking to get killed."

"We're not lost. Just let me get my bearings." I paused to look around, I took out a compass I grabbed a while back. and looked at it. "All right." I muttered "That way is North... This was is West... New Hammerston was East from the Base... Eerr... This way!" I started to walk East "Don't you worry, Rosa! Just stick close to me and You'll be fine!"

"Well, I AM worried. Who knows what's out here. Something could be watching us right now."

"You have a point but it's not like you can walk in the sun right now..."

We walked for a few minutes, I eyed the tall stalks of what seems to be like really big dandelions

"It's so quiet here. Quieter than usual."

"Want me to clap my hands to make some background noise?"

"No! You might attract something. Let's just keep moving as silently- Wait, are you sure you came from this way?" Said Rosa stopping to look at the huge plants

"Not any more, it looks the same way we took minus the plants."

"It doesn't look safe... Let's go around."

"But, this might be the way." I said looking at her "Don't worry! I can take on anything. They don't call me “Powerfist” for nothin'!"

"Who calls you Powerfist?"

"So far everyone I meet."

"I don't know, Joey. No offense, but you're not as well-equipped as Jess or Bernie. I mean, they have guns and battle-suits."

I stared at her looking hurt. "Ow, my pride."

"Sorry, Joey. I didn't mean to!"

"It's... it's ok, Rosa. You just stating facts..." I began to walk again, quicker this time.

"Joey!" Said Rosa running after me

I grumbled unhappily as I walked "Bernie better than me. Why? What did he do? What does he have that I don't?"

"Joey, wait!" Said Rosa catching up. "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you!"

I stopped and Rosa crushed into me. I looked at her, with a slight sadden face "Why do you like Bernie so much."

"I wouldn't be alive now if it wasn't for Bernie and Jess."


"They saved me... I was hiding in my old restaurant while The Pocalypse swept over Hammerston. I didn't have much food left and I couldn't defend myself against the swarms of zombies outside." Her eye wondered down to the ground as she talked "All I could hear was the zombies' moaning. It was deafening. Every minute was a nightmare. I had given up hope... I just sat in my restaurant and waited... waited to die. Then, one day, I heard gunshots outside. I didn't have the strength to get up. When the gunshots stopped, everything was quiet. The zombies were silenced. I used the last bit of energy I had to open my eyes and... there they were." She looked up me "Stinger and Sentinel... Bernie and Jess. They brought me to New Hammerston, where I started a new life. I owe them both so much. I'll never forget what they did for me."

I looked at her, processing the information she gave me. Is it possible that Rosa fell for Bernie a little?

I turned my head to the right "Let's just go Rosa. I promise you I'll take you to New Hammerston."

"... Alright, Joey. I believe you. But, don't you think there's a better route to take than this?"

"This has to be the right path, it looks like the one I took."

"Look at these plants, Joey. These aren't normal plants."

"They are big..."

"Haven't you come across plant monsters? I hear that they can even be more dangerous than zombies."

"Nope, but I'm not counting Scrufflebeck as one."


"He's my pet! A plant puppy, the sweetest thing you'll ever find!"

Suddenly the ground shook. "What was that?"

"I have no idea... Earthquake maybe?"

"No, it felt like something was moving. Feels like it came from-" She looked to the right and gasped "Oh my god! Joey! What is that?!"

I looked where she was looking and saw what appears to be "A tree with a bunch of pods sticking out of it..." I said "Yeah, let's go the other way..."

"What do you think it is?" Asked Rosa

"I don't know, but I don't feel like going near it."

"It's a weird-looking tree. I'm kind of curious. Maybe we can just take a quick look at it, then go the other way." She started to walk towards it then she turned to me "Coming , Joey?" I was eyeing the tree before my feet started to walk beside Rosa. "Doc would love to see this thing. Maybe we can take a sample of it to show to him." We walked only a few yards before three things burst out from the pods. They look like green balls with legs and a head.

"What the fuck...?" I said watching one of the three creatures scuttled away the two remain and started to crawl towards us.

"Let's get out of here, Joey! Run!" Said Rosa.

