Post any artwork that you want the Internet to see! Constructive criticism only!
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Postby Bonzi77 » 19 Oct 2010, 22:20

1. Be accepting of critiques, and don't be overly harsh in yours. When somebody gives you points to improve on, they are not trying to make fun of you; they're just trying to make you a better artist. When you are giving a critique, do not attack that person's art; not all people are as good at art as you, and everybody here is just trying to have fun. Try not to be so harsh. That being said...

You can critique anything you want. Anything posted here is fair game. (Mwahahaha.)

2. Post your own work. Posting work for a friend or sibling who lives with you is okay, but please don't put something up that somebody else drew or something that you Googled. And if you really, really have to because it's so amazingly awesome, for the love of all that is holy do not take credit for it. I have a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism and you WILL be banned. No exceptions.

3. No Pedo or Porn.
Really. Please, there are plenty of other places where you can take that kind of stuff. Also a bannable offense. Having said that...

4. There is such thing as artistic nudity. If there is nudity in your art, please place a [NSFW] tag in your thread topic. If you feel something may be a bit excessive, run it past a moderator first. Better safe than sorry.

5. To each (wo)man, his own thread. If you wish to make a topic specific to you, please only post one topic. If you make a topic for every single sketch you make, the boards will be incredibly cluttered in no time flat.

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