The Pocalypse Forums Rules (Updated JAN 08 2011)

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The Pocalypse Forums Rules (Updated JAN 08 2011)

Postby Joe » 19 Oct 2010, 12:44

The Pocalypse Forums Rules

Please note that Administrators and Moderators have the right remove/lock topics and ban members when they feel it is necessary. Debates may be allowed, maybe even some heated ones, but the line is drawn at personall attacks and upright disrespect.

If you take away one thing from this post, let it be this: PLEASE SHOW EACH OTHER RESPECT. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

1. Do not post any pornographic material. This includes images, movies, avatars, signatures, or links to pornographic sites.

2. Do not post any links to spyware, scam sites, or viruses. Also, do not post spam or links to spam sites.

3. Do not post links to any illegal material.

4. Do not post others' personal information, such as e-mail addresses, passwords, phone numbers, physical addresses, etc. If you want to give someone your own personal info, please do it via PM.

5. If you're going to post regularly in colors other than the default white, please make sure that they are not annoying. So that means, for the love of god, no posting in BRIGHT YELLOW!!!!! or a really dark color that nobody can see. This color's kind of annoying too.

6. Any offensive racist/sexist/hate speech will not be tolerated.

7. Please make sure to post any relevant material to the proper Forum category. For example, if you want to post something about the last comic's ending, please post it in "Comic Discussion", not "Store Suggestion and Ideas".

8. Do not gravedig topics without a good reason. Gravedigging means posting in a topic that has not been posted in for a month or more, or is obviously dead. It is okay to gravedig if you have some relevant information that will spark further conversation. This is preferred over making a new topic about the same topic.

9. No one word posts. Try to add to the topic at hand. Even if you are merely just agreeing, you surely have something else you can say to go with it.

10. Double posting (posting multiple times in a row) is fine if your subsequent posts offer a new insight/idea. For example:

Post #1 by Jess: I had a great day today. Did everyone else have a good day?
Post #2 by Jess: Well, it wasn't that good. I had to shovel a lot of zombie bodies into a ditch.

This is fine. However, using the EDIT function and appending Post #2 into Post #1 would be preferable, so that the entire message is easier to read and quote for other members. You should also allow reasonable time for someone to respond to your first post.

Post #1 by Joe: I hate people! They talk too much.
Post #2 by Joe: Right?
Post #3 by Joe: Don't you all agree?
Post #4 by Joe: Right? Right? Right?

This is not okay. The posts after Post #1 do not offer anything new. In this case, all the posts after Post #1 must be appended to Post #1 using the EDIT function.

Above all, please respect the administrators, moderators, and each other. Let's keep this a fun and friendly community!

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