"Agreed!" I scooped up Rosa in my arms and started to run at full speed but suddenly the creature, the third one, jumped out and exploded in front of us. The explosion knocked us back and the other two exploded too. I crushed into a building and hitting my head hard.

I faded away.

* * * * * *

The man stood in the realm again, waiting for his beloved. She appeared before him, she ran over to him and hugged him.

"My darling!"She said, she voice sweeter than sugar "I come baring news!"

"What's the news, my love?" The man asked.

"The elders decided that we can meet face to face!" She said looking up at him. "They said I can go meet you!"

"That's great!" The man said smiling back "We can finally meet."

"Though..." Her smile began to fade.

"What is it?" The man asked, his smile fading away too.

"The Elders want to meet you." The man didn't say anything, knowing this could be a bad thing "Whether we like it or not, they will find a way to bring you to the castle."

The man closed his eyes and nodded "So let it be."

"But what happens if they want to hurt you!"

"Then I will defend myself." The man said "I knew this day would come and I am not going to fight it." He gently stroked his beloved's cheek "All I can do is enjoy life to it's fullest and you made my life worth willing for. I'll fight if I need to, maybe I can find a way to convince the Elder's I mean no harm and they would harm me. Don't worry my love, I'll try a way."

The voices came again, pulling the man away "JOEY! JOEY, WAKE UP!"

I opened my eyes and groaned "My head..." I said placing a hand on my hand. I looked up at Rosa, who was kneeing beside me.

"Joey, thank goodness!" Said Rosa, helping me up.

"Yea, I was wondering when you'll wake up!" Said Myself.

"What happened?" I asked "I was running away from those thing and the next I felt pain in my head."

"One of those things jumped out and knocked you back." Said my other side.

"Oh... Sneaky basters..."

"What do we do now? Where are we? I mean, the real us."

"I don't know where we are. But, you can help with that, Rosa." The other me said slyly.

"What? Me? What can I do?" Asked Rosa

"You're a zompire." Rosa didn't say anything.

"Why did you have to go and say that?" I asked

"I'm sorry, but it's the truth. You have vampiric abilities that you're unaware of."

"W-what do you mean?"

"Vampires can take over a person's mind. We saw that when the elder invaded and released me."

"Oh so that's what happened back at the church!" I said

"We're inside our mind now. You have access to it. I don't know why, but we have a strong connection."

"What are you saying? I can control Joey?"


"Sure you can! How about you start with our eyes? Then we can see where we are."

"What do I do?"

"I don't know...."

"Um... okay?"

"Guys I don't like the idea of me being controlled..."

"Just try it, I guess. Pretend you're opening your eyes, but Joey's."

"A-alright, I'll give it a shot." Rosa stared into the darkness, trying to do whatever she can do. "I have no idea what I'm doing."

"Hm, this remains me of the time that when Andrius was training me, we started with mind-crafting."


"Yes, now just try and creature... let's say a block." I stared out into the darkness and an iron block appeared.

"Wow! Let me try!"

"All right, just try and create a block or anything for that matter."

"Concentrate. You can make anything."

"Okay. Here goes." A thing of grass appeared "I did it!"

"Great!" I said "Try something bigger." A car appeared

"You're quiet the mind-crafter!" Myself said

"This is fun! We need to come here more often."

"Okay, no more games. Try opening our eyes, now."

"Alright! Sorry, I'm going to take over your mind, Joey." I shrank back a little "It's ok! I wont hurt you or anything." Rosa quickly said, knowing I don't like the idea. Suddenly my eyes opened without me controlling them.

"Amazing! You did it, Rosa! You're controlling our eyes! I'm impressed!"

"Damn right, you're impressed! So am I!"

"I don't like it..." I muttered

"What's that, Joey?" Asked Rosa looking at me.

"I don't like being controlled..." I said I shifted my eyes looking around "Where are we?"

"Looks like we're in pods, like those plant monsters."

"Ah, that explains it. I'm fighting some sort of corrosive oil that's eating away at our body."

"What?! Corrosive?! What about MY body?!"

"... Uh oh. We need to get out of there."

