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Postby HD Cerberus » 02 Aug 2011, 09:35

So, here's a suggestion that might come in handy for archives and finding info in a hurry and so on.

What if Joe sets up a section of the website for comic transcriptions, and some of the fans transcribe the comics? It would make searching for keywords, themes and information much easier. It's a daunting task for one person, but if Joe sets it up similar to this, then it can be fairly casually compiled. It would mean it would be easier to link information to the wiki directly too.

This is just a thought, of course. It's best that if we DO do these things, then we do them early, as it's easier to get through the archives when there are only a few hundred comics, rather then a few thousand.
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Re: Transcriptions

Postby Blake » 01 Apr 2012, 21:20

This is an awesome idea, but i think the site would open itself to trolls if Joe did this, maybe have a designated group?

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