By His Will.

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By His Will.

Postby The Ghost » 24 Apr 2011, 08:16

Part 1

Tanya Narhenos checked the targeting matrix and clicked the last connection into place, the systems were locked and loaded for the assault on the Black Wallow Marsh infestation. She climbed into the cockpit of the Retaliation mk2 Gunship and toggled the com link. “White 5 standing by.” The other four members of her combat wing checked in a few seconds later, then white squadron leader Sandy Warhouse reviewed the objectives.

“All right people, we are playing this in the lone star patten, our mission objective is to combat drop into the center of black wallow and use heavy ordinance to drive the corrupted dead out toward the borders of the marsh area. We will be operating in UFO mode, strictly hover, no active flight after the combat drop until we have cleared the area. If we succeed at this goal in a timely fashion we are to switch to flying V and do a spiral combat sweep picking off any rotters we encounter as we continue pushing them out towards the edge. We must also be prepared to move to assist other units that are facing more determined resistance from the Zeds or other hostiles. “

“Speaking of that there are reports that the area holds a perviously unknown form of hostile, which can only be described as a ‘nature force’, a kind of avatar of the natural environment of the region. It takes violent exception to any form of mechanism operating in the area, most especially anything based on the death machine technology such as our Retaliation vehicles. We are under orders NOT to attack this ‘nature force’ if encountered, we are to withdraw immediately and leave it alone, even if that means we must abort the mission. In that event I will inform the rest of the wings and we will all return to the Sigil Imperator. In that case a squad of the Kenesai Elite will be sent in to liaise with this thing and attempt to secure its cooperation with a renewed assault on the horde, or failing that its efforts to remove the Zeds into a more acceptable location for us to make our attack.”

“For this mission we are using the Cauldron weapons load out, double missile pods and underslung Disruptor pulse carbines. Anyone who has incorrectly kitted your bird speak up now, you have fifteen minutes to fix it before we have to be ready to launch. I’m looking at you White 3.” Sandy said.

“No ma’am, two 15 clip Balefire SRM topside, mark5 Disruptor carbines underslung on fixed angle hard point mounting. All right and tight.” The Junior member Jason Velars replied.

“Jason why don’t you use independent focus pivot armatures for your hard point weapons, ever? Its one of the key advances of the mark2s over the mark1s being able to split fire with your hard point systems.” Tanya asked.

“Never could get the hang of the controls Tanya, I just cant aim and fly at the same time unless I am flying in order to aim.”

“Cut the chatter, all flight groups are calling in. We go live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, NOW!” White Leader called out.

The thick blast doors of hangar 7 opened into the early twilight and the five Flying Saucer like craft zoomed forward on their reactionless drives. They skimmed down out of the clouds following their hard linked data down to where the massive zombie horde had been spotted at the end of last night near the center of the tangled skein that was Black Wallow Marsh.

Each craft was about the size of your average SUV, but rounded, oval like, only the pilot in its cockpit betraying that they had not been built by little green men when viewed from above. Bellow was a different story, down there everything was rough and blocky, the glowing plates of the levitators and the roiling energy coils of the meta-gravitic inductors that made the reactionless drives function were in stark contrast to the sleek shape of the flying part of the craft. Mounted on the hard points at the front of the vehicles were the disruptor carbines, nasty pointed things with a set of blade like flanges projecting from a glowing red coil like a stove burner turned past its safety parameters. Above, directly behind the cockpit, the twin tubes of the missile launcher pods with their rounded off ammo drums locked into the second pair of weapons mounting slots. If you had half a brain cell everything about the ships screamed ‘attack fighter’, but fortunately zombies were not that bright.

The squadron dropped into the midst of the horde missiles flying and disruptors flashing their pulses into the massed dead. Zombies are by nature stupid but possessed enough base instinct to understand that if there were massive explosions occurring where you were the best course of action was to head somewhere else, as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for the Zeds they were not very good at escaping rapidly. Unfortunately for the pilots they didn't need to. Zeds can punch a hole through a double layer 16 gauge steel door and take a bite out of a concrete wall. And if you get too close...

Without warning one of the zeds was on top of Tanya’s hood and clawing its way up toward he cockpit. There was a moment of panic as she tried to dislodge the monstrosity then it smashed in the glass of the canopy. That would prove to have been its fatal mistake, with a flick of a switch and punch of button she ejected the canopy just as it put its head thorough the hole, sending it flying to flatten two of its fellows.

“White 5, what the hell? Why did you just blow your canopy?” White Leader Sandy demanded.

“Zed got aboard, had to get it off.” Tanya informed her.

“White 5 is now point, I will take her spot in formation. Everyone watch White 5, with the canopy down any zed getting aboard could be fatal. How bad is the bird beat up White 5?”

“Front’s dented, canopy gone, my instrument’s are saying that the left disruptor had to be taken offline, bent flanges, other than those damages nothing is harmed.”

“Mission proceeds, The zeds who aren't dead are running scared, time for the star swirl to push them further out. Blue squadron and Red squadron are waiting along the perimeter for us to send some of the blighters that way so lets get moving.” Sandy informed everyone.

Fitting action to words they began to pull away from each other as they swept outward through the rotted tree trunks to open the space that the zeds were fleeing from ever wider. At the exact same time the red an blue squadrons were slowly maneuvering in toward the center like the jaws of a vise, cutting off the zed’s escape, but the plan was by nature imperfect, the zeds were too numerous for only fifteen Retaliation gunships to contain and after a brief battle of some 12 minutes duration the stars and bars operations group broke up into its individual squadrons to do more conventional ‘cleanse and purify’ hunting.
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Re: By His Will.

