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Ok guys, I made the first part of my "Crappy" story. It might has grammer issues so if you run across them, don't be a jerk and type it out like everyone else but Imagine (Yes, imagine) it the right way it's supposed to be written.

-Wasn't My Problem Till Now-

"How did I get here, when did I get here… Why am I here", these thoughts continued to plague John's mind until he decided to take a look outside. Then a new thought entered his mind," How the heck am I supposed to survive?"

Outside there were thousands of horrors that wouldn't hesitate to rip his head off, given the chance, and so he he rushed upstairs to meet up with Greg. John hoped he would have a plan to get out of the building, other than walking out the front door.

John was greeted by the glowing red sky filled with a mix of colors. A contradiction to what was happening on the ground.

"Remind me why we're leaving our nice comfy hide-a-way to a world full of hurt?", Greg said

"Well lets see, we're running out of food, the water stopped flowing from the river, the mob outside our front door keeps growing bigger and bigger every passing minute, and the fact that there is a squad of bombers coming to blow-up the whole neighborhood and if we don't get out soon, it's our a**** which would be cooked to ashes."

"Oh… those are good reasons," Greg said with a heavy sigh in his voice, "Better get going now before we're swamped"

"But how Greg, but how." John looked at the mob as it continued to grow.

"Hey idiots, if you're done sight-seeing, we better get going." A voice said from downstairs.

"Jenny, we don't need your criticism at the moment." ,Greg said "After all I don't think you have any ideas on how to get out of here."

"Actually I do, and when you're done sitting around I can show you." , Jenny said.

John looked at Greg who was looking at him and staring back at the mob.

"Alright, lets hear it." John said.

"I have a better idea, how about I show you and you may want to see this."

Jenny took them to the window on the roof and pointed to a old gas station. Then to a armored troop car.

"I think I'm getting what you're thinking, we could blow up the gas station creating a diversion and using the ATC after we fixed it, we could mow our way out without most of the mob blocking the way." John said.

"You got it, but we're going to need a runner to plant the charge first."

"Charge?, What charge?" Greg asked in a confused tone.

"This charge,"Jenny said while opening her back pack. "It's a C-4 with fireworks strapped on it and a extra long fuse to add to our little diversion."

"When did you get this?" John said.

Jenny had a history of getting things when John and Greg weren't looking even though they kept a close eye on her… Or so they thought.

"I found it when I scouted out the ATC it wasn't armed but a dead guy held the detonator in this hands, ready to blow the charge and the ARC with it."

"Well, it's good he didn't… For us. Not for him really" Greg said in a apologetic tone.

"Doesn't matter now, the fact still remains. Who's going to be the runner?" John asked.

"Not it" Jenny and Greg said at once.

"Figures, well if you don't mind I have a charge to plant." John said while taking the charge and walking off to the roof top.

And with that, the story of John and his friends begins… But little did John know, this was the start of a series of events that will change their lives as they know it. For John was apart of a change in a chapter of humanity. For he was the pen.

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