"I can get us out of there! Wake me up!" I said trying my hardest to wake up.

"No!" Said Myself "I'll get us out of here!"

"Yea right! All you don't do much, sorry Myself but it's true."

"Wake ME up, Rosa. I'll get us out of there and back to New Hammerston."

"No! It's MY body! YOU are just a voice in my head!"

"It's OUR body. And, I refuse to wake you up. I'm sick of taking care of you."

"Fine by me!" I snapped "I can take care of myself! I alive without you before and I can do it again!"

"Rosa, dig deep into our mind and wake me up. Release me and I'll show you what the real Joey can do."

"Don't do it, Rosa! I can get us out of there! "

Rosa looked a little stressed out on who to pick "Uh... I-I don't know..." She muttered

"Who's it gonna be, Rosa?" Myself said

"Just say me, so we can get out of here." i said stepping foreword to Rosa "I promised I'll take you home! have I broken that promise?"

"No... You didn't..." Then she turned away, "But... I'm sorry, Joey..."


"You, Joey... I'm sorry, but all you've done is get us into more trouble.

"W-what? M-me?"

"I-I just want to get home in one piece. I want to get out of that pod before my whole body dissolves. I want Doc to cure me of this virus. I want to go home, Joey!"

"I promised I'll take you there!"

"But so far you haven't fulfilled that promised!" She turned her back on me "You! Promise me! Promise me that you'll get us all home safely!"

"I promise. I'll get you home before the sun rises." Myself said "I will mow down any plant monster, zombie, vampire, machine, mutant- anything that gets in our way! Nothing's going to stop us."

There was pain in my chest, a horrible pain. "Rosa..."

"... A-alright. Let's do this." She looked at me "This is for our own good, Joey. I'm not going to die here! Tell me what to do!"

"I saved you... I saved you from that sniper..."

"Shut up, Joey! You didn't save me! You should've just left me with Bernie! He would've brought me home by now!"

"That's it... break him down. Let his grief take over and open his mind."

"Rosa... You know nothing about my other side... Why trust him?"

"Almost there..."

"You're irritating and stubborn! Just shut up and let him take us home! I'm doing this for all of us! It's time for you to go, Joe... I'm sorry. We don't need you..."

There was a lot of pain in my chest, the darkness started to cloud my vision. My eyes slowly made their way down to the floor. "You'll going to regret your discussion..." Was the last thing I said before the darkness took me completely.

* * * * * *

I wasn't sure how long I sat there in the farthest corner of my mind. I shaped the darkness into a beach at night. It was beautiful here. I closed my eyes and listened to the waves. I drifted away to what felt like a memory.

The man stood in front of three hooded figures with his beloved at his side. There was silence but I did not dare break it, something told me not too. Then finally

"Human. Do you know why you stand before us?"

The man slowly shook his head, not taking his eyes off of the figure that spoke "I have an idea but I'm not too sure about it..." He said softly and smoothly.

"You stand here only because we have spared you!" Said another figure "Humans are our sustenance! You are our PREY! You are a weak, pitiful race! Do you understand?!"

The man slowly shifted his eyes to look at the talking figure. "Yes... You are elder vampires, I do believe... But I am not afraid... Why should I?" He said, there was no emotion in his voice.

Suddenly the Elder Vampire that spoke dashed forwards, grabbed the man throat and lifted him up into the air with no effort "WE ARE YOUR GODS! YOU LIVE ONLY TO FEED US!"

"Unhand me!" he growled, forcing his hand open and pushing him back a few yards. THe man kneet there, rubbing his hand.

"Elder, please! We need him!" Said the man's beloved vampire

"Out, Katherine! You do not have a voice here!" Said in a tone that made Katherine shake in fear.

"Y-yes, Elder. Forgive me." She lifted. I watched her go then suddenly I was pinned down to the ground

"... Release him, Dragan."

"We do not need this human. They have nothing to teach us! They are our FOOD, Milena! Nothing else!"

"Control your useless rage. The council has agreed to spare this human and learn from him." Said Milena

"Vampires learning from humans! I will not be a part of this nonsense! Nor will my family!" He disappeared

"Dradan!" Said the third Elder Vampire

"Let him be. When he witnesses our newfound power, he will regret his actions and reconsider his priorities."

