"Your" Zombie apocalypse

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"Your" Zombie apocalypse

Postby Eldaran » 10 Jul 2012, 17:59

So, i was thinking walking down the street at 2.40 am (wife and i wanted to have some KFC, is very popular in china) and i was thinking, NOW this looks like a typical scene from any zombie movie. I was waiting that a horde would turn around the corner and run towards me...

Then it kept my brain alive until i arrived home and i was thinking what would I do if there really were a little Z problem?

Well, i was thinking first about my location, i live in an apartment building with roughly 7 other families, in the middle of a town (around 1 million people), There is a big supermarket just 2 min. away (on foot) and many smaller ones within 1 min. walk.
The apartment building is actually safe, big doors ect. and a well is just outside the door (which could be reach from one of the windows) So we could survive for a while.
To get out of the city i would probably go north (through half the city) because my wife's parents have a big house there (with farm, chicken, firewood place, etc)
So in part of location, i am screwed. But know where i can go without big zombie threat.

My "team" Well, i have a wife and a 6 months old baby, probably 2 parents in law, 1 brother in law and 1 sister in law (who probably all will go there) So only 2 people capable of doing more than cleaning the house (father in law cant lift heavy) I m going to the gym twice a week, so actually not in great shape..
So my team is actually not the best..

My weapons? I have a baseball bat, that's it. I learned a bit about traps and makeshift weapons, but everything for close combat.
Weapons? well i can fend off 1.. maybe 2

Food? Now there is a big plus, thanks to the little farm and that in our apartment we everytime have several days worth of food, no problem, also many small supermarkets or similar around.
We wont starve..

So in all, i guess that with lots of luck my whole family could make it out alive...
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Re: "Your" Zombie apocalypse

Postby Happy Demon » 11 Jul 2012, 00:27

Hm... interesting concept, but the fact that one can create firebombs with herbicide (it was tested, and if I recall correctly, it was more combustible than gunpowder) kinda ruins it.
The thing with Zombie apocalypses, they don't necessarily knock out the Internet, and the Internet is among the mightiest of allies.

All criticizing aside, I would actually be pretty well of, as I live in the countryside, I can still get to a City, but I'm still a good distance away.
Of course we have a bunch of people who would go mad and on a killing spree (by that I mean they would start killing Humans).
For some reason we never stray away from our ancestors behaviour (aka. cunning, sly, oppurtunistic, absolutely stark raving mad once it benefits us (Zombie Apocalypses, etc.), etc.).
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Re: "Your" Zombie apocalypse

Postby Eldaran » 11 Jul 2012, 01:41

Yeah, if the internet keeps running, or we have enough electricity... of course there are many factors, but just wanted to see how it would be with you guys. As you saw, only luck and an early recognition can save my ass.
The only thing Nobody can give back to you is time. Dont waste it on everyone.
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Re: "Your" Zombie apocalypse

Postby Avariela » 14 Sep 2015, 05:51

It's really interesting concept. I never wonder about it.

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