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by Bonzi77
13 Jul 2011, 18:53
Forum: Spreading the Word
Topic: Advertising ideas
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Re: Advertising ideas

Why not? They're a good way to reach large amounts of people at once. Facebook in particular is great at targeted advertising.
by Bonzi77
13 Jul 2011, 18:47
Forum: Comic Discussion
Topic: TP Chat I: AKA The Scrufflebeck Fan Club
Replies: 112
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Re: TP Chat I: AKA The Scrufflebeck Fan Club

aaaaaaa joe why did you make that sound loop at the end

bad touch

by Bonzi77
15 May 2011, 04:35
Forum: Gaming Spot
Topic: pocalypse flash game
Replies: 18
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Re: pocalypse flash game

From just a quick play through, I really really like how it's turned out. I really hope to see more of this kind of thing. ^_^
by Bonzi77
15 May 2011, 04:33
Forum: Village Voice
Topic: What should Bernie do?
Replies: 29
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Re: What should Bernie do?

I'm gonna have to give this one to the survivors.
by Bonzi77
07 May 2011, 22:24
Forum: Gaming Spot
Topic: PORTAL 2
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by Bonzi77
25 Apr 2011, 04:42
Forum: Forum Roleplaying
Topic: The Pocalypse: Against the Machine RP
Replies: 93
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Re: The Pocalypse: Against the Machine RP

Remember that you don't have a concealed handgun license.
by Bonzi77
17 Apr 2011, 00:26
Forum: Gaming Spot
Topic: A Corrupted Wish
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Re: A Corrupted Wish

For years, humans have complained that sleep was a required thing. Finally, after a breakthrough in genetic research, scientists had discovered "The Cure To Sleep". (Known online as webcomic creator crack.) However, there was an unfortunate side effect: anybody who took this medicine becam...
by Bonzi77
03 Apr 2011, 10:56
Forum: Writers' Room
Topic: The (Old) Pocalypse
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Re: The (Old) Pocalypse


Somebody incorporate this into the next comic.
by Bonzi77
21 Mar 2011, 22:41
Forum: Roleplay Planning and Discussion
Topic: The Pocalypse (RP Discussion)
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Re: The Pocalypse (RP Discussion)

I suddenly want to get into this. I don't even have enough time to be a mod though, no way am I going to be able to RP. ._.
by Bonzi77
21 Mar 2011, 22:34
Forum: Non-Pocalypse
Topic: Australians
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Re: Australians

Sing it, post it on youtube.

You won't. YOU WON'T, NO GUTS.

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