Postby Unbeknownst » 27 Apr 2011, 02:46

Please insert spaces. People like me can't read that. >.>
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Re: By His Will.

Postby The Ghost » 27 Apr 2011, 04:50

Done. (Freaking stupid BBcode auto editing my freaking tabs and lead-in spaces.)
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By His Will: pt 2

Postby The Ghost » 13 Jun 2011, 03:11

Some 5 1/2 minutes later what had initially been a ‘target rich environment’ was getting to be slim pickings. They were down from chasing groups of 12 or 13 to picking them off 1 at a time. The other squadrons split into individual vehicles but with Tayna’s canopy blown they couldn't split up safely. So while the other two wings did the lone hostile hunts they relayed coordinates of any places where the zeds were regrouping as their instincts dictated to white squadron to deal with.

Tanya eased her bird among the trees of the marsh hunting the zeds always keeping an eye on her squadron mates. They were making decent progress and had started to wind things down when they came upon the thing they all had secretly hoped, feared, or doubted they were going to find, the “nature force.”

It loomed suddenly up out of the marsh, a monstrous thing made apparently from a blend of the natural marsh plants, even trees it seemed. The thing was humanoid, but only in the vaguest sense, of having a head, arms, and torso. The ‘creature’ turned towards the squadron with eyes that burned with the essence of natural energy taken to an unnatural extreme, a light that was somehow simultaneously leaf green and blood red without being in any way a mix of the two. The light was both at once yet both distinct, and ate away at the part of the mind that governed reason and sanity the more you looked at it.

“White Five!” sandy yelled into the com as Tanya flew straight towards the hypnotic set of ten glowing eyes. “Angel’s fire Tanya! PULL UP!”

With only seconds to spare Tanya ripped her eyes away from those pits of writhing energy and wrenched her bird toward vertical ascent. The nature force struck at her craft with two of its four arms but wasn’t fast enough to connect with the screaming Retribution Gunship. The squadron called in to check on her and she assured them that she was fine, but inside she was not so sure. What had that thing been? It was like nothing in her experience, nothing she had ever imagined. She had wanted to ether crash headlong into it and take both of them down in a fiery cataclysm or hover in front of it and abandon her bird and everything else to ride on its back as a wild animal for the rest of her days. Even as she resolutely flew back toward the Sigil Imperator she still wanted to do that, but found her salvation in the narrow part of her mind that couldn’t decide between the two actions. She would have to take a shower and then talk to a confessor when she got back.

A few hours and nearly fifty gallons of water later Tanya found herself in the confessional of her dorm area’s chapel. Sister Armanda sat opposite, waiting with quiet certitude as she gathered herself.

“I am troubled in my soul sister.” Tanya said.

“That is most serious my child, speak on.” Sister Arcadia told her.

“I speak of this only because the seal of the confessional ensures your probity in this matter, because what I have to tell you is based in classified information. While I was flying a ‘cleanse and purify’ mission earlier today I encountered something that I only know of as a ‘nature force’. It had eyes that were like purified pools of natural power, burning glowing things that sucked me in. I felt compelled to ether sacrifice my humanity and become a wild animal like a chimpanzee or baboon or sacrifice my life to destroy this threat to science and reason. The two possible choices were at war within me but I could chose neither, so when my commander ordered me to pull up I did so on instinct and tore my eyes free of its own as I raced up and away.”

“Yet this is not what troubles me to the core of my being. It is that I still find myself sharply divided by a compulsion to chose one of those two courses of action and follow it in the face of all opposition no matter the source. On the one hand I feel compelled to hunt and utterly destroy this nature force and on the other am equally compelled to find it and join it as part of raw and untouched nature, abandoning all reason and artifice.”

“Both sides are like great and monstrous things inside my head clashing for control, but I can not decide which one is the will of Him-On-Earth and which is false. This is why I have come to you sister. I feel certain in the end one must inevitably win, but which is correct, which must it be?” Tanya Finished her voice haunted and week.

“This is a grave matter child, and not one that I can answer immediately, but I can tell you this; For ether one to win means that the Emperor would lose your valuable service. I can help you discover which is the correct answer, if you will trust in His will. Will you follow the course I proscribe for you and thereby divine the truth of what He wishes you to do?” Sister Arcadia asked.

“To the very letter sister! Say what it requires and I will do it gladly!” Tanya said fervently.

“Very well. First stay here in the confessional and pray, hard. Try to widen the gap of doubt and indecision between the two choices, focus on your duty to His Imperial Majesty and humanity, a duty that neither one seems to fulfill. I will go collect some things from my quarters and the cathedral, then we will begin the process of refining and purifying your thoughts to discover the truth of what you must do.” Sister Arcadia instructed her.

“Thank you Sister!”

“Do not thank me yet child, for even I do not know what this ritual will yield when all is done.” Sister Arcadia said and swiftly departed.

Tanya sat praying for what seemed like an hour, and grudgingly the twin compulsions were forced to give ground before here concentrated will. Somewhere in between them her minds eye occasionally perceived a faint glow, a glimmer of, something, but it was gone again as soon as it surfaced. She heard Sister Arcadia returning and was overjoyed, for somehow her presence made the two compulsions quail in terror. It was as if they were something apart from her own mind, merely using her as a pawn in some secret battle, not forces within her.

“Sister Arcadia, what must we now do?” Tanya asked.

“Come out into the chapel with me child, and all will be made plain.” The sister told her.

They left the confessional and Tanya was stunned, there were ten other people waiting in the chaple, all armed.
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