I opened my eyes with a gasp. Someone or something was behind me. I whipped around "BAH!"

"I remember you." Said the elder vampire

"Same here..."

"Did you create this place?"


"Impressive. You have the skills of vampire."

"What are you doing here?"

"My body is in your colony. I was... browsing... the minds of your colonists when I found this place."

"My body is at the gates of New Hammerston... Isn't it?"

"You have lost control of your body, have you?"

"In a way, yes..."

"The one that challenged me... from the inner sanctums of your mind. It appears the tables have turned." He took a step closer to me "Do you want your body back, human?"

I turned my back on him "No..."


"Well at lest not now." I lay myself down on the sand to stare up at the starry sky. "I have a lot to think about and you are not helping..." It felt so easy to push him out of my mind. I lay there for what felt like a few more minutes before I felt....

A dark... Horrible desire...

I shot up. Myself is in Rosa's cafa, myself corning Rosa. Rosa was trying hard to get away.

"NO!" I yelled. Even if Rosa dislikes me, I will NOT allow myself getting his way! Using all of my will, then I felt anger. Rosa wanted Bernie's help. Myself was angry that after what he did, after what WE did. I felt Myself walking out of the cafa, hellbent on meeting Bernie.

"Oh no..."I said over and over "Oh no... OH NO...."

Myself burst into the apartment me, Jess and Bernie were staying. Scrufflebeck was sitting on the couch. He barked happily at us and totted over to greet us. Myself petted him, asking him if he knew where is Bernie.

Bernie and Jess suddenly walked into the apartment. "NO! NO! NO! NO!" I screamed, trying my very hardest to gain control. Myself was doing a good job of fighting back.

Myself punched Bernie in the chest, sending him flying out of the room. I screamed as I regain feeling of my arms and legs.

* * * * * *

I was standing in the hallway. Bernie was in his suit, pointing his gun at me with Jess behind him, looking worried.

"Joe? Is- is it you?" Asked Jess.

I could feel sweat running down my face and I said weakly. "Please... run..." I screamed in pain as Myself tried to grain control of MY body! "Please run! For the love of Marry Jones, RUN!"

"What's happening, Joey?!"

"My... other self wants... out..." I said on my knees, holding my head.

"Snap out of it!" Said Jess.

"Please..." I said on the edge of tears "RUN! I don't want to hurt you... He's fighting... he- he won't... stop..."

Bernie and Jess looked helpless as they watched my struggle with Myself.

I heard my voice being used. A darker tone, a eviler tone. "I-I'm... not... leaving... until... you're... dead." I lost the use of my legs and arms. I lunged towards Bernie.


Pain.... So much pain in my chest.
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Re: My Pocalyptic Fanfiction

Postby TheNightingGale » 21 Apr 2012, 09:16

Sorry for the wait. I was busy. Here's a little part of the next chapter!

Spoiler! :
I felt myself being carried by Bernie. I felt my blood spilling out and dripping off of my body.

“He's alive! I've got a pulse!”

My eyes were open but they saw nothing. Everything was so bright … So I closed my eyes…

“Come on, come on! Get him on the table!”

I would hear but heard nothing. I breathed but smelled nothing.

“Get him out of the suit!”

Cold… so cold… So much pain… Make it stop…

“It went through, Bernie! What the fuck happened?!”

I could taste… I tasted copper and salt…

“I don't know! You were there! The bullets weren't hurting him! Bullets have never done this to him!”

Now my body was shaking but not from the cold…


“What is it, Nick?!”

“He's not going to make it.”

So cold… So…. Cold…


The voice… The voices of my friends… they were fainting… Slowly fading...

“It's amazing that he's alive now. It's going to take a miracle to save him.”

“You've worked miracles before, Nick! Save him!”

“We have limited supplies, Jess. Is it worth wasting them on a patient I know I can't save?”

Jess… I can heard grief and anger in her voice. Nick’s voice… something was off about it…

“You're a doctor! You have to save his life!”

