Your memorable TV show(s)

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Your memorable TV show(s)

Postby ZidaneRobbie » 07 Mar 2012, 18:47

TV shows come and go. My other quest to find people's first game came to a blunt end. So for every tv show that didn't last forever what were the ones that you treasure and remember the most. It could be a chilren's show that you remembered when you were very young.

Mines are:
Raven = Several 'warriors' followed one hell of a bird-brain.
Dick and Dom in the Bungalow: One of my old favourites, the Hilarious pair did some dastardly deeds in their bungalow. Wouldn't be their neighbour.
Robot Wars: Metalic, RC, Robotic smashups. Different people turned up to see their creations get smashed to bits by the bossy champions and the bullying House Robots (Razer was my favourite ;))
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Re: Your memorable TV show(s)

Postby Joe » 07 Mar 2012, 23:00

My Pet Monster
The original Power Rangers (well, original for North America)
Beast Wars (or Beasties in Canada)
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Camp Caribou (only Canadians will know this one!)
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

... That's all I can think of right now! Ah, the good ol' days. Makes me wonder what my kid will remember in 20 years :D

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