SPOILERS!!! The Walking Dead - Season 8 Midseason Finale

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SPOILERS!!! The Walking Dead - Season 8 Midseason Finale

Postby Joe » 13 Dec 2017, 05:08

Spoiler! :
So, Carl's been bit and his death is incoming. The fan backlash has been pretty intense! I agree with the masses in that was a poor decision on the writers' part. I, and many others, thought that Carl was the future of the show/story, that he would take up Rick's mantle. He grew up in the apocalypse, molded by the experiences, hardships, and victories - making him the perfect future leader and maybe even ending the show on a meaningful endnote. An older Carl leading the civilization that restarts humanity. But, now he's dead and all that is out the window.

I haven't read the comics but from what I've heard, Carl has a lot of story arcs that are impossible now. Recent seasons of TWD haven't been very good and now that they've steered even further away from its source material, I can't imagine the show getting any better. But, in a weird way, the ridiculousness of some plotlines and "twists" may work in their favour. I wouldn't be surprised if the writers slap us with an immune Carl or, my favourite ridiculous fan theory, the zombie that bit Carl was wearing dentures :D If Carl someone lives on, it would be pretty stupid but nothing could be as stupid as those garbage people. Seriously though, I'm pretty sure Carl is dead and that sucks.

All this also makes me reflect on The Pocalypse as its writer. Writing it has not been a continuous process and I often introduce plotlines that I think are significant at the time. Then, something more significant pops up and the original plotline is lost - sometimes permanently or is just put on hold until an opportunity presents itself. This leaves plot holes and broken plotlines that I have to go back and patch up. One major example is how Doc found that Rosa is resistant to the zombie virus (possibly why she didn't turn full zompire). I did plan what is/was going to come from this revelation but then she turned plant and there just hasn't been a lull for Doc to continue researching. Now we just have to wait just like we're waiting for Bernard to show up! I'm looking forward to closing this Chapter so I can apply the brakes and start moving other existing plotlines along - hopefully I don't forget any!

Where is TWD going to go from here? What did you think about Carl's death? Do you think he's really dead or are they going to under-the-dumpster us again?

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