“Look at him! He's an inch away from death and there's nothing I can do! Let him go!”

“This can't be happening...”

Bernie… His voice was filled with misery

“... I thought... I really thought he was going to change everything...”

I would if I could… I would have brought light to this darkness. I’m not a heartless person, I like to help… Help…

“Nothing's ever going to change, Bernie. I know that, now. He's just another dead body to send to the furnace. Another casualty of this fucking mess. Just another fucking statistic.”

Nick… Such bitterness on one’s own words… I opened my eyes just as Jess ran out of the room. No one saw me.


“There's nothing I can do. For him, for anyone. What's the point anymore? What hope are we still clinging to, Bernie?”

I couched up some blood, all eyes were on me now.

“Joey!” Said Bernie, rushing to my side. I tried to talk but it hurt... “No Joey. Don’t talk now, you need your strength!”

My eyes rolled over to Nick, his face was hard to read. I tied to speak again “Keep hoping…” I couched “It’s… all we have left… We… all need it… something to keep us fighting… for… a better… to…mar…row”

My voice was fading… I was fading…

“Joey! Please hang in there… Don’t die…”

“I’m.. not dying…” I said with a smile, looking at him. “I’m… just going to… sleep… sle...ep…”

Darkness consumed me whole. I was gone…

For now.
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Re: My Pocalyptic Fanfiction

Postby TheNightingGale » 27 Apr 2012, 03:07

PM me and tell me what do you think so far and if you have any ideas feel free to share them with me~!

Spoiler! :
The darkness was thick, the darkness was cold but the darkness what not empty.

“Well, I didn’t see that coming…” Said the voice of Myself.

“MYSELF!!” I screamed, and Myself appeared


“This is your fucking fault!” I snarled “If you didn’t threaten Bernie we wouldn’t be here in the first place!”

“He had it coming!” Screamed Myself

“So what that Rosa liked him!” I yelled, throwing my hands up “Life moves on!”

“I WANT Rosa and ONLY Rosa!”

“Well, you can’t get her love by killing Bernie…” I said in a deadly calm voice. I knew what I had to “So I have to keep you under control….”

“What? HA! Don’t make me laugh!” Myself smiled and his black eyes stared at me coldly. I just stared at him right back and focused. A little red boxed appeared and trapped Myself. “What the fuck?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!’ Myself screamed trying to free him but with no luck

“I need you…” I muttered walking up to the box and looked at Myself “And you need me…”

“I do not need you!” Hissed Myself

“You need my body…” He went silent. Yes, need needed me to have a body. “… And I need your powers…” I continued placing a hand on the box, need Myself’s face. The dull pain in my chest went away “I’m going to keep you around, if you keep giving me these powers maybe I’ll find you a body.”


“I have an idea.” I smiled as light started to cloud my vision. “Time to wake up…”


I groaned softly and sat up. I looked down at my bare chest, the hole where the bullet went through was gone. Then I heard Jess’s and Bernie’s voice.

“Bernie, I know it's hard- I know it's hard when you lose a survivor you found-“

“We haven't lost him! He's not dead! I refuse to believe he's dead! Not HIM!”

I frowned then smiled. I could wait to see their faces, they thought I was still dead!

“Just accept it! Yes, Joe was our friend, but we lose friends every day! We have to move on!”

I got up and walked to the doors, I was about to put them open when Bernie said “He wasn't- isn't just a friend. He holds keys to all the doors. Imagine the missions we can accomplish with his powers. We haven't even begun to tap into his

I frozen, my hands inches from the doors. I shook my head in disbelief. “No…” I said, my hands dropped to my sides “He was going to use me…”

“Is that what he is to you? A tool? Are you upset that you lost your weapon?”

Tool, I was not a tool! Without second thought, I turned and pushed the window, shattering it, and I climbed out of it.

“What was that?!”

I heard the doors opening and heard Bernie shoat out my name “JOEY!”

I didn’t stop running, I run through the colony using my super speed and I scaled the walls. When I hit the ground, I weaved my way through town and only stopped when my legs were shaking and couldn’t hold my weight. I had to drag myself inside
the nearest open build and crashed onto floor after I closed and made sure I was safe.

