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Re: Dead Board Random

Postby Squizzel » 14 Feb 2015, 20:08

I'm just going to say, that's quick subjectory, but common across the board. I did make a steampunk setting which used crossbows, rifles, pistols, revolvers, gatlin guns, bows and even a harpoon gun, and non of them felt "out of place". In terms of melee, It was mostly varations on the sword, but there was some hidden blades, a tomahak, lances and towersheilds, spears -etc etc. If done right, weapons lacking dosn't matter. And before you say "that's not all steampunk", we worked off the idea we were creating a world, and everywhere in the world uses different tech, which lead to one branch going a more "tradtional history" route, while another going into a "magic fused tech", and a third being straight up "magic", lacking in most firearms and such.
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Re: Dead Board Random

Postby Happy Demon » 14 Feb 2015, 21:28

When you start including revolvers, problems arise, namely that it has 5 shots (gunmen had a chamber empty, for safety), and a rifled barrel, for accuracy.
Why carry a sword when the enemy can just blow your head off? Even if he missed, that's 4 more bullets you have to dodge, you have a much smaller effective range than your enemy.
And if you got magic power sources, why use steam? You wield powers that can tear your ship asunder, excellent for propulsion, it's risky, but so is steam (the power comes from it constantly trying to explode), and flying a hydrogen balloon.

You could easily go for Magi-Tech, no need for the steam.
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