I was soon asleep.


I was laying in the Dream World. Myself stared at me from his box, he was quiet or maybe I couldn’t hear him if he was talking.

“I can’t believe it…” I said bitterly “Bernie… of all people! Bernie using me! I… l…” I closed my eyes and sighed.

The Man was sitting by a lake on a moon lit night. He was alone. He wanted to be alone. “Katherine… I know you are there…” The man said, not taking his eyes off of the waters.

“My love…” Said Katherine, stepping out from the darkness and looking at the man “I now you are hiding something from me. Why are you not telling me! I want to help you…”

The man said nothing for a minute, he closed his eyes, fighting back tears as he forced himself to lie “I’m… I’m fine Katherine!”

“You’re a terrible liar and you know that.”

The man chuckled softly “You know me so well…” He said lovingly then he started to couch, it sounded like it hurt

Katherine was by his side in a flash “Samuel!” She said

I woke with a start. “Samuel…” I said softly “I know that name…”
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Re: My Pocalyptic Fanfiction

Postby TheNightingGale » 29 Apr 2012, 10:23

Please tell me how my fic is going and tell me any and all ideas that'll make it better! =D

Spoiler! :
It felt like a weeks but it only has been six days since I last left the colony and never before I felt so alone. I always had someone with me, I didn’t like being alone.

I looked up, I was at a harbor. The smell of sea and the sound of the waves, it was very nice and relaxing. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply

“Hey!” I opened my eyes and looked around then spotted a man behind a fence. The man had to be in his mid-age, he had a brown bead and was wearing a hat. What are you doing out there all by yourself?” He asked “You’ll get killed! Get over here right now where it’s safe.”

“Eeerrr… ok?” I walked over to where the man is and he opened a gate allowing.

“What were you doing out there?” The man asked

“Just wondering…” I said

“Times like these are no place to wonder.” Walking down the fence, I followed “So what’s your name,

“Call me Joey. Yours?”


“Pleased to meet you, Oscar. Nice to meet a new face.” I said raising my hand to Oscar, he took it. I soon spotted a young man fishing “Who’s that?” I asked pointing

“Oh him,” Said Oscar “That’s my son Philip.”
The young man looked up when he heard us talking. He looked at me. Gosh, he looks a lot like his father! He had brown hair and eyes, he had an earring on his left ear and an eyebrow piecing on his right eyebrow. “Who’s this father?” He asked still looking at me.

“Philip, this is Joey.” Oscar said to him “Found his wondering just outside of the fence.” I raised my hand in greeting. Philip just nodded and returned to his fishing. “Come, I liked you to meet the rest.”

“There are more survivors?” I asked following Oscar to a house. The first room only had a few boxes, a table and spare chairs.

“Margaret, Juke!” Called out Oscar

“Coming dear!” Said a woman’s voice then I heard two pairs of footsteps coming down the stairs. A woman and right behind her was a child. “Hello there!” Said the woman, she was fairly pretty, she wore on eye patch on her right eye and she seemed tired. The child behind her seemed to be around 12 years of age. He looks a lot like his mother.

“Margaret, Juke,” Said Oscar “I like you to meet Joey.”

Again I raised my hand in greeting. “Pleased to meet you Margaret and Juke.” I said

“Found his wondering just outside of the fence.” Oscar continued.

“Well, it’s a good time Oscar found you,” Said Margaret “it’s very dangerous outside.”

“I now…” I said, my voice softening “I was with… my friends…”


Later that day, I decided to join Philip in his fishing. We didn’t talk much if not at all bit it felt nice to be with someone and I think Philip liked it when I’m with him. I stared out at the ocean, I felt so relaxed. At peace almost through I had the strangest feeling when looking out at the ocean. I couldn’t place my figure on it… Oscar came out, he walked away as if looking for something but he returned. He checked the gate and fence then walked over to us.

“Any luck today, son?” He asked

“I caught two fish.” He answered

“Only two, eh,” He said “you sure they're not infected?”

“The look fine to me…”I said looking down at the bucket between me and Philip

“Yeah, I'm sure, dad. What did you get?”

“A few rats and some edible greens, looks like we're in for quite a meal.”

My stomach did a flip flop. These poor people had to live off of what they can find, I felt guilty for all the wonderful things I had eaten over the course weeks since my awakening.

“Yeah... right.” Muttered Philip

“Are Candice and Darren back yet?” I can only assume they are other survivors.

“Not yet.”

“I'm sure they'll be back soon. We'll save some food for them.” There was a long pause. Oscar stared out at the ocean then he said “It's soothing, isn’t it? The ocean.”

I didn’t say anything but nodded a little and closed my eyes.

“Yeah. I like being out here, when it's quiet.” Said Philip

“God is in the ocean, you know?” I wasn’t a religious type after the things I have been through.

“Yes, dad. You've told me a thousand times. God is in everything.” I didn’t like the tone of the young man’s voice. I open one eye and stared at Philip

“That's right, boy, and don't you forget it, hear me?” Oscar said “It's our faith in the Almighty that has kept us alive while all the heathens are now walking the earth as the devil's servants. We're blessed to be living here, safe and healthy. This is the gift bestowed upon us for being faithful.”

“Okay, dad.” I really didn’t like his tone…

“Mark my words, Phillip. You lose your faith in this world, and you become one of them. You become a rotter.” A rotter? Did he mean a Zombie? “It's not an infection or a virus. Those are the devil's lies spoken through the mouth of man. The Rotters are God's punishment for our sins.” Philip didn’t say anything “Well, come on, let's bring all the food in. I'm sure your mother and brother are hungry.” Philip got up and followed his father back inside and so did I.

Once side, I stared down at a plate “For me?” I asked and Margaret nodded “That’s very kind of you but I’m not hungry.”

Margaret seemed to roll her good eye “Oh please, I insist!”

“I don’t know…’ I said, my stomach did that flip flop again. “I hate to be a burden….”

“Oh Joey, you’re not a burden!” She said. We argued for a few minutes before I gave up and sat down. Margaret smiled the said “Thank you for all the food, boys. Everything looks great. Any trouble out there, Oscar?”

Oscar shook his head “No trouble today, thank God. There seems to be less rotters these days.”

“I've noticed that too. Maybe everything is slowly going back to normal?” She asked

“Maybe. But, we should still get out of here. Even if there were no rotters here anymore, we're still running out of food.”

“Right... How are the boat preparations going?”

“Should be a few more days of repairs, then we set sail. With the Lord's guidance, we will find a new place to settle, one that is free of the devil's curse.” Philip made a sound and his father gave his a stern stare “You got something to say, boy?”

“Now, come on. The food's getting cold. Let's say grace.”

Everyone but Philip closed they eyes. Out of respect I closed my eyes and bowed my head “Dear Lord,” Began Oscar “we thank you for this bounty we are about to receive. Let your sustenance grant us the strength to resist evil and do your will. For this, we pray. Amen.”

Everyone but Philip said ‘Amen’ and once again, out of respect, I said it too.

“Enjoy your meal, everyone.” Said Margaret smiling but Oscar only glared at Philip

“What's the matter, boy? You don't say "amen" anymore?” He growled. Oh dear, I smell a fight coming!

“Please, Oscar, can we just enjoy this food?” Pleaded Margaret, having the same feeling.

“No, Margaret, I've had it with this boy.” Growled Oscar then backed at Philip “You want to be a rotter?! You want to be a God-less cannibal?! That's exactly where you're headed!”

My blood was boiling for some odd reason, I seem to hate seeing a Family fight.

“May I be excused?” Asked Philip, getting up and walking to the door.

“NO, you may not be excused! I'm talking to you, boy!”

“I'm sick of your preaching!” Shouted Philip at his father “If your God is all-good and all-powerful, why is he letting us suffer?! Why is he letting GOOD people suffer?! Why is he letting the world go to shit?!”

“ENOUGH!” I screamed, standing up and slammed the table with both of my hands making the plates rattle. This surprised everyone to silence. “Look at yourselves! Bittering like a bunch of child over a basket of sweets!” I looked at Oscar “Oscar! Those are INFECTED people out there! They are dead people with a VIRUS! They're not demons!” I turned my blazing gaze to Philip “Philip! Your father only wants the best for you and it seems like you’re fighting at him. I may not be a religious type but all things happen for a BLOODY REASON!” I started to walk out of the building “But who am I to say about your son Oscar… I’m… just going to step and you two need to talk.”

Suddenly there was a scream


Margaret gasped “That sounds like Darren!”

“Margaret, take Luke upstairs and lock the doors!” Ordered Oscar, looking at his wife and youngest son. “Phillip! Get the rifles!” Me and Oscar rushed outside to see a dark skin woman dragging a bloody man to safety. Philip had already collected the rifles and was shooting down Zombie, Oscar opened the gates and started to shoot. I was able to help the woman take the man inside the fence.

“It's clear, dad! Hurry!” Said Philip shooting down the late of the group of zombies.

“Is he okay?!” Asked Oscar looking down at the bleeding man.

The now crying woman said “I-I don't know! H-he was- he was bitten!”

“Take him side NOW!” I barked and without a second word, we all took the man inside.

Once inside, Oscar asked “What happened?!” I stood by the door and watched the sense unfold.

“We were scavenging! Everything was fine! T-they- they came out of nowhere!” The weeping woman explained

“Get your mother, Phillip! We need bandages and antiseptic!” Ordered Oscar to his son.

“He was bitten, dad! You know what's going to happen!” Said Philip with a stony face. “We need to get rid of the body!”

“No! We can help him! P-please, please help him, Oscar!” Oscar didn’t say anything, he looked down at the body sadly. I felt sorry for the man, unable to help because he knew his son’s words were true.

Margaret walked out from the now unlocked doors. “What happened?! Are you all okay?!” He asked worried then spotted the body and gasped, a hand flying up to her mouth.

“Darren's been bit...”

“What are you doing?! We have to save him! Please!”

Suddenly the body of Darren jerked and everyone jumped and yelled in surprise.

“Darren!” Cried the Woman.

“H-he's dead. He's dead, Candice.” Muttered Oscar

“No! Darren!” Screamed Candice “C-come back... please... come back to me...”

“I'm so sorry, Candice.”

“W-we have to get rid-“ Started Philip but was stopped by his mother.

“Candice. You know what we have to do. We have little time.”

“W-why him? Why Darren?” said Candice weakily

“Because we live in a falling world.” I said, I watched her tearful eyes look at me. “I know the pain of losing a loved one. Believe me when I say that I died and came back.” I walked over to her and hugged her, she cried and clung onto me “This world is full of evils… But we much continue on. We much seem fighting, Candice…” I stared at everyone in the room, silently telling them to be quiet for a minute. I rubbed her back as I watched Oscar picking up the body of Darren “Now Candice,” I cooed “I need you to be strong. You have to be strong for Darren sake, ok?” She nodded and followed me and the rest outside where Oscar had placed the body on the edge of the waters.

We all gathered around the body, I had Candice in my arms trying my hardest to comfort her.

“Lord, take your child, Darren Hall, into your arms and give him rest. Forgive his sins and let his soul live for eternity in heaven, beside you.” Prayed Oscar “For this we pray. Amen.” Everyone, even Philip, said Amen. “Rest in peace, Darren. You will be missed.”

“Goodbye, Darren. I love you. Please watch over us...” said Candice, tears running down her eyes.


After that night, I stood outside staring at the ocean Everyone else was asleep. I stared down at the water then cocked my head to one side. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but using all of my will, a huge wall of water shot up 30 feet in the air.

I was angry

“I hate it…” I said “I hate all of this death… all of this sorrow!” I stared at the wall of water. I was totally unaware of two pairs of eyes staring at me. “I…. I could flood this place and wash out all of the evils…” I let go of the water and the wall splashed down. “But. I could do more harm than good…” I sighed then turned to walk back to the building

I froze when I heard a cold, calm voice

“Joey.” Said Andrius "So glad to see you alive..."
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